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Love in Strange Places CH: 1 Taken

Kagome stared at the all too familiar scene before her. She saw Inu Yasha with Kikyou in his arms. They were kissing and whispering sweet words to each other. Kagome just turned around and walked away.

'When? When did I just stop caring?' Kagome had loved Inu Yasha with all her heart at one point, or at least she thought she had. But the only thing that kept bringing her back to the feudal era now was her friends and the responsibility of the Shikon no Tama. 'When did I stop loving you, Inu Yasha?'

Kagome had figured that the fact that she would never hold the place that Kikyou had in Inu Yasha's heart had finally settled in. Kagome walked to the well and sat on the edge. She wasn't planning on going back she just wanted a place to sit and think. 'I lost the love I once held so dear. I wonder if I'll find someone else. I don't want to be the only one without love. I mean Sango has Miroku whether they're going to admit any time soon is anyways guess. There's always Kouga and Hojo, but I could never see Hojo in that way and Kouga just wants me for the shards.'

"So has the little miko been abandoned?" Kagome looked up to see the last person she would have hoped for.

"N.Naraku?" Kagome was about to scream for help but Naraku quickly put his hand over her mouth.

"Scream and I will make sure it is the last noise you ever make. Are we clear?" Kagome nodded her head her eyes wide with fear. Naraku took his hand away slowly.

"What do you want Naraku?" Kagome hissed her fear turning into anger.

"Why I came all this way to visit you. You should be honored that I did not send a puppet or detachment." He was still very close to her and Kagome was becoming rather nervous.

"Inu Yasha won't come to help me right now and I'm not handing over the shards."

"My dear miko, for once I am not thinking about the shards." Kagome's shock was plain on her face. "And as for the stupid hanyou I noticed he was rather occupied already. I'm surprised I did not find you crying and running away."

"I'm surprised you're not upset, after all you're in love with Kikyou."

Naraku grabbed Kagome by the neck and held her in the air. "I, Naraku, have never been in love with that whore of a zombie. Oni Gumo's feeling are not my own. He may be a part of me, but I do not share his attachments." Naraku then noticed that Kagome seemed to be struggling for breath and placed her down. "Forgive me, I lost my temper."

'Did he just apologize?' "Why did you come here Naraku?" kagome was getting really confused and upset. 'First he's acting almost civil, then he almost kills me, then he apologizes, what the hell.'

"As I said I came to see you. Actually I came to take you." Before Kagome could move, Naraku poked a certain spot in her neck and she had passed out. He grabbed her and took off. As he passed by he again saw Inu Yasha and Kikyou. "You really should keep better watch on the things you hold dear."


Inu Yasha felt sick to his stomach. He had been making out with Kikyou again and he couldn't remember why he kept doing things like that. 'Actually I do remember, it's because I can't have Kagome. Kagome would reject me in a heart beat and probably laugh about it with her friends back in her time. And she's got that guy that keeps bringing her stuff already. I know Kikyou is attainable and it's bearable as long as I'm thinking about Kagome when I'm with her.'

Just then Inu Yasha got a whiff of something he didn't like. He tried to pull away from Kikyou, but she wouldn't let go. 'I smell Naraku and Kagome. She might be in trouble.' "Kikyou let me go."

"No Inu Yasha. You're mine. How can you want that imitation instead of me?"

"Don't you dare say that about Kagome, she's more important to me then you ever were." Inu Yasha pried himself free and ran to Kaede's village. If he was right and Naraku had Kagome he was going to need Sango and Miroku's help. 'Don't worry Kagome, I'll save you.'

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