Phil was no happy camper when he saw Bo Duke laying on the floor knocked out he grabbed some rope.

" Their you go you will stay their , be my prisoner till the day is through y'hear me boy. Warned Phil

Then Suddenly Bo felt a sharp pain in the back of his head , the shock of it all woke him up .

" Good Mornin' Bo sure are a site for sore eyes i thought you learned your lesson the last time we met . Phil said

" I am gonna see to it that you ain't gonna harm Luke no more i ain't gonna let you. Warned Bo

So Bo finally gave Phil a whopping he will never forget , Phil was so beatened to death that he couldn't get up .

Finally two hours later Bo finally made a phone call to Enos , he told him to come arrest Phil on attempted murder.

While Over at the hospital Luke was slowly starting to make progress , he started waking up.

Enos arrived just in time to arrest Enos for attempted Murder on Luke , this time he will be put behind bars for life.

Then things slowly started getting better in Hazzard or whatever is considered normal in Hazzard County.