Mother's Day – Part 2

"Is this really what you want to do today?" Carlos asked as he, Jay, and Liz walked up to the ticket booth.

"Yeah, I mean this isn't exactly what I thought would happen when we said we'd do whatever you wanted to do today," Jay added as he paid the guy inside the booth. The guy inside handed Jay his change along with three wristbands that he handed out.

"Well, most mothers would have gone with a trip to the spa, or a really fancy restaurant, but well…I'm usually making sure the twins are having fun without getting into trouble at places like this that I so rarely get to enjoy myself like I used to when I was younger," Liz answered her boys as she put the wristband on, making sure it wasn't off center and catching any skin. "So that being said, I want to hit the roller coaster first," she finished, smiling as she walked through the entrance gate next to the ticket booth and walked into the amusement park with purpose.

Jay and Carlos looked at each other and shrugged before following Liz in. The amusement park was busy, but didn't have the crowded, packed in feeling that usually accompanied the park on a weekend. The boys chalked that up to everyone taking their mother's to other places or pampering them at home. Once at the roller coaster, Liz had to reassure Carlos that he'd be fine after the younger boy became nervous at the size of it. Liz knew he wasn't one for roller coasters. In fact, all the times he and Jane came here, the only reason he got on was because of her.

While she was sitting between them – Jay on her left and Carlos on her right – Jay seemed to be composed, shouting mostly when the coaster dropped after reaching its peaks or when they were in one of the three spirals. Carlos on the other hand seemed to be trying not to lose the contents of his stomach. By the time that the ride had stopped and they were rolling to a stop, he had a death grip on the safety bar and his knuckles were turning white from his hold on it.

"See, Carlos, I told you you'd make it through just fine," Liz told him as the three of them departed the ride. "Despite what Jay said," she deadpanned as she looked over at Jay, who just looked like he was pleased with himself with the fact that while yes, his exaggeration that Carlos wouldn't make it through the ride was incorrect, the younger boy was still feeling a little worse for the wear.

"Yeah, I think I did pretty well," he panted, trying get his breathing under control. Despite her praise, she was a little concerned over the slight green creeping into his cheeks. Suddenly, she heard him burp while his hand went to his stomach. "Nope, I was wrong," he croaked while looking around and quickly running off toward the closest trash can. He made it just in time to lean over and begin vomiting, eliciting a few "ewws" from some smaller children nearby who were witnessing him lose everything in his stomach.

"Yeah, he made through just fine," Jay joked in his normal sarcastic voice, a slight grin on his face. Liz swatted him lightly on the arm.

"Leave your brother alone," she told him before reaching into her purse. "Now I know I said you two were treating me, but…," she began as she pulled a few bills out of her bag and handed them to Jay, "go get him a Coke to help settle his stomach when he's done."

Jay looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "He's a big boy, he can get it himself," Jay laughed.

"Jay," Liz said, a little sternness to her tone.

"He's not gonna have anything in his stomach to settle anyway from how much he's puking right now."

"Jay," she repeated, a little more authoritative.

"He'll be –"

"If I have to say 'Jay' one more time, I'm going full Mom-voice. Remember the last time I had to do that with you?" she asked him with a small, knowing smile.

Jay thought back and took a deep breath. "I went unplugged for a week," he said fearfully with a small nod. He grabbed the money from her and began walking toward the concession stands.

"There's enough for you to get something too," she said after him. Without really stopping, he turned quickly and gave her a small two finger salute and continued on his way. He acts tough, but when he leaves for college, he is going to miss Carlos, she thought.

"Alright, I'm done," Carlos groaned as he walked back to Liz. "Where's Jay?"

"I sent him to get you a drink. Feel better now?" she asked him softly, gripping his chin and cheek tenderly to see if his normal skin color had returned. He nodded, a last small burp escaping him. Liz giggled. "Come on, let's go meet up with Jay in line." She put her arm around him and led him the direction that Jay walked off in.

The rest of the day went much smoother, though she had to rein Jay in a little every now and then when he continued to poke a little bit of fun at Carlos for his reaction to the roller coaster. Carlos held his own when it happened, but Liz was already thinking of something much more appropriate to do to her eldest.

"Hey, Carlos, come here," she called to him later as they entered the bumper cars, stopping him before he picked a car. He walked to her, and Jay watched as she began whispering in his ear. He nodded a couple of times and got a big smile on his face.

"What was that about?" he asked Carlos once there were in their cars.

"Nothing," he said with a smile.

Feeling a little wierded out by Carlos' answer, he tried to ask Liz what she told him, but the bell indicating that power was now being given to the cars sounded and soon, everyone began trying to drive around, hitting whomever they could. As Jay pulled forward and tried to turn the wheel to ward Carlos, fully intending to hit him as much as he could, he suddenly felt a jolt from the front of his car. Looking up and forward, he saw Liz backing up, a big smile on her face as she laughed and lunged her car forward again, slamming into Jay once more. Before he could react, he felt another jolt from his right, and groaned as he saw Carlos laughing maniacally. Suddenly, the two of them backed off and drove off, but Jay could see that they were keeping their gazes on him. In fact, the remainder of the ride was spent mostly with him getting slammed by one or both of them continuously as they laughed at his annoyance.

"What the hell?" he complained as they exited the ride, the laughing from both of them causing him to become even more irritable.

"I didn't go full Mom-voice earlier, but did you really think I wouldn't do something to even out you making fun of him all day?" Liz asked, unable to not laugh at the look on Jay's face at what she said.

"Mama's boy," Jay grumbled at Carlos.

"And proud of it," Carlos replied, causing both he and Liz to begin laughing hysterically again.

"She won't be there to protect when I get back at you for this," Jay threatened as he walked off.

"Aww, Jay, don't be like that," Liz laughed as Jay stalked off.

"I'm going to get some food," he shouted back.

"I'm gonna go with him," Carlos laughed, "He's all talk anyway – mostly," Carlos said as he was starting to stop his laughing. "Hey, Jay, do you think you could spot me for some nachos?" he yelled as he followed after Jay.

"Oh I do love those boys," Liz said to herself, a bright smile on her face. Happy Mother's Day to me, she thought as she began to follow them.

Mal was finishing getting ready in her room. She checked her outfit out, making sure she looked okay. She smiled at the green all dress with purple wrap. Not the usual patterns that she was accustomed to, but seeing as she and Jane were taking Fairy Godmother out to dinner, she thought it best to tone it down – just this once. She smoothed out the dress one more time, took a deep breath, and looked at her bed in the mirror's reflection. "You can do this," she told her own reflection. "It'll be fine," she said in an attempt to calm her nerves.

There was a small knock at her door, and Mal turned to see Jane at her door. The younger fairy had decided on a short-sleeved button up dress and matching flats. Mal was happy to see Jane branching out from her normal looking vintage style dresses. Not that there was anything wrong with them, but Mal always felt that Jane should mix up her looks with things that were more modern and closer to her age.

"Ready?" Jane asked. Mal nodded.

"As I'll ever be," Mal said as she grabbed her present for Fairy Godmother from the bed and gave it to Jane to hold in her purse.

"Are you going to finally tell me what this is?" Jane asked.

"You'll see at dinner," Mal answered her. "Let's go."

In the living room they met up with Fairy Godmother who was starting to get impatient. "Finally girls, I was starting to think I was going to have to send out a search party," she smiled.

"Sorry," Mal said as she reached into her small clutch bag, and looked confused. "Where are my keys?"

"About that," Jane said slowly. "I'm gonna drive."

"Not my car," Mal responded quickly.

"Come on, I need the practice," Jane pleaded. Mal rolled her eyes. This wasn't the first time that Jane had tried to this, thinking that by taking her keys, and then asking to drive in the hopes that Mal would say yes. She'd done it sporadically since Ben had gotten her the car, but now that she had her permit, she was trying this more and more. Truth be told, Mal didn't mind letting Jane practice, but she hated when Jane just stole the keys without asking.

"I know you need the practice, but you need to learn to ask first. Besides, you have a problem using the gas pedal too much, and I'd like to not have you get us pulled over for thinking the speed limit is a suggestion…again," Mal reminded the girl.

Jane squealed in insult. "Mom," she said, in hopes that Fairy Godmother would come to her rescue.

"Girls, can you not fight on Mother's Day," Fairy Godmother implored of them.

"But, Mom," both half-fairies said, each pointing at the other.

"Jane, give Mal back her keys so she can drive us to the restaurant." Jane pouted as she tossed Mal the keys. Mal looked at Jane, a victorious grin on her face. "And Mal, please let Jane drive us back," Fairy Godmother added after she saw the look.

"Fine," Mal said with restrained defiance, "let's go."

Once at the restaurant, the three of them found themselves seated much more quickly than anticipated. As they looked around, they were quick to see that the place was packed with other families who had the same idea of treating their mother's.

"Thank you again, girls," Fairy Godmother said as the waiter left after taking their order.

"You're welcome," Jane said. She then looked at Mal, who looked extremely nervous. She mouthed to her they should do it now or later. Mal nodded and mouthed the words "now's, good".

"Girls?" Fairy Godmother asked, a little thrown off at their behavior.

"We were just deciding on whether to give you your presents now, or later," Jane answered her.

"We figure now's good," Mal added.

"Girls, you didn't have to get me anything," she told them appreciatively. "Although, a solid week of no arguing would be greatly appreciated," she joked. Mal and Jane giggled, but each knew that not having their occasional squabbles would never happen.

Jane went first, giving her mother the box she'd been carrying since she left home. Fairy Godmother opened it and smiled down at the satin blouse that was resting inside it. "Jane, this is beautiful," she gushed as she pulled it out to get a better look. "It must have set you back though?" she said.

"Only in materials," she replied with a smile. Fairy Godmother looked at her daughter questioningly. "I had Evie show me how to sew it together myself."

Fairy Godmother blinked her eyes, trying to make sure that her watering eyes didn't start crying in front of the crowded restaurant. "Thank you, Janey," she said, leaning over and hugging her daughter, and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Mal cleared her throat, getting their attention. Jane snapped her fingers from the reminder and reached into her purse, and pulled out a large manila envelope.

"A painting?" Fairy Godmother asked, getting a small shake of the head from Mal.

"I love living with you guys," Mal began, finding the speech she'd prepared harder to say than she thought it would be. "And I know that taking me in was a big decision…"

"One I'd make all over again," Fairy Godmother interjected.

Mal took a deep breath at hearing that. "I don't when it happened, but…you two became my family somewhere along the way, and I was figuring…hoping…," Mal trailed off, finding it difficult to finish. Instead, she simply pushed the envelope toward Fairy Godmother. Understandably intrigued and confused, Fairy Godmother grabbed the envelope while looking over at Jane.

"Don't look at me, she still hasn't told me what's in it," Jane told her mother, excited to finally see what Mal had been planning.

Fairy Godmother opened the clip, and held open the envelope so she could pull the papers from inside. She let out a gasp as she read the front of the forms in front of her. "Mal, are you sure?" she asked, feeling herself tear up all over again.

Mal nodded. "I know I'm almost eighteen, but that's still like two months away, so I asked and they said while it's unusual to do it this late, it's still technically possible."

"What's going on? What are those?" Jane asked, desperate to be let in on what was happening.

"Adoption papers," Fairy Godmother answered.

"Adoption?" Jane gasped herself. "You want Mom to adopt you?"

"My mother's not turning back, at least as far as I know. And with you I finally got to see what having a…caring mother was like," Mal said, beginning to feel herself cry. "We don't get chose our parents, but I kind of think I can," she told the woman she'd stopped calling Fairy Godmother moths earlier when she started calling her only Mom. Jane tossed Mal and napkin to wipe her eyes, using her own to do the same, as did Fairy Godmother. Deciding not wait for the waiter to come back so she could ask, she made a pen appear in her hand and set the forms down on the table.

"Where do I sign?"