It began as usual for her, tending to the flowers. Nearing autumn, some of the fairies and youkai were preparing for hibernation. It was quieter, just her, the flowers, the warmth of the setting sun and the cool wind that swelled and ebbed in a lethargic fashion.

The peace pervading Yuuka's day was irrevocably shattered in a burst of prismatic light. From the glow, a man was ejected, unceremoniously crumpling to the ground. She would have believed it was just another Outsider gapped in my Yukari if it weren't for the light show accompanying it. At first, it looked like an unremarkable man ... save for the crimson glyphs that covered every exposed inch of his flesh. As it got up, its eyes opened.

Malicious cunning, bloodlust, and rampant sadism mixed with a wild unthinking madness. That was all that was reflected from these eyes. They resembled Yuuka's own when she was displeased.

A dark, roiling power erupted and covered the figure in a shroud of shadow, like a black armour of black flames and smoke.

Yuuka didn't like the colour black. It was the colour of wilted flowers rotting away.

But what aggravated her the most was the fact that it had landed upon several sunflowers, its noxious aura reducing them and the surrounding ground, to black ooze. In that instant, Yuuka Kazami, Youkai of Flowers and mistress of the Garden of the Sun, decided then and there to beat the strange thing to within an inch of its life.

Lifting her parasol, she cast her signature spell.

"「Master Spark 」! "

Power born from uncountable millennia of existence flowed down The Flower that Never Wilts concentrating into an iridescent beam that was as wide as a truck. A blast of that size and power rivalled Marisa Kirisame's Final Spark. It spelt utter annihilation for anyone unfortunate enough to be its target, incinerating their body at the atomic level. The miko and her magician friend she could humour with a danmaku battle. This thing does not deserve such consideration.

As the Master spark bore down upon the creature, it roared. Imagine a man's scream of hatred, an embodiment of his fury against the world and everything that was, is and would be in it. Imagine a beast with an everlasting hunger that can never be sated. Add that with an edge, no a massive dose of insanity and you are close to what that roar sounded like.

" █████ !"

It lifted what appeared to be its right arm and made a cutting motion. And a vast swathe of concentrated curses, powerful enough to attain physical form, met Yuuka's beam. The evil of Man, taking the form of a wave of shadow, met the unstoppable might of nature. The legend of Angra Mainyu, the Zoroastrian embodiment of All The Evil in The World was ancient. Yet the being known as Yuuka Kazami had existed long before humanity even developed the capacity for speech, before she took on her current form. In a world where age was power, she could be considered The Strongest in this Land of Illusions.

The Master Spark pierced the wave of darkness, burning it away into nothingness. But Avenger was gone, having changed its position in the small amount of time it took for the beam to reach its position.

"Annoying." Normally Yuuka liked a good fight, but this attacking travesty bore her no enjoyment. The antipathy she felt for it was almost equal to what she felt for Rumia, before she got that ribbon slapped on her…

Avenger had rushed at her, producing two daggers that were cloaked in the same curses that cloaked it. They were a pair of jagged things, twisted like the fangs of some beast, serrated and designed to inflict as much pain as possible. Tawrich and Zarich: The fang grinders. Yuuka countered with her parasol, the seemingly soft fabric actually having the consistency of the strongest steel. Avenger was faster, running around its opponent and attacking from all angles, yet Yuuka's strength far exceeded its own. The missed hits from the parasol would crush the earth, or rend great scars simply from the air pressure created by her strikes.

Avenger style of fighting was, to put it simply, insane. His attacks were like he was about to throw his swords, mad strikes that overwhelm the opponent with sheer numbers instead of power. It was Avenger's speciality, if insanity can be called speciality. Countless strikes, again and again, coming from all the sides of Yuuka as Avenger ran around him in a pattern that made no sense.

Madness was his weapon.

Calling Avenger slow, even by Servant standards, would have been a lie. He constantly changed his position, his feet were nothing more than a blur, and there simply was no pause between his attacks. A frenzied attack style that gains more and more speed, even though it would have been enough a long time ago.

He does not battle. He does not fight. He murders. Slaughters.

" █████ !"

But if even one of Yuuka's strikes lands fully on him, it would tear his body apart. While that would be hardly enough to stop him, it would give Yuuka time to vaporise his body with a Master Spark. Indeed, Yuuka Kazami is simply too monstrous opponent for even a beast like Avenger to defeat.

Howling, Avenger channelled the strongest curse it possessed into his daggers.


Yuuka merely laughed. "You really believe you can defeat me with that, little curse?"

But when Yuuka's parasol was parried by Tawrich, the curse loaded within managed to cut through. And The Flower That never Wilts knew death.

Yuuka's expression darkened to become downright murderous as she glanced at her broken parasol. She was done playing around.

Elementals, as extensions of Gaia, were able to materialise natural phenomena without any incurred costs in prana. They were the earth and the earth was them. This ability was given the name 'Marble Phantasm' by magi, where it was likened to increasing the chances of finding a white marble inside a jar of both black and white to 100%.

Yuuka materialised her will on the world ... and a vacuum was created where Avenger stood, ripping him apart. Curse stained flesh simply drew themselves back together, so Yuuka summoned a titan slaying bolt of lightening to rip into Avenger's form. Plasma struggled to burn through darkstuff that could withstand the killing heat of a star. It blasted him across the landscape, then beyond the horizon in the direction of the Hakurei Shrine.