After the incident with Hermione, the Gryffindors tried to regain the upper hand by telling anyone who would listen that Hermione was just bitter and was out to cause trouble between Harry and Ginny. Initially people seemed happy to believe what Harry and Ginny were saying but as they watched Hermione with Draco and saw she was clearly happy with the blond Slytherin, doubts started to creep in.

When Ginny overheard the Patil twins wondering what the real story was, Ginny decided she'd had enough and she told Harry it was time for them to leave. By this time Harry was more than happy to leave and after saying goodbye to Lavender and Ron the couple headed home early.

"I didn't expect you two back so soon," Molly remarked, looking up from her knitting as her daughter and son-in-law suddenly appeared in the middle of the front room.

"It wasn't that great a night," Ginny shrugged. "Everyone we would talk to, we see anyway so it was rather pointless."

"Are Ron and Lavender still at the reunion?" Molly asked as she gathered her things together.

"Yeah." Harry nodded his head as he collapsed onto the sofa.

"I'll be going home then," Molly announced. Given the mood of both Ginny and Harry she suspected the pair had been fighting again so she was eager to leave so they could hopefully sort things out.

"Bye Mum." Ginny kissed her mother on the cheek as the older woman made her way towards the fireplace. "Thanks for looking after the kids."

"It was my pleasure," Molly replied with a smile. "See you on Sunday," she called as she disappeared in a flash of green flames.

There was an awkward silence following Molly's departure and in a bid to escape the conversation that would undoubtedly have to take place, Ginny headed off to check the children were okay. Once she'd checked on the three children she returned to the front room where she cast a silencing spell on the room just in case her and Harry ended up shouting at one another.

"Why him, Gin?" Harry asked quietly.

"Why who, what?" Ginny frowned. "I'm confused Harry, you'll have to explain yourself."

"Why Malfoy?" Harry said through gritted teeth. "Why that snake? Of all the men there, why the hell did you have to flirt with him?"

"Honestly, I knew flirting with him would wind you up more than if it had been anyone else," Ginny replied. "Besides, he seemed to be alone. How was I supposed to know he was with Hermione? I mean, no-one would have seen that coming."

"Why the hell were you trying to wind me up?" Harry asked. "I know we were arguing before we left tonight, but what was the point in flirting with someone else? It's not as if I've been ignoring you and you needed to prove you were still attractive."

"I was angry, I just wanted a reaction," Ginny sighed.

"Well you certainly got a reaction," Harry muttered. "Thank to you, we're going to be the subject of gossip. Now everyone's going to be talking about Hermione and what she said at the reunion."

"Is it true?" Ginny whispered. "Did you sleep with her?"

"No," Harry lied instantly. He'd already decided that telling the truth would only lead to more trouble. "She was lying, just like she was lying about you and Seamus."

Ginny nodded, wondering if that meant Hermione had been telling the truth about her and Harry after all. At the time of the incident with Seamus, Ginny had told Harry that Hermione had entered the flat just as she was giving Seamus a hug and a peck on the cheek to thank him for helping her with the move. She'd also spoken to Seamus before Harry got a chance to speak to him and Seamus told Harry that the night Hermione had accused him of being in the muggle world with Ginny, he was with a girl who happened to have red hair and Hermione must have gotten confused. Harry had always claimed to believe the lies Ginny and Seamus had told, but Ginny always suspected that deep down he knew the truth. Just the same as despite Harry's protests to the contrary, Ginny suspected that Hermione hadn't been lying and she had indeed slept with Harry year's ago.

"What are we going to do?" Ginny asked. "This will be all over the papers and I'm sure Hermione will be putting her side of the story out there for everyone to hear."

"Actually I don't think she will," Harry said. "If she wanted to make all this public knowledge she would have done so years ago. Instead, she left and hasn't been heard of since. My guess is after tonight we won't see her again."

"But the damage has been done," Ginny argued. "There's plenty of witnesses to what happened tonight and all of them heard the lies she was spouting."

"If it becomes a big deal, we just deny it all," Harry said. "We deny you had an affair with Seamus, and we deny I slept with Hermione. We tell the truth and say it's all malicious lies. Of course if we really want people to forget about Hermione's accusations, we need to sort ourselves out Ginny. Even without the incident with Hermione, I'm sure people were talking about us. We weren't exactly the picture of happiness."

"I know," Ginny admitted with a sigh. "But these days, all we seem to do is fight."

"Tell me about it," Harry said sadly. "I don't want to fight with you Ginny, I want things to go back to the way they were. We used to be so happy, I want that back. We deserve to be happy, and the kids deserve to have parents who love each other and want to be together."

"I do love you, and I do want us to be together," Ginny said, moving so she was sitting on the same sofa as Harry. "Please Harry, we have to make this work."

"We will," Harry vowed as he took hold of his wife's hand. "Before we went out Ron suggested we went away for the weekend and he and Lavender would look after the kids. What do you say we do that and use the time alone to clear the air and start fresh?"

"I'd like that," Ginny smiled, as she silently vowed to be the prefect wife and mother in future. It had been a couple of years since her last slip up with Seamus and she promised herself there and then that there would be no more.

The couple talked for another hour or so, making plans for a weekend away, before they headed up to bed and for the first time in months they made love before falling asleep in each other's arms.

The next time they saw Ron and Lavender, Harry and Ginny organised for them to have the kids for a weekend so they could take a break and sort their relationship out. The weekend was a huge success, and though it didn't eliminate all the bickering, it did help to ease the majority of their problems. Ginny dropped her insistence that Harry have a vasectomy and she had a permanent contraceptive charm on herself at the hospital. The couple also made an effort to spend more time together as they rediscovered their love for one another. As a result the couple were happier than ever and their three children grew up in a home where their parents loved each other and were very happy together.

By the time Hermione and Draco left the reunion it was clear that not many people thought Hermione was lying about what she'd said about Ginny and Harry. The fact she'd spent the rest of the night with Draco and they were clearly happy together cast some doubt on the Potters accusations that she was just trying to cause trouble between them. Hermione even overheard Lavender asking Ron if it was possible that Hermione was telling the truth after all. Hermione had expected Ron to stick with his belief that Hermione was the liar so she was shocked when she heard him admit he wasn't sure what the truth was any more. However, Hermione never discovered what Ron had decided the truth was, as after that evening she never spoke to her former friends again.

"Did you enjoy your evening?" A smiling Narcissa asked the couple when they arrived back at the Manor.

"It was great," Hermione replied, smiling at her mother-in-law. Except for the tiny incident with her former friends the entire evening had been fun and she'd enjoyed catching up with people she hadn't seen since her teenage years.

"And how were your former friends?" Lucius questioned. "Did they cause any trouble?"

"There was a slight incident, but nothing too bad," Hermione said.

"How's Scorpius been?" Draco asked, changing the subject before his parents began asking questions about what had happened.

"He's been asleep almost the entire evening," Narcissa answered. "He woke up once to be fed, but he drifted straight back to sleep."

"He's such a good little boy," Lucius said to his son. "I can't believe how little hassle he causes. He's nothing like you when you were a baby. You were a terror."

"I'm sure I wasn't," Draco huffed. "I was an immaculately behaved child."

"You were a devil child," Lucius chuckled. "When you were a baby you wouldn't sleep for more than an hour or two, unlike Scorpius who sleeps for several hours."

"It's true, you were a bad sleeper," Narcissa told her son when it appeared he was going to protest. "You did sleep better if you could hold onto someone though."

"By someone, your Mother means her," Lucius pointed out. "You always slept better holding onto your Mother. Not that I can blame you, it's a fine way to sleep holding onto Narcissa."

"And that's our cue to leave," Draco said, groaning as his parents shared a tender look.

"Thank you for looking after Scorpius for the evening," Hermione said to her parents-in-law.

"You're welcome, dear," Narcissa smiled at Hermione. "We've loved looking after him."

"Just wait until he's bigger and is running riot around the place, you'll not be so keen then," Draco laughed.

"We'll be able to handle anything he can throw at us, we did raise you after all," Lucius smirked at his son.

Rolling his eyes at his father, Draco said goodnight to his parents and he and Hermione headed up to the room in which they were staying in. The room next to theirs was the nursery and they stopped in to check Scorpius was sleeping soundly before they went into their own room.

"Are you pleased we went?" Draco asked his wife as she took off her jewellery and put it away.

"I am," Hermione replied as she kicked off her shoes. "I had fun for most of the evening."

"The incident with Potter and his wife will soon be forgotten about," Draco told his wife.

"I'm sure it won't," Hermione chuckled. "I'm sure people will be talking about it for weeks."

"Luckily we won't be here to witness it," Draco replied as he began to get undressed. "But I think most people realise that Potter and the Weaselette are the liars, not you. Did you see how fast Finnigan left after the incident? He clearly wasn't going to stick around to be dragged into things."

"If it hadn't been for Ginny fawning all over you nothing would have even happened," Hermione pointed out. "Speaking of which, why did you let her cosy up to you? I know for a fact you can't stand her, so why let her get so close?"

"A couple of reasons," Draco answered with a shrug.

"Which are?"

"Firstly, I knew it would annoy Potter that his wife was flirting with me. I'd seen him watching and I knew he wasn't impressed, and let's face it I never could pass up an opportunity to annoy the git."

"What was the other reason?" Hermione asked.

Draco smiled at his wife and walked over to where she was standing in just her underwear and swept her into his arms. "That would be you."

"How am I the reason you let Ginny flirt with you?" Hermione frowned.

"I love seeing you jealous," Draco admitted. "You're not a jealous person by nature, so I rarely get to see the possessive side to your character and I love it when you stake your claim on me."

"You're an idiot," Hermione laughed.

"Maybe, but I'm your idiot," Draco replied with a grin.

"Yes, you are," Hermione agreed. "And next time I would appreciate it if you didn't allow tarty women to fawn all over you."

"I promise, you're the only woman I'll let fawn over me," Draco said.

"I do not fawn," Hermione stated firmly. "I'm not going to bat my eyelashes at you and flatter you like Ginny was doing. I've got more self-respect than that."

"Do you not want to tell me how good looking I am, or how I must work out because of my muscles?" Draco chuckled as he began pulling Hermione over to the bed.

"Please, I don't need to inflate your already overgrown ego," Hermione retorted with a roll of her eyes.

"A bit of praise never hurt anyone you know," Draco said as he collapsed onto the bed and pulled Hermione down on top of him.

"I'll praise you when you do something to deserve it," Hermione told her husband.

Draco swiftly rolled Hermione underneath him and grinned cockily down at her. "I'm sure before long I can have you screaming about how good I am."

"Go on then," Hermione grinned back at her husband. "Make me scream."

Giving Hermione another wicked grin, Draco connected their lips in a searing kiss before he proceeded to make love to his wife, causing her to scream in pleasure and repeatedly tell him how good he was. After several hours of lovemaking the couple fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms in the early hours of the morning.

Hermione and Draco remained in England for several days after the reunion, and much to their surprise nothing appeared in the press about her altercation with Harry and Ginny at the reunion. Their relationship however was big news and there were several articles written about them, most of which were wondering if they would be returning to England for Draco to take over the family business. Lucius and Narcissa also asked the question if they would be returning, but the couple were happy in France and saw no reason to change things.

In the end when Lucius retired, Draco moved the headquarters of the business to France. With Lucius's retirement, Lucius and Narcissa also moved to France to be with their family, although they kept the manor for when anyone visited England. By the time Lucius and Narcissa moved to France on a more permanent basis, Scorpius was five and he had a baby sister named Cassiopeia. Three years after that Hermione had another girl who they named Lyra and the Malfoy family was complete.

The family never did return to England and the three children all attended Beauxbatons when it was time for them to go to school. As for their friends, Draco and Hermione kept in touch with the former Slytherins and saw them quite regularly while Hermione kept in contact with Neville and Luna. However, she never did see her other friends again as after that one reunion their lives never crossed paths again.

The End.

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