AN: Just a short epilogue


Kagome looked down at the little pup in her arms. She couldn't believe how wonderful life could be. She would have to go see her mom as soon as Sesshoumaru would let and introduce her mom to her new grandson. Kagome had been shocked to see that the child had been born a full blooded youkai. The healer had said something about "incredible miko abilities" and "purifying the weak human blood."

Kagome cooed at her new little bundle of joy. To think that it had been a little over a year since she had come running into the castle and cried in Sesshoumaru's arms. Now they would be together for a very long time. Inu Yasha had returned with the fully completed jewel and handed it to Kagome. She smiled when she saw that Kagura had been traveling with him. She made a few off hand comments that made both hanyous blush.

Kagome remembered how she just stared at the jewel in her hand for a long moment. She knew what she wanted, but wasn't sure how the jewel would work and if it would do as she wished or twist her words. Sesshoumaru had come up behind her and told her that she needn't do anything if she was unsure. In that moment she felt his warmth as he held her from behind and unconsciously made the wish to be able to stay with him happily forever. Before she knew what had happened the jewel in her hand glowed a bright bluish white, making everyone have to avert their eyes. When she was able to look back the jewel was gone. She felt the warmth of her wish inside her and knew that she would be with her love forever.

She remembered the sweet smile of Sesshoumaru's face when she had told him her wish. He had pulled her close and kissed her. The two retreated to their chambers leaving their guests to just stand in the room smirking at the couple's retreating figures. That had resulted in the pup that she held now.

"You give him too much attention. He'll turn out spoiled." Kagome turned and saw her love standing in the doorway. She smiled at him and he sat next to her on the bed.

"Now do you really think that or are you just jealous." Kagome laughed when she saw the little frown Sesshoumaru gave at her response. "Don't worry so much. If you want I'll give him to the nursemaid and we can go do something."

"Really and that something would be?" Sesshoumaru's eyes held a mischievous look and he began to lick Kagome's neck.

"I was just thinking about a walk in the garden and you should not be doing such things in front of your son." Kagome made no moves to stop him though. 'Just be happy Rin and Shippou didn't walk in.'

Sesshoumaru stopped and looked at the little pup in Kagome's arms. "He would not understand yet anyway." The little pup looked up at Sesshoumaru with his bright golden eyes he had obviously inherited from his father. His hair however, was a dark raven like Kagome's. He had pointed ears and blue stripes on his cheeks. Kagome thought he was the cutest thing in the world and spent as much time as she could with him, Rin and Shippou. Sesshoumaru felt strangely attached to the child as well, but would never say so. He did however, feel a bit left out since he was not the center of Kagome's world any longer.

"Lady Kagome, I think it would be a good time for his nap." The nurse maid came into the room with her head slightly bowed.

"Okay Kimura." She handed her son to Kimura. "Good night my little Kiseki- chan" She kissed her son's forehead and allowed Kimura to take to take him to his room.

"You really do spoil him too much." Sesshoumaru came behind Kagome and wrapped his arms around her. Kagome leaned back against his chest. "Rin and Shippou are off in the garden with Jaken."

"So what are you implying?" Kagome said in an innocent voice. Sesshoumaru let out a small growl and picked Kagome up and placed her on the bed. "We'll end with another one if you keep this up."

"I don't mind, as long as I always get your attention." He began to nibble on her neck and licked the bite mark she had, his claim to her.

"Now who's spoiled?" That was the last comprehensible sentence Kagome was able to get out.


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