The flowers were a rainbow of beautiful colour amongst the green in Kathryn's garden. And the sunlight gave the scene a magical quality, which to many it was. Every crewmember of the starship Voyager was present, and Admiral Tuvok directed the ceremony.

The bridge groom stood next to a small platform on which Tuvok stood. He was dressed in a simple white shirt, belted at the waist by a wide belt and black trousers. The look on his face was serene, and filled with joy.

Captain Harry Kim and some fellow crewmen provided the wedding march, and Tom Paris and Bob stood as best men. Neelix was hovering about the tables layered with many delicate and delicious looking dishes.

B'Elanna and Amelia were the bridesmaids, wearing in flowing blue dresses and carrying some of the flowers from the garden. They stepped slowly, and in time with the music, down the makeshift isle.

But it was the bride who took everyone's breath away. She wore a simple, flowing white dress with her long red hair unbound. On either side she was flanked by one of her sons, and her face held a glowing happiness that none had ever seen on their captain's face.

The ceremony was quick and beautiful, with Chakotay and Janeway pledging their love for each other for eternity and beyond. Many of the crew cried with joy at witnessing the event, and at the love their commanding officers had for each other.

After the congratulations and toasts were over, Harry got up and stood on the platform. He cleared his throat, and everyone fell silent. "On behalf of the crew, I have a wedding gift to present the bride and groom." He said.

His hands came out from behind his back, and they held two neatly folded command uniforms. "We would be honored if Kathryn and Chakotay would return to Voyager as Captain and Commander, and finish the journey they started twenty years ago."

Kathryn felt tears slide down her face, and she squeezed Chakotay's hand. "We would be honored to return to take you home," Chakotay said. "Thank you for the chance and for making this day special for all of us."

* * *

The next morning, the doors to the bridge slid open and two familiar figures entered, dressed in the deep red uniforms of command. One was a beautiful woman with the bearing of a queen, the other a dark and silent man. The man sat down in the chair of the first officer, but the woman preferred to stand.

Captain Tom Paris sat at the helm, with Admiral Tuvok at Tactics and Captain Harry Kim at Operations. Off to the sides stood B'Elanna Torres, Amelia, Tay and Leo, the Doctor Bob, Neelix and the normal bridge crew.

The woman gazed at the planet below them through the large view screen in front of her. "Goodbye, New Earth." She said softly.

Then raising her voice, she looked directly at her pilot. "Mr. Paris set a course for home." She ordered. "Maximum warp."

"Aye, aye, Captain." Tom answered, and Voyager began the long journey home once again.