Saturday July 15

Stockport County vs. Stockport Town (Preseason match 1)

Edgeley Park Stockport England.

Finally it was time for the first match of preseason and Marth's first game in charge of Stockport and the stadium was full of fans that had come to see the new Stockport county team in action. It was a warm summer afternoon, it was a special occasion for everyone in the club as well as an opportunity for the Stockport county players to get closer to top gear for the season ahead.

"Wow look at this crowd" Helga said who is the mother of Courtney O'Brien

"I know daring after the campaign both the owner and the manger did to get everyone on side but I feel that there are some who are still not on side yet" Richard said who was the father of Courtney O'Brien.

"Plus our son is playing in the first team so it is going to be fun to see him play" Helga said excited.

Finally, both teams walked out of the tunnel and towards the pitch under the applause of nearly 150,000 spectators packing the stadium to the rafters. Stockport County came out with blue and white shirt, blue shorts and white socks. On the other hand, Stockport Town came out wearing their indigo shirts, shorts and socks.

As the home team, Stockport County's 4-4-2 lineup was announced first: Zelgius Hino (#1) as the goalkeeper, Jeorge Ishibashi (#2; right back), Eldigan Akamine (#3; center-back and captain), Albein Alm Rudolf (#4; center-back), and Navarre Minamoto (#5; left back) at the back; Abel Enomoto (#6 right midfielder), Camus Abo (#7 central midfielder), Ephraim Tanaka (#8 central midfielder), and Cain Hagiwara (#9 left midfielder); and forwards; Courtney O'Brien (#10 forward) and Merric Higashi (#11 forward) as the striking pair. Stockport County were attacking the Cheadle end in the first half.

Both teams shook hands, and then moved into their positions. However, Courtney and Merric spoke a little longer as they moved to the center-circle.

"Merric when you get the look for the pass first then if you see an opening for one send it but if you can dribble with the ball do it and I will try to draw the defenders away for you to get into the box and score" Courtney said.

"Ok and I will return the favor to you"

"Cool don't worry I know how different Japanese and English football is everyone here will help you and the rest of the team to adapt to our way of football" Courtney said again.

"Thank you Courtney it means a lot to me that everyone here is so helpful" Merric replied.

Just a few, the referee blew his whistle. Kicking off alongside Courtney, Merric passed the ball back towards Camus. After a few passes Cain received the ball on the left flank. After a slight inwards run, the Japanese man passed the ball across towards an open space in the box the Stockport town defenders were caught off guard by the charge of Courtney O'Brien who had followed the ball into the box and unleashed a powerful left-footed shot, and the ball flew into the net. Suddenly, it was 1-0 for Stockport County, the home fans erupted to applaud the hero of the day very loudly.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 10, Courtney O'Brien!

"Nice one lads!, now let's add another one" Courtney shouted to his teammates as they ran back to the center-circle.

Meanwhile, Merric was reflecting on the recent course of events that he saw including the goal. 'I can see that you are good now I need to show what I can do'

From that point on, the game consisted mainly of Stockport County attacking the Stockport town goal and looking more menacing. Stockport town could do nothing to stop them and watch as county ran them ragged than around 12 minutes in county launched another attack on Stockport town's goal.

"Courtney!" Merric Shouted.

Courtney looked and saw Merric was running into the Stockport Town's box unmarked as the Stockport town players were watching so Courtney sent a pass with the outside of his right boot into the path of Merric who unleased a thunderbolt of a strike with his right foot that flew into the net. Suddenly it was 2-0 for Stockport County, the home fans erupted to applaud one of the new signings score their first goal for the club.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 11, Merric Higashi

"Nice one Merric" Courtney said as he high-five the goal scorer.

"Thanks great pass Courtney" Merric said

"Good work you two now let's get a third "Camus said as the players started to make their way back to the center-circle.

As soon as Stockport town kicked off they tried to build an attack on the Stockport County goal but every time they tried to get in to the box they were blocked off by the defenders who had been rallied by Eldigan who despite being a 15 year old he had been training to deal with the English style of football weather it was watching and learning from videos or by reading books he got from the internet, so when the time was right Eldigan could let them loose. As one of the Stockport town players approached him Eldigan could see a Stockport town player making a break for the area so he shouted to his fallow defenders in Japanese.

"Move up!" Eldigan shouted to his defenders.

When they heard Eldigan shouted the rest of the defenders quickly realized what Eldigan had shouted and they moved up to play the Stockport town player offside and it worked as the ball was played through the stockport town was offside, the referee blew his whistle and pointed to give stockport county the free-kick, the stockport town players looked shocked that they were drawn into the trap by a young player who was plying his first game in England, meanwhile the stockport county players were thanking Eldigan for the shout.

"Nice shout Eldigan" Albein who everyone called Alm

"I agree nice shout" Jeorge added while patting Eldigan on the back.

"Thanks lads now let's make sure that we can keep a clean sheet" Eldigan said to his fallow defenders.

And so Zelgius took the free-kick, he sent it towards Courtney who was standing in the opponents half Courtney could feel that the Stockport town players were approaching him, just as they were going to tackle Courtney sent a one-touch pass to his left.

"Here Camus take it" Courtney said as he moved the ball to his left.

The ball landed in the path of Camus who unleased some speed and ran down the pitch towards the Stockport town goal, Camus than used some skills to beat a defender than he unleashed a shot that beat the goalkeeper and flew into the net. It was now 3-0 to Stockport County, the home fans erupted to applaud both the goal and the pass.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 7, Camus Abo

"Nice goal Camus" Courtney said as he high-fived the goal scorer

"Thanks and nice pass" Camus said as the rest of his teammates came and congratulated him.

All of Stockport town players were in shock that they were being torn apart by a team of kids, their fans tried to rally them but it was no use and as they kicked off, they made a big mistake as they passed the ball to Ephraim who then ran through towards the goal then he put the ball pass through the goalkeeper's legs and it hit the back of the net. It was now 4-0 to Stockport County, the home fans who had just finished celebrating one goal were jumping out of their seats to applaud the goal scorer.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 8, Ephraim Tanaka

"Great goal Ephraim" Courtney said as he patted the goal scorer on the back

"Thanks Courtney I think we can slow down a bit now" Ephraim said

"Let's make it 5-0 and we might slow down but it is up to the manger" Courtney said as the Stockport county players made their way back to the center-circle.

The stockport town players heads had dropped their manger tried to give them encouragement but it was no use and Stockport Country took full advantage of it and stole the ball from them after a few passes the ball came to abel on the right wing who up the wing and sent a cross into the box, Courtney jumped into the air and swung his right leg over his head to meet the ball and he hit it perfectly and the ball flew past the keeper into the net. It was now 5-0 to Stockport County, the home fans were jumping out of their seats to applaud the goal scorer.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 10, Courtney O'Brien!

"Awesome goal Courtney" Merric said he high-fived Courtney the rest of Courtney's teammates came over to celebrate with the goal scorer.

"Thanks Merric I have always wanted to score a goal like that" Courtney said as he listened to the crowd cheering Courtney spotted his parents in the crowd and give them a wave.

In the stands.

"Hey Courtney nice goal well done" Helga shouted down to Courtney while cerebrating with the rest of the home fans.

"That's my boy" Richard said adding his voice to all of the fans who were cheering the goal that their son had scored.

As Stockport Town kicked off they passed the ball around trying to find a way through to the Stockport county goal but could not find a way to break down the defence. Stockport County on the other hand had switch to a defensive style of play for the rest of the half and kept the Stockport town players at bay than the referee blew his whistle for halftime.

In the Stockport County dressing room:

"Ok that was a great first half team you all have known your roles and played very well. I want to see more like that in the second half and I want to see teamwork form everyone. Let's get more tighter on the Stockport town players when they get the ball and force them into making mistakes just to let you all know at 75 minutes in the match I will be being off some of you so don't mad if I take you off and you feel like you could of finished the match" Marth said

"Yes boss" all the players said.

After the halftime speech the Stockport County players want back to their halftime habits such as re-hydrating themselves with energy drinks, eating bananas or energy bars to get that extra energy. As they did so, Courtney, Merric, and Camus discussed the second half.

"We have Stockport Town on the ropes and we can add another goal to finish them off" Camus said.

"Ok Camus I am sure me and Merric will try to get the next goal just make sure you and the rest of the midfielders put crosses into the box for us to get on the end of" Courtney said nodding his head.

Just before the Stockport county players want back on to the pitch there was a knock on the door all of the Stockport county players looked at the door than they saw that Marth was smiling.

"Come on in" Marthsaid to the person who had knocked on the door, than a person came in who looked like he was 7 feet tall as he towered over all the player who were in the dressing room, nearly all the players did not know who this person was expect Courtney who had his back to the door than turned to see who it was and he was surprised to see who it was.

"Kevin?!" Courtney said shocked by who was standing in front of him nearly all of the Stockport county players looked at Courtney who was looking at the tall person.

"Yo Courtney it has been a while hasn't it" Kevin said as he patted Courtney on the shoulder and then started to mess Courtney's long hair up.

"Hey stop that Kevin you know I hate it when people start messing with my hair and yes it has been a while" Courtney said

As Kevin looked at around the dressing room and saw all the other payers looking at him he knew it was a different team than the one he and Courtney use to play for.

"To everyone elas my name is Kevin Mask and I play as a defender and I am 7 foot 0 and I am very quick so when we are training don't think you can beat me" Kevin said many of his new teammates came and said hello.

"Ok everyone let's go back out there and enjoy ourselves" Marth said as he looked at the players.

"YES, BOSS!" the players replied altogether.

All the players got up and left the dressing room and ran back onto the pitch ready for kick off.

Stockport town kicked off they were attacking the Cheadle end, they tried to build up an attack but the Stockport County players blocked off all the passing routes so the Stockport town players were forced to pass the ball back, then they launched the ball up field but the defence were one step ahead and they cleared the ball back up field to Camus who then dribbled up field then he sent a through ball that Courtney latched onto than Courtney flicked the ball up and as the keeper came charging out, Courtney headed the ball over the keepers head the keeper tried to run back to stop the ball from going in but he fell over his own feet and could only watch as the ball hit the back of the net it was now 6-0, the stockport county fans erupted to applaud the goal scorer.

Stadium announcer: Goal for Stockport County... number 10, Courtney O'Brien!

"Awesome goal Courtney" Camus said as he high-fived Courtney than the rest of Courtney's teammates came to celebrate with the goal scorer

After the goal Stockport town knew that they could not get back into the game so their manger made 11 Substitutions to try and keep Stockport County away from their goal and try to get back into the game, Stockport town tried to get a goal but they were stopped ever time this went on for up until the 75 minute when Marth made three substitutions bring off Cain, Ephraim and Merric and bring on in their place Shinku, Seliph and Leif to continue to play the way that they been playing and it worked as Stockport town could not break them down. Than Marth mad another substitution on the 80 minute when he took off Courtney O'Brien and replaced him with Roy as Courtney was coming off the field all the home fans got up and applauded Courtney, which he gave he thanked them for their the support. The game had slowed down as Stockport town tried to get up towards the Stockport country goal but could not get anywhere near it. Nevertheless, the final result was unavoidable.


The final whistle was blown as Stockport County prevailed by a score of 6- 0 over Stockport town the Stockport county fans stood up to applaud their teams great display on the pitch.

"That was a great game." Helga said

"I agree love it was great Marth must be happy that the team did not let any goals in as well as the goals we scored from what Courtney told me he is only 19 and knows how to get the best out of all the players in the teamso we can only go up from here." Richard said

"I am very happy that Courtney got a hit-trick" Helga said

"Well hats off to the defence that managed to keep a clean sheet I admit I was a bit unsure about an all Japanese back four but they did it" Richard said

On the pitch, players from both teams shook hands in respect to the sportsmanship of this friendly match. Subbed off in the 80 minute, Courtney shook hands with the Stockport town players then he want and talked to Merric who was applauding the Stockport county fans.

"Good game Merric you and the rest of the new signings played well" Courtney said as he high- fived Merric

"Thanks Courtney nice hat-trick i hope you can get more goals for us when the season kicks off" Merric said

"I hope you and everyone elas scores goals as well after all this is a team sport" Courtney said

As the players left the pitch Courtney's mum and were talking about the team and the season ahead.

"I hope that the team keeps up the good work in both training and on the pitch with the season coming up" Helga said.

"I agree we need to keep going and don't get cocky or they will get beaten by the other teams in the league" Richard said

In the Stockport county dressing room

"That was a very good win lads, I can tell you are all ready to go for the next game so keep up the good work and don't get arrogant as that would be a bad thing as it will cost us games the fans need to see this team challenge for promotion to league two and I want to give to them as a thank you for giving us all a chance do I make myself clear?" Marth said

"YES, BOSS!" the players replied altogether.