Chapter One

"Come Josephine in my flying..." Rose trailed off as she felt a light shining on her face.

"Is anybody alive out there?" the officer yelled.

Finally, Rose realized it was a boat. She shook Jack's hand.

"Jack. Jack. Jack. There's a boat! Jack." Rose kept saying his name as the ugly reality sunk in.

"Jack! There's a boat Jack. Jack." Still no reply. Rose laid her head back down, ready to give up.

Then she remembered that she promised Jack she would survive.

"Come back! Come back!" she kept yelling, but noticed they couldn't hear her.

She saw the dead officer with the whistle in this mouth. But she couldn't just leave Jack.

She decided to detach Jack's hand from hers. She kissed both of his hands and pulled him up onto the board, after she was off of it, hanging onto the side.

She left his dead body lying there as she swam over to get the whistle. She didn't know what possessed her to not let Jack's body stay in the water, but something told her that was the right thing to do.

She started blowing the whistle.

"Come about!" the officer yelled.

Rose just kept blowing. Finally, she felt that light shining on her again. Filled with satisfaction, she went back over to Jack and just hung onto the board, the same position he was in at his final moments. It was now Jack's turn for the board.

The next thing Rose knew, she was on the Carpathia.