Chapter 3

"We're home!" Kofuku cheerily called from downstairs. Behind the cute looking pink haired god of poverty, her strong regalia Daikoku was carrying in a bunch of groceries and supplies for the shop in both hands.

"Oh, welcome back!" Hiyori said as she appeared into the main foyer. "How was the market today? Is there anything I can help you guys carry?" she offered.

"Nah, Daikoku's got it all- and it was super busy today! There were long lines because it happened to be clearance day everywhere and all the registers suddenly stopped working right after we checked out. It was so strange!"

"No, it was because you were there sweetie. Don't you remember that you bring misfortune everywhere you go?" Daikoku remarked sourly putting things away in the kitchen.

Hiyori laughed. "Speaking of misfortune, I gotta tell you of something that's happened to Yato and Yukine today…."

Before she could continue, Yato poked his head into the living area.

"Oi! Hiyori! I don't think these are gonna work. I look like a street thug in these"

Yato shuffled in wearing a pair of oversized trousers on his small waist. Daikoku recognized the clothing Yato was wearing and raised a brow.

"Aren't those my pants?" He asked angrily. "What in gods name are you doing wearing my pants!?"

"Oh! Hey Daikoku, uhh I kinda tore up my pair so I need to borrow yours." Yato explained with haste.

"Tore up your pants? How the heck did that happen?" the burly regalia questioned skeptically.

"I…Uhhh." Yato paused trying to think of a good excuse without telling them what actually happened.

At that moment Yukine came into the room with a quick reason before too many questions were asked.

"We had a fight with a phantom earlier today, it shredded most his clothes." the blonde spoke up glancing at Yato and Hiyori. He hoped that his mostly-true reason would be enough to suffice for an explanation.

Daikoku's hard expression softened a bit. "Well, I want those back and in one piece when you're done with them Yato." he remarked sternly.

"Yes sir." Yato sighed back in relief.

"Hey Yato! Where are your torn up pair? I can help repair them if you like!" Kofuku offered.

"That would be awesome Kofuku! They're next to the bathroom." he pointed.

As Kofuku got up to retrieve the shredded slacks, Hiyori remembered what Yato recently did to the bathroom floor, and decided it was best to get out of there now before it was going to be seen.

"Oh hey! Yukine, Yato! I just remembered we gotta be somewhere! Lets not be late." Before either could even react, she grabbed both god and regalia and quickly shoved them out the door. Unfortunately she was completely unaware that she switched to her spirit form while doing so. Leaving her body asleep at the table as they left.

Once outside, The three winced as they heard a loud high pitched shriek coming from Kofuku's voice.


"Way to go Yato, She's definitely not happy" Yukine stated as they picked up their pace.

"Umm, why can't we just tell them the truth?" Hiyori asked confused once they finally a few blocks away from the shop.

Yato stifled a nervous laugh- "Are you kidding? We'll be the laughing stock of the entire realm of gods if they knew we were cursed like this. Kofuku loves to gossip too, she wouldn't keep quiet about it."

"Yeah and….It's embarrassing." Yukine muttered blushing a bit.

"What? No it's not- I think it'd be awesome to be a mermaid! I would always pretend to be one in the pool when I was a little girl. You guys don't know what you're missing." Hiyori said still not getting exactly why they were so embarrassed to have to have a fishtail from the waist down.

"You don't get it….It's kind of emasculating for us." Yato countered glancing away.

Hiyori laughed at that. "Really guys? Is that what you're worried about?" she chuckled even more.

"I think you guys are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. Besides- I saw the strength of those tails when you had them. It might be a useful asset in a battle if you think about it."

"How the heck do you think could we battle like that?" Yukine couldn't help but question out loud.

"Well, not on land of course- but I'm sure it'll be a great advantage in the water." Hiyori answered.

Just moments after she said that, the booming sound of a distant ship horn from the nearby coast caught their attention.

The trio looked towards the direction of the water and their eyes widened at the sight of a gigantic phantom looming over the ship as it was heading straight for the rocky shore.

"Oh no, it looks like it's gonna crash into the rocks!" Yukine shouted worriedly.

Yato's eyes narrowed. He could clearly tell that everyone on that ship was being controlled by that water-phantom-who's goal was to cause harm and misery to the ship's cargo and crew. The stray god gave out a sigh and then straightened up in confidence.

"Alright Hiyori, wanna make a bet on it?"

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