Title: The Unpredicted

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: Years have passed since the reclaiming of Erebor and Bilbo's ring forgotten… till now.

BTW I should mention "Italics" are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. "Bold Italics" is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. Italics without the "-" is thoughts either thinking to one another or general thought.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don't own any of Tolkien's amazing work.

Third POV

Confusion swept through Bella as Jasper stared at her, his teeth bared and eyes black as night. It was then that Bella realised she did not look like the woman they had come to know.

Everyone watched as lady Canadriel seemed to change before their very eyes, her ears rounding out, her dark hair lightening a few shades… she seemed to have turned into a different woman, a child of Man instead of Elf.

But it was the two strange creatures that seemed to shine slightly in the setting sun that gave the most reaction. The fair-haired one of the lot dropped to his knees and all around felt agony they knew was not their own.

Legolas cocked his head to the side as everything began to click into place, his body tensing as his hand clenched around his bow. His wife had told him stories of the family that hurt her, had described each and every one of them late one night surrounded by stone and warmed by fire. The other did not come close to any description he knew of but he knew the one kneeling.

"Give me one good reason as to why I should not kill you," He demanded lowly, his voice rough as he took a step forward.

"We mean no harm to her," The darker haired man stated, his blood coloured eyes glinting with a familiar look. "Been lookin' for ya doll cake, left a mighty big hole in a couple of people's lives."

"I couldn't stay in Forks anymore, Peter," Bella replied as she tore her eyes away from Jasper who was kneeling at her feet, his body shaking with silent sobs. "How'd you get here and why?"

"Don't rightly know, the Major an' I were at our end an' starin' down at our pyre when we found ourselves fallin', voices told us we were as needed so here we are," Peter explained with a shrug.

This time it was Bella's turn to be confused, something didn't add up… where was Charlotte, Alice? Why were they staring at their own pyre? Oh god, what happened to all those she had come to love? The pack?

Sadness reflected back at her as she stared Peter down, his smile dropping into a grimace, he didn't need her to voice the question she was unable to ask. "The Pack is fine or the last I knew they were. Maria came knocking; the Volturi came as well… The Cullen's transgressions reached them after, well, Forks newborns. Ya knew my Char's gift was like Chelsea's though she never used it… she used it."

"She cut the mating bond?" Bella asked sadly.

"Yeah Darlin', right before they threw her in the pyre… Jasper was never mated to Alice though he did truly love her. The Cullen's and many more no longer exist." Peter replied while eyeing those around them once more, he honestly couldn't believe where he was… it was as if he was sent back to the dark ages when magic still existed in their world.

Bella caught the look and cast a glance at the others as well. "Everyone by my brother, Aragorn and husband leave. Now!"

The sentries left with little hesitance at the order, many were still on edge as they eyed the creatures warily as they passed but it was up to their Lord and Lady to deal with them.

"I take it these are the ones who hurt you?" Elrond asked as he came to his sisters' side, eyeing down the creatures he had not seen beyond mere descriptions in books.

Legolas hissed again and took a step forward as his wife nodded yes. "They should not be here so freely, they wounded you into grief!"

"Jasper is the only one of the family, the only one of that family I do not blame for my Grief!" Bella replied sharply and sighed as Legolas turned his head away with a frown. "My love, I am saddened by the fact my friends are gone but you can feel I am not falling to Grief once more… they can help us."

"What are they?" Aragorn asked as he eyed the creatures.

Bella snorted as she let the illusion drop and eyed her old friends. "Naqayár, Damâm ushlak or ushlaku damâm…"

"I don't know what you're saying but I can tell they're unhappy." Peter piped up grinning a little as the three men stared at him unimpressed if a little hostile.

"Peter only takes the blood of criminals and Jasper feasts on animals," Bella stated in Westron. "Stand Jasper, you were forgiven many moons ago… in fact, you were forgiven the moment it happened, come we have much to discuss and many things to plan. I have two people to see before we depart in the morning."

"Canadriel." Elrond uttered sharply in displeasure.

"Leave it Hanar, now is not the time to be wary of them." Bella sighed. "I am too tired to fight on this, our people are safe from them and if their wounds are to go by anything our weapons can hurt them here. Legolas, Aragorn please."

A war waged within Legolas at his rage and desire to hurt the one who caused Grief to his wife and bend to her will about it. In the end, he could never deny her a thing and placed his bow on his back once more. "Very well gilgalad nín."

"Bella?" Jasper asked confused.

"Jasper, you and Peter are no longer in a place that you will know or have ever been before. Please there is much to discuss and very little to do it." Bella replied gesturing for them to follow, she smiled softly as she took in their awe-filled faces as they made their way back through Rivendell, it was very much the look that Bilbo had given when he too first saw it.


Bella sighed as she stepped out of the rooms that Jasper and Peter were staying in and began to make her way down to where Bilbo was staying, Thankfully Gandalf and her brother decided to fully fill them in on the situation because Bella couldn't handle them right now not when she had other things to do. A sigh escaped her lips as she scowled at the floor as she paced, pausing when she saw Glóin.

"Kudze' durnu sâti yadi?" (How long have you been here?) She asked gesturing to his seat in the small alcove.

"Enough to know who rests beyond that door. Be glad that it is I who knows and not Thorin or Dwalin." Glóin replied as he tapped out his pipe and gestured for Moriel to continue. "Nê arniki ahkât galikh." (I don't think it's a good idea.)

Bella paused at that with a frown. "Nê arniki ahkât galikh?" (What do you mean?)

"I mean it's not a good idea to have them go along with you Moriel, one of them hurt you, we all know the story and I'm not sure that husband of yours will not kill them in their sleep," Glóin stated bluntly.

"I know but both Jasper and Peter are fast, they have gifts that cannot be explained and will be useful in a fight. They also don't sleep so they're safe there but if it's two more people to add to the fodder so my kith and kin can live then so be it." She explained sharply only to earn a smile and a bark of laughter.

"You sound like Thorin," Glóin replied while still laughing. "Go speak to the Burglar, Moriel."

"Come see me later Glóin, my braids need to be fixed before the morning." She said softly watching as her Nadad seemed to soften around the edges at that.

"Aye Namad, I will. Now go."

Moriel shook her head as she watched Glóin make his way back towards his rooms before turning towards Bilbo's rooms. She could hear that Frodo had already made his way inside and were talking about the Mithril shirt Thorin had given him. A sharp inhale was heard that set the hair on the back of her neck on edge.

"My– my old ring. Well, I should... very much like to hold it again, one last time." Bilbo's voice was off and it set her into motion just as Bilbo charged towards Frodo with a dark look on his face.

"BILBO BAGGINS!" She yelled shocking him out of the darkness that clung to him, sending him back a few paces with his hand to his head looking distraught, tears in his eyes as he took in a terrified Bilbo peeking out from behind her.

"I'm sorry I brought this upon you, my boy, I'm sorry that you must carry this burden." He chokes out as he slumps down on his bed. "I'm so sorry for everything; I should have left that wretched thing where I found it."

"We did not know Bilbo." Bella tried to reassure. "And he will not be on this journey alone, you know that. Legolas and I will be there as well as Aragorn, Gimli, and Gandalf."

A watery chuckle escaped Bilbo's lips. "Like his presence did us any good to Erebor."

"Point made but Frodo will have me." She stated softly as she pulled her old friend into a hug. "He will have the Mithril too, Legolas as well and do I have to remind you once more that a Durin will be with us."

Bilbo laughed again at the groan. "It does make me feel better but still, be it you, a wizard, a Durin… I still gave this burden to him."

"I will be okay Uncle," Frodo stressed as he too joined the hug.

A sigh escaped Bella's lips as she stepped back from the two hobbits, she could see many things happening down the road but none of them were clear. Bilbo will stay here, this she knew, as he had been staying here since they had left the Blue Mountains. Her kin were readying to leave for the shores of Valinor and they will join those of Lothlórien and Green Wood.

She watched as Frodo and Bilbo bickered over what to pack and not to pack, how to pack it and everything else that entailed bringing a smile to her lips. She cast them one last look as she quietly stepped out of their room and made her way towards her own, sinking into Legolas's arms as he met her at the door.

"I don't feel good." She whispered to her husband who immediately brought her into the room and closed the door. It was not often that elves felt sick, not unless they were recovering from wounds, Grief Struck or drained of Magic… but she honest to Valar felt like throwing up and she didn't know if it was because of something she ate, hadn't eaten at all or because of all the stress that had popped up today.

Council of the Ring, Black Speech, the ripple of magic and then dealing with Jasper and Peter who she was pleased to see but her heart ached fiercely because of their news.

A good chunk of her friends from the other place were gone.

"What do you need Lukhudel?" Legolas asked in Khuzdul knowing that it was more comforting to her than Sindarin. He thanked her brothers and Thorin for allowing him to learn just for her.

Taking a deep breath Bella stepped out of her husband's arms. "I need to speak with Glóin first, then I want you to lay me down on the bed and love me."

Legolas eyed his wife carefully before nodding and making his way out of the room and towards where he knew Glóin was staying with his son and the others that had come from Erebor.

Moriel sat still at her vanity, eyes locked upon the crown that rests upon her head. A sense of foreboding niggling at her in the back of her mind that the dangers ahead will consume many, many of whom she loves. They didn't stop and they consumed her thoughts, let the screams take over, the laughter bubble through and though she tried to grasp the good with her mind's eye they slipped through like water.

"Do not let your visions cloud you, Moriel." Glóin hummed as Legolas worriedly brought him to her side. "You know this better than I."

A soft smile broke out across her face as she turned to face one of her brothers. "You sound like Nadadith and Hanar, I fear Glóin this will be the last I see of you."

"So my time has come then, we knew it would be soon Namad. My age has caught up with me like it did Balnar and Bifur." Glóin explained while gently turning her around and began to unclasp her braids to redo them. He dared not to touch Balin and Dwalin's, the only ones held together by magic.

"Maybe you will have a new braid to add if my Mizim learns and lives." He sighed, flinching as her hand shot up and grasped his wrist tightly.

"He will, I-we will make sure of it Glóin," Moriel stated strongly, her eyes hard. She will not lose her nadadinùdoy on this quest; she will protect them like she had done for Thorin's Company. "Legolas, your ambassador wishes to speak with you."

Legolas eyed his Chosen with a frown before nodding, he knew it was a ruse to get him to leave and he will because he knew that what must be said can only be heard by Glóin, he could see the familiar glint in her eyes.

When the door closed Moriel stood and went to the chest at the end of her bed, beckoning Glóin to join her. The chest was the one from Moria, Dwalin had given it to her a year or so after they took Erebor back. Inside held many items, items she had made and had made but didn't know why till now.

"You need to take these along with the letters to Erebor. You are to give it to Thorin and only Thorin, I know not why but you must." She explains before picking up the circlet on top. "This, this is for Lorelei."

The circlet belonged to her sister and she did not know why it needed to be handed to Lorelei but she would give it to her. With a sigh, she returned the circlet to its box and back into the chest, on top of the folded chainmail.

Glóin watched with a heavy heart as he saw the grief sink into his namad's face, a familiar look he had not seen for some time now. "What weighs upon you Moriel, I know you did not call me here to fix your braids."

"I am to sail to the Undying Lands if I live this war Glóin." She explained, her eyes locking with his in the mirror before she turned to face him. "Legolas knows this but he does not know how much I hurt still, pieces of my heart was given that day in Bag End… for some it was given back at Moria. My Chosen holds the biggest piece but with each death of the Company I feel hollow inside and it never goes away."

Glóin visibly wilted at the words, they knew of course at how deep Moriel's emotions run. The scene on the ramparts long ago where she broke before them all about the clock of time rung heavily in his mind. It was something that was never forgotten.

"I regret not spending more time with everyone," Moriel whispers softly, jolting Glóin from his memories.

"Ach lass, don't be like that. We all understood and you'll see us again. Thorin made ye kin, Mahal must recognise the fact and allow you in his halls to see us. If he doesn't then he'll have all of Durin folk on him before you could even say Mithril." Glóin said with a wave of his hand and a hard edge to his tone. "Now let me finish them braids, can't have no sister of mine walking around with half her braids."

A soft laugh escaped her lips as she moved to sit back down on the chair while Glóin finished off her braids.

"Why do you hide them?" He asked once he was done and let the straight hair fall back into place, hiding the braids once more.

"It's not that I hide them nadad, it's that they rest on my shoulder and back easily and I can feel them there, it reminds me that I have kin with me at all times." She explained softly.

Glóin smiled gently at that as he patted her shoulder. "I best get back to my room before Gimli decides to come find me and cause all sorts of havoc, that boy. I'll return to Erebor tomorrow after you leave and shall take the chest with me. Get some rest Moriel, enjoy your night with that pointy-eared weed you call a husband."

"Glóin," Bella chuckled as she opened the door for him as he lifted the chest easily. It always amused her how even when Dwarrow grow with age they could still work and lift weight with ease, perhaps not as easily as they could younger but still. "Goodnight nadad."

"Night Namad." He called over his shoulder with a grin.

The door closed with a soft click and Bella turned to face Legolas who had stood in the doorway of their room with a grin and his breeches making her mouth go dry. "I heard Glóin leave so I decided to come in through the window and surprise you are you pleased my wife?"

"Oh, I am pleased." She purred before shoving him back towards the bed with a grin, one night of alone time for the next year or so. Time for her to let everything fall away and focus all her attention on her husband.

Author Note: *whimpers* adding Pete and Jasper just... messed up my timeline and chunks i already wrote and dammit...

Naqayár - to steal blood

Damâm ushlak - blood drinker

ushlaku damâm - drinker of blood