Chapter 1 training before the preseason

Stockport County a team that at one point nearly got into the premier league than went down hill and found themselves in non-league football and were taken over by a rich owner who rebuilt the training grounds to be world class and turned the stadium into a world class football arena after that the team shot up from Vanarama national league north to the Vanarama National League than the season before this season they came within 3 points of going into the play-offs but lose the last game of the season and then pervious mangers regime had become toxic as he would blame everyone elas including the staff, the chairman and even the dinner ladies and released many players but was fired and was replaced by a young Japanese manger by the name of Marth Lowell who had fresh ideas like promoting youth players to the first team and bringing in young players from other clubs as well as from japan to help the team grow.

Courtney O'Brien is one of those players who Marth moved up to the first team after seeing him play for the youth team before he arrived and deicide to move him into the first team to see how he would fair against older and more skilled players. Marth was sitting in his office looking at the preseason schedule with friendlies against Stockport town, Notts County and Leicester city . Marth then looked out of his window and he could see the team training with the coaches so he closed his laptop and left his office and went to the training pitch to oversee the training.

"Ok everyone gather round so I can have I word with all of you" Marth asked his players to and they all did so Marth said to them.

"Our target this season is to go up to league two since we are not in any of the cups we can focus on going up but I want you to give it 100% do you hear me!" Marth shouted to his players and they responded.

"YESSIR!" The players said altogether.

The players went back to training Marth was smiling then his Assistant Matthew came up and said.

"The players are doing well including the Japanese players you signed they are adapting very well just hope they can do it in a real match" Matthew said Marth nodded his head in agreement then Marth said.

"I agree and I hope Courtney the youth team player I moved up will help bring them together "Marth said as he watched the team train.

"Courtney!" Merric one of the new signings shouted for a pass.

In the middle of the training session Courtney sent the ball towards Merric then Merric attempted a give-and-go with Abel Enomoto another new signings. However, Ephraim read the play, and interposed himself between Merric's pass and Abel.

"Too easy try harder" Ephraim said

"Ephraim!" Alex called for a pass.

In response, Ephraim launched the ball forward into Alex's path. Alex started running down the line but was blocked off by both Navarre and Adam. Alex then turned around only to be face to face with Camus who then took the ball and sent a long ball towards Merric who then controlled the ball and looked for a pass.

"Merric!" Courtney shouted for a pass

Merric launched the ball forward into Courtney's path. Courtney started running towards the goal, skillfully beating player after player then Courtney came face to face with Eldigan Akamine .

"Well done getting this far Courtney but see if you can get past me I was known as the little emperor by my club before I was released" Eldigan through.

"So you are trying to be Toru Asuka ok I always want to take on the emperor but I am going to show you why the fans call me Lionheart" Courtney through.

Courtney started to run towards Eldigan Courtney than skillful got past Eldigan and started to run towards the goal but then Eldigan appeared next to Courtney. Courtney was shock that Eldigan was keeping up with him. Courtney smiled than he kept going, Eldigan tried to get the ball off Courtney but Courtney kept shrugging Eldigan's attempts to get the ball off him, than Courtney took what the defenders thought was a weak shot but was a cross for an unmarked Camus who was running into the box than Camus unleashed a powerful shot that beats Draug who was caught off-guard. Marth was watching he smiled as he saw the teamwork that his team had made and he was looking forward to the first match to see how well they perform the rest of the match was intense and it finished 3-0 to Stockport County A with Courtney adding two goals after great teamwork. Marth called the team together to say a few things.

"Ok lads I have decided on a few things I will call up Eldigan as he is going to be captain this season and Zelgius will you come up as well as you are going to be vice-captain" Marth said as the rest of the team clapped than Marth dismissed the squad and told them to go home and get some sleep than Marth went to meet the owner who had an office at the training ground Marth knocked on the door than when he opened the door and saw the owner Tim who was a local man was at his desk typing on his laptop.

"Let me guess answering fans who are not happy about us signing so many Japanese players?" Marth asked Tim who then looked up at Marth then Tim said.

"yes I am some fan are not happy about all the Japanese players we have singed but the rest understand that we have to try and get rid of the toxic air that was around the club when Steve was in charge and they are going to back the team as we try to go up to league two this year" Tim said as he went back to replaying to the fans so Marth turned and went towards the door than he looked at over his shoulder at Tim then Marth said.

"I will give my all for this club and will get this club Promotion to league two" Marth said then he left the office and went to his car and started the drive home thinking about his first game in charge and the season ahead he wanted to give the town of Stockport the best gift he could and that would be taking them up to league two.