She sat in a wicker chair, dimly aware of her menacing surroundings. Her setting was hazy. Men sat in matching wicker chairs scattered around the cell-like, gray, room. All of the men held drinks of odd metallic and fluorescent colors, in transparent crystal glasses. Looking down, she realized she held a fluorescent orange drink. Curiously, she brought the drink to her cracked lips. The orange liquid invaded the dry corners of her mouth. The liquid tasted of chilled prune juice. She removed the glass from her lips and was surprised to see the rim of the crystal glass covered in blood.

            She looked up to see every man looking at her with eerie, knowing smiles. The edges of the men began to blur, becoming as hazy as the room. For the first time, she began to wonder where she was.

            One of the men arose from a chair on the opposite side of the room. He slowly made his way through the room, making his way around the other men in their chairs. The blur began to cover everything in the room. The man walked until he was standing in front of her.

            By this time, everything was blurred. All that shone through the blur was the men's' smiles. The man standing in from of her had on the largest smile of them all. He, unlike the others, had on an affectionate smile. A smile of a dear friend.

            She began to soften, her previous tension washed away. Then the man pulled out a dagger. The dagger was clearer than the men's smiles. It came down in the most perfect arch She had ever seen, and tore through her heart.

            Her hand jerked, dropping the crystal glass. It fell in slow motion towards the floor. Upon impact, it shattered without making so much as one sound.

            She died smiling.