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"Okay, as the official leader of Team RUWBY... I call this bed!"

Ruby more than happily shouted out as she jumped across the room and landed on top of her own bed. When Ozpin had been giving them teams, he had actually not only given her the only team with 5 members, but had made her the leader of said history-making team. She bounced up and down on the bed, using it to distract herself from the things that she had seen in the forest.

Things she hoped she could forget.

Things everyone hoped they could forget, other than Naruto who had honestly seen worse than a few dead mutilated bodies. Though, he hadn't expected to be offered a place at the school, but it wasn't like he could do anything until he found a way back home. Might as well make himself a base of operations, and secure himself a temporary home until he could find his way back to his real home.

Why not Beacon?

"So we aren't going to talk about the insane, man-eating faunus in the Emerald Forest?" Weiss asked as she sat down on a bed herself. She wanted to make sure that everyone was on the same page as her about that creature, and why some weird, mutated Faunus was eating people and disappearing. "How about why that monster was afraid of you?" Weiss asked as she pointed at Naruto, who pointed at himself.

He didn't really get it either.

"How should I know? I guess my reputation as a badass is well known among the evil-doer community." Naruto grinned to himself as he got ready to go towards a bed.

Yang jumped on the bed he was about to take.

"I vote for not talking about this. The woman is gone now, no need to worry about something who is gone." Yang pointed out, unwilling to talk about the events either. She missed most of what happened, unlike the others, but even she could see the carnage that had happened after the fact. The dead bodies, the half-eaten human beings that had been laid out across the ground.

It was horrifying, a remainder of what they truly signed up for by chosing their paths in life, and what becoming hunters meant.

It wasn't fun to talk about.

'She'll be back... Of course, I'll be ready.' Blake thought to herself as she took the last of the beds, before she realized something. "Naruto... I'm sorry, I forgot you were here. If you want, I can-" Blake was stopped when Naruto grabbed the blanket from one of the beds, and he walked over to the wall. Naruto grabbed he shards of some kind of metal that had been in his pocket, and he stabbed them into the wall and nailed the blanket up. He worked as the girls watched, and when he was done, a nice hammock was in the corner of the room for him. "-nevermind." Blake stopped when she saw he now had a place to sleep.

Ruby pouted.

"I want a hammock now too."

"So... Who wants to get to know each other. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight-" Yang started, shivering at the memory of the dead bodies. "-so why not use this chance to get to know everyone? I mean, I know Ruby... but I don't really know the rest of you that well." Yang looked between her teammates for the next 4 years, curious about each of them.

Weiss laid down on her side and ignored everyone.

"Do what you want." Weiss stated, unwilling to spend her time doing something that would be no doubt stupid.

"I'm all for it! So how are we doing this, Truth-or-Dare, 20 Questions, playing a board game?" Ruby got pumped up, seeing as this would help her forget about what she had seen during the day.

She really did not want to go to sleep and dream about... her.

"I don't think..." Blake paused and looked at Naruto. Originally, she was actually going to agree with Weiss and go to sleep, but she could use this chance to get to know Naruto without looking weird. Her parents weren't going to be any help to her, so why not sate her curiousity with the subject of her confusion himself? "... I would be able to sleep without getting to know my teammates." Blake finished off after a short pause.

"You paused."

"I was thinking of how to word it." Blake stated to Yang, who had commented on her pause. Yang raised her hands up in surrender, but didn't make a comment on it.

Ruby nudged Naruto.

"You in?" Ruby asked with a grin, and Naruto shrugged.

Why not?

-With Ozpin-

"... Akayuki, the White Tiger... She appeared... and a Naruto appeared." Ozpin whispered to himself with narrowed eyes, staring at his own cane with a hard look in his eyes. He looked at the white sphere at the top, before he opened it up and revealed a small golden sphere with golden energy inside of it, a small crack on said sphere.

One of the last four remaining reminders of the Gods of Light and Darkness.

"So... What you are saying is we are screwed sideways."

"Qrow, I'm surprised to see you here... I just contacted you a little while ago." Ozpin stated, and Qrow scowled at him as he sat on top of the desk.

"... I've never been one for superstition... but when you sent me that video of that woman coming out of a crack in... nothing and killing those boys... but what is the great destroyer doing stopping a demon?" Qrow asked with a furrowed brow. Ozpin sighed softly, knowing that he would have to explain himself a little for Qrow to understand the situation more.

To Qrow, Naruto was just the great destroyer from legend.

"Naruto the demon who slays gods... at first I thought it was a legend when I was a boy, well, I heard those stories from... a voice in my head. Nobody knows why the Naruto with the Semblence of "Cataclysm" killed the gods, but I assure you he was no great destroyer... Young miss Rose wouldn't exist today if it weren't for him after all." Ozpin assured Qrow that it wasn't Naruto that was the problem, and Qrow scoffed, but he did nod his head, willing to listen.

"So this Naruto is weaker?... That doesn't bode well, since if history from you means anything, only a Naruto has ever killed a Sacred Beast." Qrow stated the cold facts.

Ozpin agreed and disagreed.

"Each Naruto was born with the ability to defeat the evil of their time. The Naruto that fought Akayuki could destroy anything, though he couldn't bring himself to use it against her. The Naruto that defeated Bara was born with the power of disaster itself, and with it he broke apart the continents so that Salem wouldn't be able to use the grimm as well. The Naruto that defeated Loki has the power similar over memory... he could recreate anything he could remember and control it... then there was the Naruto who had the opposite ability of any opponent he faced, to defeat an opponent who had many abilities... This new Naruto's ability is the key to learning how to defeat what is coming." Ozpin lectured Qrow as he looked at all of the footage he was able to get from the cameras in the Emerald Forest. Nothing he saw was any indication that Naruto knew what his ability was, or that he had been forced to use it. Then again, it wasn't like Naruto's abilities were always obvious to the naked eye.

Danger was coming.

Qrow sighed.

"Danger huh? As if we didn't already have enough on our hands... Salem and her pawns, the White Fang, the Bloody Sog and his Black Fang. Now we have the Sacred Beasts and Ironwood was..." Qrow paused and looked at Ozpin, who looked down with some sadness.

He had heard the news as well.

James Ironwood had been found dead, he had been stabbed through the heart, but there was no security footage of what happened. Nobody knew who the cuplrit was, but there didn't seem to be any signs of a struggle. It was as if the man had allowed himself to be killed, something that Ozpin and everyone who knew the man found strange.

He didn't even leave clues to the identity of his killer.

Who could have done it?

-With Pira-

"... I want to burn this country to the ground... and all of the people in it."

Pira looked down at Atlas from the very top of the highest tower. She looked at the bustling city, the many people who were enjoying their lives. Lives that she could end without any real effort. She could do it to, destroy them all, it would take the combined efforts of all of the kingdoms to stop her, just like they stopped her in the future. Only now, she was stronger than when they originally stopped her. She had the powers of a Maiden, and she had her father's Adaption Semblence.

Her golden eyes looked down at the world, before she closed them.

No, she did make a promise.

She had killed Ironwood, that had been enough for her. She had made a deal with the man, if she got to kill him, then she would insure that the world became a better place in the future.

She didn't care about any of that.

"Daddy, as long as I have you in my life... this world can burn. I should save Mother too I guess... I wonder what she is like?" Pira wondered as she leaned back against the tower. She smiled and looked up into the sky. Pira reached into her cleavage, of which she had very little, and she took out the only picture that she had of her parents together.

A gift from Ozpin.

It was a picture of her mother in the hospital, holding a tiny her in her arms. The woman was extremely tired looking, her hair down wearing little more than a hospital gown. She looked to be about 19 years old in the picture, and there were a few people around. Her mother's teammates, and her father were all in the picture. All of them seemed happy that Pyrrha had given birth to her.

Pira smiled.

"... You seem happy, even though I killed you three only a few years later... If I looked at you again, would I feel that same urge?" Pira asked as she glanced at the hand that did it. She had killed all of those who could have saved her parents from their untimely demises. She had killed Jaune Arc, Lie Nora, and Lie Ren with her own hand.

No, she wasn't allowed to kill them, that would make her parents sad, which would make for a very unhappy future for her family.

Pira smiled with her father's grin as she imagined the future that she could have.

Her father cooking that delicious ramen that she loved for breakfast, while her mother was helping prepare the meal with him. She was sitting at the table, waiting as she watched her parents lovingly prepare the family meal. She could see her parents talking about nothing important, but at the same time, as long as she could hear their voices it didn't matter what they were saying.

She would have to kill Cinder Fall... and maybe kill Salem just to make sure that nobody targetted her mother when she became the Fall Maiden. She already delivered the cure to the disease that her father gave his life to save her from. Then she could go and see her parents again, and make sure that they fell in love.

"I guess it's time to get back to work."

A better future for her family didn't make itself.

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