Author's Notes : Y'all made need a tissue for this one it is gonna be a sad one.

It all started one night at the Boars Nest during the party of the boys winning the Tobacco Road 500.

They were all gettin' knee walkin' drunk , an everyone was jukin' till the cows came home .

Then all of a Sudden the Sheep Dip had done hit the fan and the party had done been crashed .

" Okay now party time is over it is time for revenge for sending me to prison Luke . Phil Ackley Said Angrily

" Now Phil hold on okay i only did cause you had a stolen all that money. Admitted Luke

" Well Luke you know i hate to do this to you but i just ain't about to go back on my word. Admitted Phil

Then all of sudden Phil gets out his gun , takes aim , Luke collapses into Bo's arms and the whole room Screams.

" Oh My God Luke ... , Luke ..., don't Die on me !, I Ain't about to lose you now stay with me. begged Bo

" Oh ..., Bo ..., I ,,,m I..., Bo..., H.e..lp me !. I am ..., I .. i feel so sle..epy I .., I .. then Luke fell into darkness.

" Luke can... you hear me ..cousin please open your eyes , speak to me , don't (voice breaking) die . begged Bo

Enos quick call an ambulance , tell them to hurry , we ain't got that much time . Said Bo worriedly

15 minutes later the ambulance arrived , Bo was holding Luke in his arms trying to keep him alive.

" Okay son we got it from here you can let him go now we have to get him to the hospital to save him .

Bo finally let go of Luke they got him on a stretcher and put an oxygen mask over his nose , mouth , started an IV .

" Luke ... , Luke..., Luke..., can you hear me sadly the EMT's comment fell on deaf ears.

They covered him with a blanket to prevent shock praying that Luke would hold on till they arrived.

" Oh Lordy I got a feelin' in my Bones that the Dukes are in a mess this time.