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SIS Chapter 1

Bella POV

I look at the door to the Bellagio, Las Vegas, as the cab driver takes my suitcase out of the trunk.

"Are you sure you're at the right hotel, ma'am?" he asks.

I raise my eyebrow at him and give him the rundown with my eyes. "Bride's choice," I reply taking my old suitcase and throwing my backpack over my shoulder.

"Congratulations. I am sure you two will be happy," the cab driver snorts.

I close my eyes taking a deep breath, choosing to ignore the cab driver and his raunchy out-of-line behavior. I turn, letting out the breath of apprehension before walking inside the hotel.

My dearest friend is getting married, and we've come to Vegas for two nights for her bachelorette party. The rest arrived here yesterday, but I was teaching the first aid training at the fire station, so I would only be here for the night, tomorrow morning, and afternoon. I'm honestly just happy that it only took a short, two and half hour plane ride to get here because the extra noises gave me a headache.

I check in and get my room key before a bellboy approaches me. "Would you like for me to take your bag, ma'am?" he asks.

"No, thanks," I say handing him a few bucks, along with a smile.

"The elevator is this way, ma'am." He carries on directing me with his hand.

"Where are the stairs?" I ask.

He frowns as he looks at me. "Ma'am, you're on the seventh floor?" He questions me.

"I know I am, but I hate small confined spaces. The last time I was on an elevator, I was not just sick, but had a nosebleed, too." I tell him with a nod. "It looked like something from a horror film," I continue as he just looks at me with an open mouth.

"The second door on the left is the stairs," he whispers to me, and I give him a salute before walking away.

I stomp my way up the fourteen flights of stairs, heading to my room. After a quick shower, I get dressed in combat pants and a green t-shirt, with my Doc Marten boots. Looking at my watch, I see it's almost six o'clock, so I quickly make my way to Alice's room.

I walk through the doors and slide off my shades, putting them on the top of my head as I scan the room for Alice.

"Alice?" I say in my normal voice which seems to get lost in the twenty odd girls that are chirping away excitingly to each other.

I place my thumb and middle finger in my mouth and whistle loudly making the room turn quiet as they all turn to me.

"Where is Alice?" I ask.

"In the bedroom with her mom," the second Kate is done telling me, and pointing in the direction where Alice is, the room erupts into chattering again.

I walk to Alice's door, and knock on it before walking in. "Hey," I say smiling at her as we walk toward each other.

"Thank, God, you're here" Alice says to the side of my head, sounding tired.

My eyes float to the other person in Alice's room. Her/ mom. "Hi, Mrs. B.," I say looking at Tanya.

"Isabella," she says back as she looks me up and down. "Jesus, Isabella, please tell me that's not what you are planning on wearing? You do know this is my daughter's bachelorette party, right?" She asks with a hint of worry.

My mouth drops open and I cover my heart with my hand. "Hey, I like this outfit," I say making Tanya roll her eyes at me.

"You look like you belong in the army. We're going to Ripped for the Bachelorette Party Special; you can't go in there like that! My goodness, they'll think you're a lesbian, not a girl wanting to see some sexy big dick."

I look at Alice whose gone red and shaking her head. Ripped is an all-male review club. The local women just call it 'big dicks hangout,' but having read the itinerary that was emailed to me last night, I know this is a club that has traveling male review shows. They host many different groups of guys, which means they are always busy due to fresh meat weekly, according to Tanya. I also know that we will have the full VIP treatment since Tanya is a regular when she's in town. She comes here at least once a month, for a little get-away; she says they know her very well.

"Mom, I said I didn't want anything with a stripper!" Alice states, with a light stomp.

"There will not be a stripper; there will be at least ten or more of them. Alice, come on, sweetie, you know I know what is best when it comes to things like this. You're twenty-one and have only seen one cock. I mean by your age—"

Alice cuts her mom off by covering her ears and screaming, "Argh," at her.

For being mother and daughter, Tanya and Alice are polar opposites. Tanya is tall—five-foot-ten, long blonde hair, huge breasts, hourglass figure, and she is in-your-face blunt about sex and how much of it she has. Alice is five-foot-one, dark haired, slender and petite, has only has sex with one guy, and isn't the type of girl to share anything about it.

Between Tanya trying to speak and Alice still shrieking as she covers her ears, I am getting a headache. To save myself, and maybe Alice's meltdown, I step between them. "God, does the Pixie owe me for this!" I think to myself.

"Mrs. B., leave the bride-to-be alone, and I'll get changed into whatever you picked out for me. I'll also agree that I will be on my best behavior," I say, knowing she will leave Alice alone now.

Tanya's eyes start to sparkle, but I hold my hand up to signal her to wait. "But," and believe me this is a big if, "you can't pick up any yummy man and bring him back here with you, or go to his place tonight. Tonight is about Alice, not adding to your conquest list," I say grinning largely at her. I hope this will work, because I know Alice is worried her mom will have too much fun, and it's why she said no stripper. As much as I think Tanya is a hoot, I am grateful she's not my mom.

"Quick, someone call air control and tell them to warn the pilots there will be flying pigs!" Tanya smirks before turning to look through the pile of clothes she brought with her.

She throws me a pair of leather pants and a corset top. "There you go," she grins evilly, but I shrug my shoulders.

I know right away she must have brought these for Alice as I am five-two and the same shape and size as she is. At least they should be a good fit. I start to get stripped. I have never been super shy, and have been naked in front of both Alice and Tanya loads of times. I just don't find nakedness all that awkward.

"Isabella, you have a great little body, why on earth do you hide it under those guy-styled clothes?"

"I like to surprise my man when I strip for him," I snark back making Tanya grin at me.

"Atta, girl. You should come to my pole dancing classes, Isabella. This one," she comments nodding her head and thumb at Alice, "will not come. I have told her, it would be a good way to give Jasper a treat, and she still won't try it."

I look at Alice as I pull the pants on and give her a wink. She knows I am only doing this to help her, but she still rolls her eyes. "I think she comes plenty, Mrs. B.," I joke making Alice throw a leather jacket at me. "Give her some time, she's still young," I chuckle as Alice crosses her arms over her chest.

"We're the same age, Bella," Alice snips at me.

"Mrs. B., if you could come and stop my breathing now," I ask and right away I feel her pull on the laces. I make a face at Alice to show that I was not joking about the breathing, and she chuckles a little.

"Mom, I think the Chief would like Bella back alive," Alice tells her mom.

"Hmm ... the Chief. How is your daddy, Isabella?" Tanya purrs as I see her get a dreamy like look on her face through the mirror.

"He's doing well," I say with a 'what-the-hell' look at Alice.

Tanya lets out a hum as she pulls me over to sit down. She pulls my hair out of the pony tail I had it in, and it falls down covering my breasts. "You have such long and lovely hair, Isabella why must you hide it?"

"It's too wild," I tell her as I look in the mirror. My hair is thick and long with curls. It stops at my waist, but looks untamed, so I normally keep it up and back. I move my hair to cover the notable scar on the side of my head. Tanya's hand moves to mine stopping me.

"You should leave it down," Tanya orders as she starts doing my makeup.

"Okay, I'm all done," she says sounding happy. I stand and move to the mirror and I am shocked that I still look like me, but a sexier version of me than I normally see.

"I like it," I grin and Tanya rolls her eyes.

"You sound like you doubted my mad skills."

I shake my head at her, but give her a wink as Rose walks in.

"Rosalie, you look amazing, as usual," Tanya exclaims as she hugs Rose.

I look Rose up and down; she does look great. Rose is a six-foot tall, blonde bombshell. She has very large breasts and the tiniest little waist. Her body is banging, but her face is what tops it all off. She is a total package.

"Bells, you're looking good, girl," Rose says looking me over just as I did to her.

"This is all Mrs. B.'s fault," I say waving my hand to Tanya making Rose hold back a chuckle.

"The limo bus is here," Rose says keeping the smile on her face.

"Oh, Alice," Tanya yells and Alice walks in wearing a sexy but dignified dress.

"Alice, you need to change," Tanya says but I quickly step in.

"Come on, we're missing the guys. And if we get close enough, we may end up on stage." Tanya grins at me seemly having forgotten Alice's dress choice.

We all get into the limo bus that Tanya has hired to take us everywhere we are going tonight and will bring us back to the hotel when we are done.

Our first stop is a restaurant. We all make our way to a large table and I take my seat next to Alice and Rose quickly sits on her other side.

Tanya just looks at her and rolls her eyes and sits next to Irina and Kate.

"Thanks," Alice whispers to us both. "How was Jasper, Bella?"

Jasper is Alice's husband-to-be. He is twenty-six and stands five-foot-eleven. Due to being a firefighter, he has a well-built physique. Alice and he met just a short sixteen months ago when he joined the station moving from Chicago to Seattle.

"He was good when I left; just tired and missing you."

Alice smiles at me biting her lip. I know she's worried about the extra hours Jasper has been working.

"Things will be better when the new Captain joins us," I remind her.

Our last Captain—Frank—left us suddenly, and my father who is the Chief of the Fire station, and Jasper who has the rank of Lieutenant, have both been filling in for Frank's absence. But thankfully, the rank has now been filled by Jasper's older brother. It just so happened that my father had also met him previously and is a somewhat friend with him, too. The only information I have been able to wheedle out of everyone, or find out about him, is that his last name is Cullen. That is the only way I knew he was Jasper's brother. When I asked Jasper how old he was, he told me that his brother is thirty-three. I guess I will learn the rest when he starts working with us in ten days' time.

"How is your job going at the station?" Rose asks.

"Okay. The guys seem to be happy that I am doing most of the cooking. I've also now taken over the entire training of first aid, "I boast. I have wanted to be a firefighter since I was a young girl, but due to the fact that I am deaf and have a cochlear implant on the right side—I can't join. The implant helps me hear somewhat—more with my right ear than my left, and what I can't hear, I can read lips; however, when I have the mask and helmet on, I can't hear a thing, and lip reading is definitely out. I was sad, and felt disappointed, but my father Charlie, quickly cheered me up. He has always told me to believe in myself, and to not let anything hold me back. Just a few short months ago, he gave me the job of being the station's full-time cook, janitor, and receptionist. As soon as I received my certificate to teach first aid, he gave me the job of doing that, too. I may not be a firefighter, but all the guys treat me like I am part of the team.

I order something small for dinner, knowing that with this outfit on, I can't afford extra pounds.

"I am so getting room service when I get back to the hotel!" I declare with a huff, eating my stupid grilled chicken salad.

Once we're finished eating, Tanya—God, love the woman—pays for the outrageous bill.

"Where are you off to now, ladies?" The limo bus driver asks.

"Well, I'm not so sure about all these other girls, but this mama needs some cock!" Tanya yells to the driver making all the girls except Alice, Rose and I cheer.

"Ripped it is then," he replies dryly and though I can't see his eyes, I imagine the roll of them.

I wait on Alice since everyone else is piling into the limo bus as quickly as they can. The drive to the club is not long, and the constant chattering of the girls' giggles and squeals is giving me a headache again. When we get to the club, Tanya quickly makes her way in, followed by the rest of the girls, leaving Alice and me for last. Alice grabs my hand and to the door we go.

"I need to see your ID, girls," one of the two large doormen say and I feel his eyes on me. I know he is mentally undressing me, and it is rather annoying.

I pass him my identification, and he grins at me. "Happy belated birthday, Isabella, maybe you could stay with me and I'll give you a birthday treat."

I tilt my head to the side and then use my hands to talk back to him.

"What?" He asks sounding confused and turns to Alice, and I quickly sign to her.

This guy is a moron. I hope the guys that are stripping are better than him, or I may have to leave you to fend for yourself. But now that we have this guy confused, you want to translate?

Alice controls her smile as this is not the first time we have done this, and I am sure it will not be the last.

"He wants to know if you want to stay out here with him?" she tells me signing as she talks out loud so he can hear her.

Quite frankly, no, I don't. This guy thinks that I would want to spend time with his little dick when there could be some big monster cock in there?

Alice nods at me the whole time I am signing and then clears her throat turning to the door man. "She said she's sorry, but she has to decline."

I hold back my roll at her answering him so sweetly.

"It not like she's going to have any enjoyment in there, she won't be able to hear the music, she's deaf," the guy protests.

"She'll be fine," Alice tuts and pulls me into the club after grabbing our ID cards back from him. "Jerk," she hisses and I snort, which turns into a laugh.

"God, I love you," I tell her kissing the side of her head.

Alice and I join the girls at a large table in front of the main stage.

"I ordered both you girls' cocktails and shots," Tanya says pushing a few glasses toward Alice and me.

I quickly down my shot and then follow it with Alice's, knowing that she doesn't like shots. I know if Tanya sees the glass full, she'll just harp about it. We've only been here for an hour, but the music is mixed in with screaming women and it has gone to my head. I touch Alice's arm, and she looks at me.

"I'm done," I tell her and take off my removable piece for the cochlear implant and place it in my bag. I let out a sigh of relief. The beautiful silence feels great, and I instantly feel the throbbing stop in my head.

Alice takes a hold of my hand making me look at her.

"We can go back to the hotel if you want."

I snort at the pleading look she has on her face as she signs to me.

"Let's give it another hour," I tell her, as my eyes land on Tanya who's looking between Alice and me. I give her a smile and tip my glass at her before downing it.

"These guys all have little dicks," Rose says as she signs. She leaps up and I look at her lip reading as she yells. "I want to see some big ass monster dicks shaking for me!"

I throw my head back as I laugh. As she moves to stand on the table, she starts waving money in the air.

"And she says men are sexist pigs who only objectify women's bodies," Alice signs to me and I nod at her.

"She keeps this up, and she's going to be giving your mom a run for her money," I whisper to Alice making her grin widely as she nods vigorously.

A crumpled napkin hits me, making me look up at Rose. "Come on, Bells, let's get you some action," Rose says with a twirl of her hand to show me she is signing it out. Rose doesn't give me time to respond as she starts to pull on my arm. She drags me up on to the table with her.

"We want the Bachelorette Dance Special!" Rose starts to say over and over again. I glance around the club seeing that most of the women around us seem to be saying the same thing as Rose. I can only assume that she has managed to start them all chanting.

Thank God I took my implant out; this would just be too loud.

When I look back to the stage, there is a guy there, and he's talking to the crowd. I chuckle as he thrusts his hips as if he's fucking someone from behind.

I tap Rose's arm as I turn to her. "That action sucks, shit that wouldn't even make a horny worked-up girl like Mrs. B. come," I sign.

Rose's mouth opens and there is a slight smile, so I know she's let out a heartfelt laugh. She nods at me, and puts up her thumb, but before she can sign anything her head snaps to the stage. I look toward it and see two men standing right in front of our table.

"If the bride-to-be could pick a friend and join us on stage, we'll give her a night to remember," the big guy says as I read his lips.

My eyes move looking for Alice. It only takes me a few seconds to find her under the next table. Fucking hell, the work of being her bridesmaid is never over. I hope she knows how much she owes me for this.

My eyes go back to the stage and smile. "You want us then," I say pulling on Rose's arm.

The guy takes hold of my hand and helps me step from the table onto the stage.

I make sure Rose gets on the stage as well, and smile and nod my head to the guy who is behind me.

"I'm Rose, and this is Bella, the bride-to-be!" Rose says smiling at the hunky man.

I gulp realizing the guy behind me must have been speaking to me. I turn to him and he's looking down at me.

"Come on, Bella, we need you and Rose to sit on these chairs," Rose signs and I walk with the guys. I sit on one chair and Rose is sitting behind me on the other.

The guy in front of me places the microphone down he must have been talking into and moves to me. He starts to make sure I am sitting in the chair the correct way. As he looks up, his sharp green eyes lock on to me. "Are you deaf?" he signs. I nod my head and he smiles a little. "Normally, during the dance, we have to ask if the lady is okay. I can't do that with you, so if at any time you feel unsafe, don't want to be in a position that I put you in, or if I'm making you uncomfortable, tap my body—anywhere on my body—three times."

I nod at him in agreement, and he smirks before winking at me. "I am sure, however, that you will enjoy this," he signs before standing up and turning away from me only to look back at me.

"I'm Edward," he signs and gives me a lopsided grin that makes my heart act weird.

I watch Edward move a few feet away from me and let my eyes glance him over. He's clearly over six feet tall—at least a foot taller than me, so I'd say six-four. He has a gorgeous face, with a sharp bone structure along his jaw. His five o'clock shadow makes him look rough, rugged and hard. Then there's his hair, it's short on the sides and a little longer on top. Wild and untamed, it is almost the color of a penny. He's wearing jeans, and a blue shirt that's not tucked in. If I were to guess his age, I would say he's around thirty.

I feel the beat from the music as it starts, bringing me out of my mental thoughts. I lock eyes back on Edward who is dancing while smirking at me.

When he gets right in front of me, he keeps dancing and then rips his shirt off. He runs his hands over his chest and down his abs, showing me his completely ripped body. I arch my brow and lick my lips. His muscles are certainly present, but he is not so roughly defined that all I see is muscle.

He slides to me on his knees, moving mine apart when he reaches me. He puts his head to my stomach and moves down as if he's inhaling my scent.

He leaps up and gets on the small space between my knees on the chair. He grins down at me and thrusts toward my face with his groin. With a wink he leaps back down, turning at the same time. He pushes my legs together and straddles my lap, but facing the same way I am. He starts to thrust his hips, and I can't help but let out a laugh as his tight ass rubs my legs.

He quickly moves off me, but only to get back onto my lap this time facing me. He rubs against me as he thrusts across my lap again. He leans down and holds himself up with one arm and with one foot on the side of the chair next to my leg as his other stretches over my shoulder. He uses his foot to hook the back of my head and pull it down slightly to him and starts to thrust his groin in my face. My eyes glance to his, and I see his are full of heat, and it's almost as if they are also simulating that he's fucking me. A moan escapes my mouth as he pushes himself up, and he must hear me because I feel his response as his body molds to mine as he stands and picks up the chair. He places the chair that I am still in back on the floor, and tips it back. He holds the chair up as he leans it, while dancing and grinding against me.

He moves from my view point, but I can still feel the thrum of the music. My heart seems to have joined the thrumming and the butterflies are twirling, too. He reappears and moves up and down my body thrusting his hips. He moves so he is straddling my face, and I groan when I can feel the hardness of his bulge. I am stunned by his clear partial erection, but I am more surprised by my ability to not grab him and pull him closer. In fact, I am so turned on that I am unsure how I am keeping my hands to myself, or stopping myself from thrusting up against him.

His moves are swift and precise. I am not surprised that he has picked me up again, this time I am hanging upside down. I lock my arms, one around each of his legs. I can feel his soft, yet hard body next to mine. I look at his crotch and gape at the large outline of his manhood, and moan suddenly when I feel his face rub against my pants between my legs.

Oh why do I have pants on? It would feel so good to have his mouth touching me like this.

He brings me out of my dirty inner thoughts by bringing my legs together and over his shoulder. Releasing my grip on the chair, he first lifts me up and then slides me down his body. Yet again, I get to feel just how soft, hard, smooth, and sexy his body feels.

He clasps the back of my head, and pulls me close to him. I stop breathing, forgetting this is a dance. I look from his eyes to his lips. "Later," he mouths. He spins me around and pushes my body over so that my hands are flat on the floor. He clasps my hips and grinds his crotch against my leather covered ass.

I feel his hands slide around my tummy, and the feeling he is stirring in me makes me feel a little dizzy. He pulls me up and makes me face him as he lowers me slowly down to the stage floor.

He looks at me, and caresses himself, and then moves closer to run his hands over and down my body. He positions himself between my legs, by moving them apart with his knee. As his hands run back up my body, he moves his hips between my legs, leaving no space between our bodies.

"You doing okay?" he mouths moving his head next to mine.


His nose runs around my cheekbone, and then making sure I can see his lips, he mouths, "Implant, left, right, or both?"

"Right," I mouth glancing to my right side.

He nods and lifts me up, and flips me over. I am face down and he grabs my hips lifting me to my hands and knees. His hand goes to the left side of my head, and his fingers lace through my long hair. He pulls my hair, moving my head back, and arching my back as his hips thrust against me again, pulling my hair just enough to make me see stars. My eyes move to the corner, and his green eyes hit me, the lust in them seems to have heated up during the dance.

The next few minutes go by with him flipping my body around, and placing me in several different positions as he simulates sex. He picks me back up and I lock my legs around his waist as he thrusts. This time, he grips my hip and pushes me down on to each and every thrust. I swear his not-so-little guy keeps getting bigger each time he moves his body or mine. The song comes to an end, and he winks at me and places me back on my feet. He keeps a hold of me, making sure I am steady. I feel Rose clasp my hand and I look at her to see she's grinning widely.

"Did you enjoy that much as I did?" She signs and I nod at her. She pulls lightly on my hand and we make our way off the stage.

I look for Alice who's back in her seat, but looks like she's had enough.

"Rose," I call out, knowing she'll hear me. "I'm going and need you to help cover, so I can get Alice out of here," I sign.

Rose looks at me and then to Alice and puts her thumbs up. I hold out my wrist and look at my watch. Pointing to it, I talk out loud to her. "It'll be a quarter to, in five-four-three-two-one," I say and look up at her. I see she, too, is looking at her watch. She looks up at me and I sign to her, "I will escape with her in five minutes, you control cougar momma."

I nod and move away from Rose and take my seat beside Alice. I keep my eyes trained on both Rose and the time. About three minutes later, Rose drags Tanya off to the dance floor. Tanya seems quite happy dancing with the male strippers who are dancing with the ladies in the crowd. I no longer see Edward, but I wonder if he is out there among the women. Looking back at my watch, I know it's time to get Alice out of here.

"Let's get out of here," I sign to Alice, who nods at me right away. I grab my bag and our jackets. Taking one last look at the dance floor, I see Tanya has some poor stripper in her clutches. I giggle and start to pull Alice with me as we make a run for it.

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