Deafening Silence

By: AndiKaneUnderwood

Bo knew he was different. He didn't hear like normal people did.

Well, he could hear just fine, but sounds and noises sometimes got jumbled up and came out wrong.

He understood he was different.

He just didn't know that other people didn't.


"What do you mean you don't understand?" Snarled the kidnapper, Bo was trying to read his lips to figure out what he wanted, but had been fruitless thus far, the man's back had been facing him most of the time.

"Please, if you could just get my cousin-" the blonde boy yelped as a hand met his cheek. Bo fell back, nearly being knocked out of his chair, but the other kidnapper caught the back.

"So you two can plot an escape? No way!" The man shouted, then he groaned and looked at his partner. "Put him back in the cage and get the other one out here, this one is too stupid to do what we want." the man snapped.

Bo didn't take offensive, many people thought he was just a stupid hick with no brains, but Bo was smarter than he let on.

"Please, if I could just talk to Luke, he can help." Bo protested.

"How could he help?" asked the second kidnapper.

"He helps me understand. Please, if you'd just let me talk to him, I'll do whatever it is you want me to do!" Bo's voice took a pleading tone, a sound he rarely let other people hear and the people he didn't let the bad guys hear at all.

A slow smile spread across the kidnappers' face. He turned to the other man. "Get the other guy in here, Sam. If Blondie doesn't cooperate, we can shoot him and have the other guy do it."


Luke didn't struggle against Sam's hold, knowing if he did, he could very well be signing his cousin's death warrant and he didn't want Bo hurt. Not on his watch. Not ever.

When he got to the room his cousin and the other kidnapper was in, his sapphire eyes flickered to Bo automatically and his hands pulling at the chains, wanting badly to sign to the younger boy, to ask if he was okay.

Bo must've read his mind. The blond boy nodded to Luke, silently conveying that he was okay.

Luke nodded back and his eyes settled on the other man.

"Got him Cash." said Sam, dropping Luke to the floor.

Cash nodded and held out a knife, offering the handle to Sam.

The kidnapper took it and cut through the zip ties binding Luke's hands.

"I'm assuming that if he doesn't understand, then he's got smarts problems. You're gonna help him." Cash told the ebony man.

Luke raised an eyebrow. "No, it's his hearing. He has scar tissue built up and it's too risky to operate without damaging his ears completely. He'd rather be unable to hear at times, than not be able to hear at all." Luke knelt down next to his cousin, who had bowed his head, getting tired of being unable to understand. "Bo?" He asked, waiting until he had the blond's attention before bringing up his unbound hands. Are you okay?

Bo responded in kind, looking relieved to finally be able to talk and be understood as Cash cut away his bonds. I'm okay, but they won't tell me what they want me to do. Or at least I don't understand.

Are your ears acting up again?

Yeah, I could barely hear Daisy this morning.

It's alright, Cousin, don't worry. I'll get us out of this. Luke looked up at their captors. "His ears won't be clear til later tonight. I'll translate for you."

"How much money is in your bank account?" Cash asked.

How much money is in our account?

Bo thought for a moment. About seventeen dollars.

"Seventeen dollars and six dollars in cash on us."

"How much is in Hoggs bank?"

Luke shrugged. "Depends." Then he turned to ask Bo the same question.

With all the operations he runs, it's impossible to tell how much money he'll have in the bank at any specific time. What did he rack in this week on us Dukes alone? 400 dollars? Bo asked, a faint smile on his face.

Yeah, that's about right. Luke replied, looking at their captors. "It really depends on the money he's racked up from his operations and chasing the Dukes."

"Give it a guess."


I don't know. Maybe with the county funds, and average rate moonshine goes... Bo thought a minute, but it was clear math wasn't his strong suit. 30 thousand?

"Maybe thirty grand." Luke relayed back to the bad guess.

"Alright. Put him back and get the blindfold." Sam took hold of Luke's arms and Bo's wide eyes turned to steady, calming blue. Don't worry.

Then his world went dark and he could vaguely hear Luke yelling, but it was almost like he was underwater.

Then all he could hear was silence.

Deafening silence.

This might be a two-shot if enough people like it, but for now this is where I stop. See you next time!