By: AndiKaneUnderwood

No matter what anyone said, Bo and Luke where brothers.

Not necessarily by blood, their parents weren't the same, but blood wasn't the only thing that made two men brothers.

The bond between the pair was just as good as "blood" to the two Dukes.

Two revenge seeking big-shot boxers sure as shooting weren't going to change that.


Luke sat on his bed after a rather long day of finding out the brother he'd thought had died in a fire was really alive, finding out he was being chased by some bookies looking for their revenge, and saving his brother by ending up in the hospital before Bo ended up in a pond saving Jud from the very thing that had put Luke in the hospital anyway.

Bo came in from the bathroom and laid back on his bed. "Doing alright?" the blonde boy asked, "You got hit pretty hard."

Luke nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just," he cut off with a sigh.

Bo looked up, confusion painted on his face. "What?"

Luke looked up, "If I hadn't come up with that stupid plan, Jud may not have been kidnapped and nearly killed."

Bo looked up at his cousin. "Luke Duke, if Jesse heard that, he'd tan your hide six ways to Sunday." he exclaimed.

Luke smiled. "Yeah, I know it, but-"

Bo cut him off right there. "Nope! No, don't say anything else. We made the plan. It's done. We can't do anything about it now. What matters is that he's safe and alive. He wants to talk to you again, so you have that to look forward to!" Bo grinned, then his expression turned serious. "I know how that tickin' brain of yours works, Luke. He's fine, cousin. So don't worry about it."

Luke huffed out a short laugh and nodded, "Yeah. You're right."

"Of course, I am," the blonde man nodded firmly, then stepped over to the drawers he kept his clothes in. Bo changed into his sleep wear and laid back. He smiled. "Night, Luke." he said.

Luke chucked lightly as he turned out the light. "Night, cousin." he replied.

So the prompt said Bo protecting Luke, but it never said what from. I rewatched the episode and couldn't find an adequate part, so I chose for Bo to protect Luke from his mind.

Hope I did alright!