Title: The Silver Ring

Author: Silver Wolf Eyes

Rating: R

Genre: Romance and Angst

Summary: Emotions are denied as two enemies try to banish the thought of what their friends think is right; loving each other. Set in a trap of truth or dare the two rivals are forced to deal with unsaid sensations. All is unusually quiet until Draco comes down with a mysterious disease.

Coupling: Harry/Draco

Disclaimer: Don't own anything... damn...

Warning: Yes this does contain slash, as in a male/male relationship. My first attempt. And two girls kiss on a dare (no detail). If you don't like it don't read it. Don't flame... I warned you in the summery.


~Migraines Hurt~

The seventh year Slytherin rolled over onto his back and slid his eyes open. Darkness invaded his vision, but he very well knew it was morning. The dungeons were always so dim. He took a glance over at the spot that laid next to him. The cover was pulled back, the sheets were disheveled, and the pillow was out of place, but it was empty.

'Another one night stand?' Draco's thoughts grumbled, 'Can't one woman stay with me long enough so I can at least kick *her* out?'

He pondered this for a moment staring up at the ceiling which suddenly became particularly interesting, 'Whatever, not like I care. The sex wasn't even that good anyway.'

Draco finally sat up and threw his legs over the side. His foot tingled sending the taresthesia sensation running up his leg. He stood and walked toward his private bathroom; came with having your own room when you're a prefect.

Yes, Draco Malfoy was a Slytherin prefect. It even surprised him, but then again this *was* Slytherin and everyone was fraudulent one way or another. What was surprising was that he was one of the *better* Slytherins.

He dressed quickly taking a long look in the mirror. Nothing really changed. He still had his gelled back blond hair and gray eyes. The only thing that was an alteration was that he looked older; his face had thinned a bit more and became more manly looking making the girls go wild.

Draco stormed out of his room slamming the door a little harder than necessary. The common room was empty apparently having been cleared out for breakfast. He took a seat in one of the green armchairs by the fireplace and relaxed, enjoying the stillness of the silence.

The only light in the room was the small fire set in the fireplace. It crackled every now and then, but mostly just flickered silently curling around the wood it was casted upon. The flames transmitted a dull orange shadow against the room creating the image that it was the beginning of hell and the flaming torture was just one door ahead. Draco knew better, this was worse then hell. This was life.

Draco's stomach gave a low gurgle. He cursed himself because he really didn't feel like moving at the moment, but when his stomach churned again he pulled himself to his feet and headed toward the Great Hall.

He opened the doors and walked toward the Slytherin table taking a seat between his two idiot heavies, Crabbe and Goyle. Draco began piling his plate with food. His head began throbbing which had been happening quite a bit over the last few days. Migraines were awful, but he chose to ignore it as he stuffed a fork in his mouth.

Crabbe and Goyle were talking about something or another which must have been obviously boring because it looked like the two were going to fall asleep. Draco didn't really feel like putting his two cents worth in either; he was already too tired.

Instead his eyes floated around the room watching other people talk happily to their friends. Everyone was too cheerful in the morning. But he eyed the Gryffindor table and there sat Potter looking glumly into his plate.

'Potter... I wonder what has him so depressed this morning,' Draco smiled to himself.

As if the Gryffindor felt someone watching him he lifted his head and stared right at Draco. Draco sneered and looked away.

"Stupid Gryffindor," Draco murmured.

Just as fast as Draco arrived he left, wanting nothing more to do with the noisy hall. He rubbed his forehead to try to keep the pain down and headed to the dungeons. Draco grabbed his potions book from his room and escaped just as soon as people started piling into the common room.

The potions room was nice and quiet. Even Snape wasn't in there yet. Draco's headache ceased. The Potions Professor soon walked in followed by the rest of the Slytherin/Gryffindor seventh years. The class settled down and Snape began to preach about the 'Connection' Potion. It was a long brewing and complicated potion that took a week to complete and they were suppose to start it today. It was suppose to tell you who you were emotionally attached to. Why he just didn't say love was beyond Draco's reasoning.

Almost at the end of class Draco's cauldron was soon steaming with ingredients and looking a healthy periwinkle blue. He slowly stirred it, but his mind wasn't on it. His eyes glanced around the room again looking at how everyone else was doing. Neville's potion was boiling over and looked orange.

'Longbottom couldn't brew anything if his life depended on it,' Draco laughed to himself.

His eyes scanned over a few Slytherins then landed on Harry again. He looked even more miserable than he had at breakfast. He slowly stirred his own potion sighing in the process. Hermione leaned over and whispered something in his ear, but the Gryffindor shrugged and looked back into his cauldron.

Harry looked up again and caught his eyes with Draco's. Draco resorted to sneering before looking back toward his own potion. He noticed it was turning a bit darker blue, the reason, he was stirring to fast. He slowed down his stir till it became the periwinkle blue again. All that was left to do was to let it sit until Monday. These first ingredients took two days to brew, but after that one day was only needed. He cleaned up his area and put the potion on a table Professor Snape had set up to let the cauldrons cool on. Draco didn't see Harry doing the same and they bumped into each other almost making the two potions spill.

"Watch it, Potter!" Draco sneered.

"It was your fault, Malfoy. Watch where you're going!" Harry retaliated.

"Look, Potter, I don't need to fail this assignment just because you can't see in front of you!"

Harry huffed in a cute way and continued, "I'm in no mood for this. Just back off!"

'Whoa, did I just say cute? I'm more sex deprived than I thought,' Draco skewered his face at the thought and snapped back, "What? Potter not having one of his fun-loving, Gryffindory, cheerful days?"

Harry opened his mouth to say something, but Snape cut him off, "What is going on here?"

"Nothing sir," they both said in unison.

Snape glared at them knowing it wasn't the truth, but decided against causing a situation, "Both of you, back to your seats!"

Draco sat back down and gathered his things. Class dismissed and Snape shooed them all out. His headache began to throb again and he pondered about going to the hospital wing. His hearing expanded and every little noise sent pain through his brain. He heard Potter talking with Granger and Weasley just a little ways ahead. He bared the pain and listened.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked, "You've been acting funny all day!"

"Yeah, Harry. It's not like you," Ron added.

"Honestly, I don't know. I just feel down I guess."

"Is it about what we discussed earlier?" Hermione edged.

To Draco's surprise Harry lost his temper, "No it is not, Hermione! I don't even know how you can even suggest such a thing!"

"Harry, don't try to deny you like 'You-Know-Who'," Hermione smirked.

"How in bloody hell can you say that!"

"As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as it disgusts me, Harry, you do stare a lot," Ron agreed.

"I DO NOT!!!" Harry was practically yelling making a few heads turn and sending pain through Draco's head.

'So,' Draco thought, 'Potter's got a crush. How very amusing.'

"Harry," Hermione pleaded.

"DROP IT!" Harry shouted.

Hermione and Ron glanced at each other but nodded reluctantly. Draco could have sworn he caught a glimmer in their eyes though.

Draco's headache pursued him and he headed off toward the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey was busying herself with a few bottles at the far end of the room. He walked over to her. She reached for a blue vial and handed it behind her back without looking away from what she was doing.

'Honestly, that woman has eyes in the back of her head,' Draco thought gulping down the potion. It had a bitter taste and he choked on it, but managed to keep it down. His headache slowly began to clear.

"On your way now, Mr. Malfoy," Pomfrey chirped staying busy with the bottles.

Draco turned and left out the doors. He ran to Transfigurations class just in time. Very early in the class he started becoming very annoyed at all the Hufflepuffs who were giggling at each other. It was going to be a long day.

Halfway through the class one Hufflepuff knocked into another who was trying to turn a quill into a small frog. Draco's Slytherin instincts made him duck right before the spell hit him. He grumbled and got up dusting himself off as a Hufflepuff girl started to apologize a little more than necessary. Yes, a very long day.