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Known Rescuer

Harry laid in the position he was in for several minutes before he head tender footsteps coming from the stairs. As much as he tried, he could not turn his head to see who else was in the room. He heard the whispering of a spell before his limbs became mobile again. The Gryffindor twisted his body to look behind him and there standing was a timidly, shaking girl who looked no older than a second year.

The little girl shied back as Harry stood up and ran towards the entrance throwing a, "Thank you," over his shoulder before he dashed out of the commons.

The girl followed immediately after, going the opposite direction as Harry had taken, headed to Professor Snape's chambers.

Harry hadn't known he could run so fast as blurry images passed him by. He didn't even know when stone melted into grass, or when sky melted into trees. Harry hardly knew where he was going as he darted into the forest praying that whatever god was up there to let him find them before it was too late.

The border of Hogwarts' boundaries was just within reach as the trees began to thicken greatly. Tears began to sting Harry's eyes as he searched through the darkening light.

A muffled cry caught his attention to his left followed by a sharp slapping sound and an angry shout. The sound of a curse filled the air as Harry sprinted over to the direction of the noise. His wand was poised and he had just shouted a spell in a desperate attempt when he felt a tug at the back of his navel similar to when he was being port-keyed.

The world around him slowly faded away and he closed his eyes as he fell over to stop himself from being sick. A cold sensation hit him from below as he reopened his eyes and allowed them to focus in the dark that surrounded him.

Three torches flickered a faint light from the stone walls to the stone floor that he sat upon. His mind barely registered what happened as he was slammed up against the wall by an invisible force with chains wrapping around his wrists and ankles.

Harry saw Stucker with his wand out, pointed at him, the flames flickering in his maniacal eyes. Out of the corner of his own eye, Harry saw Draco lying helplessly on the floor. Even though he couldn't move, Harry saw deep fear in those silver orbs.

Stucker flicked his wand over his shoulder and Draco was, too, shoved up against the same wall, less than two feet from where Harry hung.

"My, my," Stucker sneered, "I didn't expect to have you both here. I think I've earned myself a little reward before I turn you over to my Lord."

"Let Draco go, you fucking arse," Harry growled.

Charlie stomped over to Potter and jammed his wand at the hollow of Harry's throat, "If you hadn't caught a ride on my apparition you wouldn't be here, but now you are and you are under my control. So you better shut the hell up."

Stucker went back over to Draco and flicked his wand. Draco immediately started pulling at his restraints cursing up a storm, "You fucking mother fucker! When I get out of these fucking chains I'm gonna fucking kill you, you fucking fuck!!"

"Draco, such a mouth on you," Stucker tisked, "I bet a mouth like that could do wondrous things."

"You touch him..." Harry couldn't finish that statement as Stucker let out a loud, 'Crucio!'

Harry's body began to convulse as sharp, prickling pains racked his body. A combination of heat followed by instant chills shot through his veins. He could even feel as a few veins ripped inside his body, spilling his blood from within.

"What?" Charlie asked in a fake innocence, "You mean touch him like this...?" At this Stucker slapped him really hard across the face.

Harry lurched against his chains growling.

"Or like this?" Stucker ran his tongue up the side of Draco's face sucking on his left earlobe.

Draco shuddered.

Harry flung every curse word he could think of at the ex-Slytherin. Stucker just laughed pointing his wand back at Harry. A glimmer of something silver caught his eye as the flames bounced off of the metal.

His attention shifted, "So this is the infamous ring." He grabbed Draco's hand studying it carefully, "The power in it is unbelievable."

A chill ran throughout the air as Harry's forehead seared in a burning pain. The torches on the wall dimmed to a fading simmer with barely enough light to see by.

Cold, red eyes gleamed from out of the darkness with a voice equally as bitter, "I know you would not fail me, Stucker, excellent work. Now, for the task... what have we here?"

Charlie raised his head in a proud manner, "I have brought a gift to you, my Lord. The gift of Harry Potter."

"You have pleased me greatly, Stucker, certainly acceptable of your father's name," Voldemort spoke in what was suppose to be a pleased voice.

"Thank you, my Lord. I am not worthy of your praises."

Voldemort drew closer to Draco, reaching out to his face with a scaly finger.

"Don't touch him!" Harry screamed.

"Harry, don't!" Draco yelled.

The Dark Lord stopped his administrations and glided over to the Gryffindor, "You would do best as to not speak a word, Mr. Potter. You are in my hands now."

He raised his wand in a jerky motion, "Crucio!"

The pain was close to unbearable, it was all Harry could do to not pass out. His body felt like it was being stabbed with thousands of invisible knives over and over again.

"This is boring me a bit," Voldemort flicked his wand, "I might have to come up with something a little more entertaining for you, Potter."

Harry allowed his head to rest against his chest for it felt as if solid lead had been placed inside his skull.

Voldemort brought his attention back to the blonde, "My, my, my, how can such a young boy have control over such an item. An item that should belong to me."

He put his hand inside his robe and casually drew out a thin, smooth knife. The blade was cool as it connected at Draco's throat.

"You cut even the slightest hair on him and I swear..." Harry growled.

"Oh, it's not his hair I want, foolish boy... it's his blood," Voldemort gave out a scratchy laughter.

The blade dug a bit deeper into Draco's neck. Harry pulled at his chains in anger, frustration, and fear.

A bright, silver light filled the stone room suddenly. The chains around Harry and Draco broke apart and the two fell to the floor. Harry slowly lifted up his head and was glad he was already on the ground for he was sure he would have fell down. Standing in front of him was the same pegasus from his dreams rearing up at Voldemort.

"Harry, get up," he heard in that same dream voice.

The pegasus was slashing out with his hooves at Stucker trying to keep him away, "Hurry, get on my back!"

As fast as they could, Harry and Draco got to their feet and onto the white horse's back. He gave a high whinny before taking off into the air, "Hold on!"

Another flash of silver light burst out from them and the ceiling came crumbling down to form a gaping hole. Draco held onto Harry making sure he didn't pass out and fall off.

Up into the air the three soared. Draco looked behind him, "Thank you for saving us."

"We're not out of the clear yet."

A purple flash shot out just to the right of them. Harry did his best to cling onto the mane as the pegasus dodged a few more attacks. Draco turned his head back around to see a few Death Eaters chasing after them on foot across the clearing.

Harry barely saw the bright orange flash come from underneath them, "Watch out!"

The spell hit and skimmed the left underside of the pegasus. He gave a shrill cry of pain so horrible it chilled Harry's bones and made him feel a slight twinge in his own abdomen.

"Almost to the border," he said in a hoarse whisper. After that, Harry felt a pull in his body and the next thing he saw was Hogwarts Castle.

"Can you make it?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I'll be fine," even as he said this Harry felt their flight become shaky, "Just let me concentrate on my flying."

Unsteadily, the three landed on the steps of Hogwarts' entrance. Harry and Draco slid off onto the ground.

"Are you alright?" Harry and Draco asked each other simultaneously. They smiled glad they still had each other.

Harry walked to the front of the pegasus, staring into his large pink eyes, "Thank you for saving Draco's and my lives." He patted him between the eyes.

The pegasus nickered softly and took a step, but lost his balance and fell onto his side. Harry rushed around finally noticing the red stain marring the pure white fur.

"I'll get Pomfrey!" Draco yelled rushing off into the castle.

Harry knelt beside the horse putting his head in his lap. Softly, he heard him whisper, "Can't hold it any longer."

"Wha...?" Harry began to ask.

His question was cut short as the pegasus' body slowly began to shrink. His white fur changed to black robes while hooves changed to hands and feet. The soft, white mane gradually grew shorter and darker until all that was left was a man barely clinging to consciousness.

Harry drew up the face finally getting a good look at who had rescued him and Draco. The only thing he could do, out of shock, was whisper, "Snape?!"