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Story Start!

"A complete universal reset?" A tall man asked as he leaned forward across a table. The man standing at around 6 feet tall. The man had cropped short blond hair, his wife prefered this style of hair on him. He wore an orange overcoat, with a black shirt on underneath, with an orange stripe down the middle. He had on black pants as well, with a red spiral on the outside of each leg. He had a long orange fox tail coming out of the base of his spine, and with his blue eyes, he had three whisker marks on each cheek.

Naruto Uzumaki.

Sitting respectfully behind him, his wife.

A shorter woman than him, standing at close to 5'6" in height. She had short black hair, that she kept cut to her chin in length. On top of her head she had two black cat ears, and her eyes were a bright yellow color. She wore a white jacket over a black dress, with purple pants on underneath. Her body was slender, opposite to his more muscular frame.

Blake Uzumaki.

Behind them, their son.

Blake (Jr.) Uzumaki, a young boy who appeared to be 17 years old. He had his father's whisker marks on his face, and his father's peach skin color. He wore his hair in the same style as his father wore it, but the rest of him more resembled his mother. He had pitch black hair and yellow eyes, with a more slender type of muscular body. He wore black shoulder armor, with a black scarf, and black pants.

"... What do you mean by a Universal reset?" Blake asked the man who was sitting in front of them.

Their own Headmaster when they attended Beacon, Ozpin. A man who was now getting on in his years. He was a very tall man, who wore a green suit with a very formal look to him. Aged white hair, and wrinkles around his eyes, which he wore glasses over.

"... Space and Time has become fractured. Have you noticed any cracks appearing in the air, seemingly out of nowhere?" Ozpin asked his ex-students. He had called them to his office since they were in Vale at the moment, taking a trip down memory lane and showing their son the school he would be attending.

They both knew what Ozpin was talking about.

They had taken over Menagerie, and had gotten a lot of reports of strange cracks appearing in the air. People would report the cracks vanishing after a set amount of time, and then not remembering the fact that they even saw the cracks in the first place.

"... I need a bit more explaination than this." Naruto stated as he looked at Ozpin, who nodded his head.

"... 17 years ago, when you used the Relics to end the Grimm threat once and for all... we think that that set off a chain reaction across multiple possible timelines... The universe is trying to reset itself to before you used the Relics we believe." Ozpin spoke as he looked at Naruto, who was partially to blame for this mess. Of course, he wasn't fully to blame. He might have used the Relics to erase the Grimm, but it was his own idea that Naruto use the relics for that purpose.

Blame also fell onto his shoulders.

"Grimm?" Blake Jr. asked with an odd tone of confusion.

"... They were wiped out before you were born. So... what happens if the Universe is reset?" Blake asked Ozpin with some concern.

It didn't sound good.

"... Everything is returned to nothing, and all timelines are reset. Instead of multiple timelines... the Universe will correct itself and... become a single timeline. At least, that is what I've heard from James. They've been studying the cracks since they started to show up." Ozpin explained to them with his hands tightening on the remains of his long lost cane. Mostly destroyed many years previously.

Naruto thought.

"... So the timelines will merge?" Naruto questioned.

Ozpin shook his head.

"All of the timelines will be erased except for a single timeline... We don't know which, which is why I wanted to talk to you. Thanks to the cracks, we have managed to learn something... The... wish you made on the relics... well each timeline you used them in a different way... Thanks to one variable." Ozpin spoke as he glanced at Blake, the variable of this timeline. The person who made sure that Naruto used the relics like he was suppose to use them, and ended the Grimm threat, and the Salem threat, all at once.

Naruto looked at Blake, with their son looking at his mother.

"Me?" Blake asked with surprise.

"... When you were in school... you had a few... rivals for Naruto's affections, did you not?" Ozpin asked with a fond look as he remembered watching all of that play out.

Blake nodded.

"Team RUWBY, Pyrrha, that Neopolitan girl, Velvet... You were a heartbreaker back in the day... before you... at prom." Blake blushed when she realized she almost made the mistake of telling her son that he was an accident. She and Naruto had fucked at their first year dance, which had led to her being pregnant with him. Naruto had stayed with her, and he had used the relics to make sure that their child would forever be safe from the threat plaguing their world.

Blake blinked.

"... You mean is Blake and I... don't have sex at the dance... this timeline will cease to exist?" Naruto asked with his eyes widened in shock.

Blake Jr. turned red in embarrassment.

"... In each seperated timeline, Naruto... your romantic partner causes you to use the relics in a different way. Yet, at the same time... you all used the relics at the exact same second. This caused the initial crack in space/time... which we are now being affected by." Ozpin explained what he knew so far about what actually caused the event to take place. This near impossible timeline of events happening had caused the timeline to... break in a way, and now the multi-verse was trying to correct itself so that everything would end up with only a single timeline.

Naruto looked down in thought.

He didn't know how they would save their timeline, when they couldn't exactly travel back to the past.

"So... is there some kind of time machine that we can use... to make sure that our timeline happens?" Blake asked.

"That is stupid, time machines don't exist Mom." Blake Jr. stated with a roll of his eyes.


"Excuse me?" Naruto, Blake, and Blake Jr. all said in tandem when they heard Ozpin's answer to the question. Not only was the fact that a time machine existing shocking, but the fact that Blake had guessed the plan rather accurately with no information was also adding to her own personal shock factor.

Naruto stood up.

"I'll go."

"Sorry, but we have tried... anyone who existed 17 years ago can't go back to that time period. We didn't build a "time machine" per say. James created a device that would allow us to make use of one of the cracks in time... the universe won't allow a person who exists in the past, to go to the past... Which is why he want somebody to go... who knows what to make happen..." Ozpin spoke as he looked over at Blake Jr., which the boy looking surprised that it was him that was going to be sent.

"No! Not my son! That is too dangerous!" Blake refused right away.

Ozpin grimaced.

"The alternative... is our universe's timeline being completed erased. If he succeeds, you will get him back... because the universe will send him back to our timeline once he has been concieved." Ozpin spoke with at least some of the knowledge that he was known for.

Once Blake Jr. was conceived, that would be the catalyst needed for their universe's continued survival.

"... I have to make sure that Mom and Dad... have sex... so that the universe will continue to exist?" Blake Jr. questioned with a horrified look.

Naruto couldn't resist.

"... You hear that Blake. Remember 17 years ago when you told me "nothing good comes out of teenage pregnant" and all of that? Well look at this... me getting you pregnant is going to save the universe." Naruto could not resist the urge to make fun of Blake for what she said a long time ago. Even at 34 years old, Naruto was still as much of a goofball as he ever was... just a more matured goofball.

Blake blushed.

"I'm sorry for everything you are going to see Blake." Blake told her son as she covered her face with her hands.

She could remember that night clearly.

"... It doesn't have to be at the dance. So long as Naruto impregnates you, then he will use the relics in the same way. As long as you get pregnant... our timeline will exist... though some things may change about it." Ozpin assured Blake to save her from her husband's assault on her mental state.

Blake Jr. slapped his cheeks, before he gained a serious look on his face.

"Don't worry sir. I'll do my part to save the universe. I'll make sure that Dad knocks up Mom!" Blake Jr. shouted out as he saluted Ozpin.

Blake blushed a deep red.

'Well, younger me... You don't know it yet, but your ballsack is going to save the entire universe.' Naruto thought to himself with a grin. He had full faith in his son... and he had full faith that he would have sex with Blake again in the past. He hadn't been able to resist her in the past, and he couldn't do it now.

It was time to save the universe!

Chapter End!
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