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Synopsis: The morning after

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Chapter 6: Cleanup

"Good Morning, Gorgeous," Draco says while brushing his knuckle across her chin.

"Hey, you." He tries to kiss her, but Hermione claps her hand over her mouth. "Let me brush my teeth first."

"Oh come on. I've kissed you with way worse than morning breath on your lips," he urges.

"Fine," she reluctantly gives him a peck.

"Ugh. You taste like you've been sucking dick all night," he jokes, and then she forcefully hits him with a pillow.

"You're so funny, Draco Malfoy," she says sarcastically. "What time is it?"

He reaches over to the clock on the nightstand. "Ten. So we have time to catch the breakfast buffet, or we can lay in a bit longer and go to Sunday Brunch."

"Well, that all depends. Did you already call for late checkout?"

"I paid for two nights," he says, propping himself on one side.

"Oh, did you, now?" She bites her lip and rakes her nails down his chest. "So, what will we tell everyone when they can't find us all day?"

"To piss off and mind their own business," he says, pulling her close.

"I do like directness and honesty," she smiles. "Let's hop in the shower and get ready for breakfast and then come back up here. I definitely need to refuel after all of our physical activity."

"So, quickie in the shower?"

"Well, of course."


Ginny shoots straight out of bed, not remembering where she is. She looks over to her side and sees Blaise Zabini sleeping soundly.

"Fuuuuuuck," she whispers to herself, "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. What did I do? You fucked Zabini, that what you did." She slaps her forehead and tries to slide out of bed.

Blaise begins to stir, and she panics. She can't find her wand, her bag, or her clothes. They must all be on his side of the bed, she thinks to herself. Ginny tiptoes but is surprised when Blaise mutters, "Going somewhere?"

"Um...yeah. Uh, last night was a lot of fun, but I need to get going," she says quickly, not wanting to engage with Zabini any further.

"Why don't we order room service, or go grab some breakfast? The clerk downstairs said the breakfast buffet is excellent." Blaise knows she's about to bolt and tries to charm her back into bed.

"I'm...I'm not hungry, and it's getting late, and I have things to do before the wedding in a few weeks," she rambles grasping for excuses.

"Oh. Right. The wedding," he sounds disappointed as reality settles in.

"Yup. Marrying Harry Potter. The boy who lived...or the boy who will kill me if he finds out about this," Ginny's chest becomes tighter and tighter as she thinks about Harry's reaction.

"Well, at least let me walk you downstairs like a gentleman. You shouldn't run down like some harlot—because that's not who you are, Ginny. Don't feel ashamed about what we did. I had a good time, and I know you did, too," Blaise throws off the covers exposing his chiseled frame.

Ginny swallows, not only because she is looking at his gorgeous body, but because he's right. They did have fun, and she shouldn't feel ashamed, but she does. She betrayed the man she's about to marry.

They wrap themselves in the luxurious hotel dressing gowns as Blaise calls the front desk to send up some toothbrushes, toothpaste, a hairbrush for Ginny, and additional toiletries. Ginny uses a steaming spell to freshen up their clothes from the night before. Blaise tries desperately to break the awkward silence and command her attention like he did a few hours before, but it's useless. Ginny wallows in her guilt and has no idea how she'll explain this to Harry.


Ron and Viktor stare at each other as the sunlight peeks into the room.

"I never want to leave," Ron tells Viktor as he lazily runs his fingers down his lover's arm.

"Just a few more months until I am living here, on a new team, and we will not need to hide or lie anymore," Viktor says before kissing Ron's shoulder.

"Not long at all." He brushes a stray eyelash off of Viktor's cheek.

"I am getting hungry. Do you want to call up for room service?" Viktor asks.

"Room service portions are always so small. I liked the sound of that buffet the woman at the front desk mentioned."

"Alright, my love. Let us get up and get ready for checkout and breakfast."


"Oh fuck! I'm going to come again!" Pansy squeals into the pillow as Harry takes her from behind.

"Ugh. Me too!"

They grunt and groan in unison as they come for the fourth or fifth time. They've lost count and haven't slept a wink. They lay on top of the mess of sheets and the fluffy duvet, their breathing ragged. Harry takes Pansy's hand and kisses it.

"You know what I could really go for right now?" Pansy asks.

"Woman, let me rest," Harry laughs.

"Actually, I thought we need to replenish our energy — a really big breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, maybe some salmon, pastries…"

"The lady most definitely worked up an appetite. Let's check the room service menu." Harry summons the menu and room directory and hands it to her. "Here you go."

"Hmm...I want everything. Would that be too crazy?" she asks.

"What's that on the back?" He points at the menu in her hand.

She flips it over. "Oh, they have a buffet downstairs! And it has everything I want. Oh! They even have dim sum and congee. Harry! Can we go?" she asks excitedly.

"Of course. Do you have a change of clothes?" he asks.

"Do you?"

"In my bag. The one you got all your toys out of."

"Oh, well I am not making the walk of shame. Let me Apparate home real quick and just grab a change of clothes and a few things."

Harry grabs her by the waist and holds her tight. "How do I know you're coming back?"

Her chest heaves as his eyes plead with her to stay. "Harry, your eyes are dangerous, you know that? They make me so weak." He cracks a smile while she plays with his hair. "I promise I will come back. You have me so dick-whipped I don't know how I'm going to let you marry Weasley. I might have to sneak into your room on your wedding night to give you a proper shag."

He stutters as he asks, "What if there is no wedding?" Her heart flutters and hangs on his every word. "You made me realize I'm not ready for marriage...and that Ginny might not be the right girl for me."

She presses her lips to his, unable to believe what is happening. "Harry, we have all day to figure out what you want to do. I, um, paid for another night."

"You did? When did you have time to do that?"

"When you were in the bathroom. So, will you trust me to pop home and come back?"

"Yes. Come back quick. I'll be in the shower."

Pansy grabs Harry's wrinkled shirt off the floor and puts it on. She says with a wink, "See you soon."


Ron and Viktor hold hands as they walk into the lift. The moment the doors close, they start kissing and forget to press the button to the lobby level.


"Weasley, will you please talk to me?" Blaise can't believe Ginny is being so cold. He thought he had her wrapped around his finger.

"There's nothing else to talk about, Zabini. We shagged, it was fun, and it's never happening again." They walk into the lift, and they start moving upward. "Damn. I forgot to hit the lobby button."


"I'm so hungry. When is this damn lift getting here?" Hermione taps her foot impatiently.

"Come here. I'll keep your mouth occupied while we wait," Draco says before darting his tongue between her lips. A bell rings signaling the arrival of the lift.

Ron and Viktor break apart immediately and are shocked at what they see when the doors open.

"Hermione!" Ron yells.

"Ron!" she replies, stunned, but then she looks down at him holding Krum's hand. "Viktor?"

"Um..." he replies as he unlinks Ron's hand.

"Malfoy," Ron sneers.

"Weasley," Draco chuckles.

The doors are closing, and Hermione puts her foot in the door, forcing the lift to stay open. They hear another bell ring.

"Ginny, please! You've gotta hear me out."

"Blaise?" Draco calls, walks over to the other set of doors, and holds it open.

"Draco?" he replies.

"Babe, is Ginny with him?" Hermione asks.

"Babe?" Ron questions Hermione, but she rolls her eyes. "Wait. Did you say Ginny?"

"Shit. Is that Ron?" Ginny asks.

"Yes," Draco answers. "Everyone out of the lifts. We need to have a little chat."

Ron stomps over to his little sister, "Ginny! How could you? You're getting married in two weeks. What is Harry going to say?"

"I...I…" Ginny stutters and looks around, utterly confused at what's going on. "I guess I'm going to tell Harry—"

From down the hall, they hear giggling, "Oh, Harry! You're such a naughty boy!"

"Not as naughty as my snake queen." He pulls her into a kiss.

"Ahem," Ginny interrupts her fiancé before he starts snogging Pansy.

"Ginny?" Harry responds, looking like a deer in the headlights.

"Pansy?" Draco and Blaise say in unison.

"Hi…" She waves at her two best friends. "Oh, um, hi, Granger. Draco was right; you picked a great hotel."

"You told her about us, and you didn't tell me she knew?" Hermione smacks Draco in the shoulder.

"I did. But you...um...were a little distracted," Draco blushes.

"Oh," she responds, also blushing.

"Hermione, this is like fucking Christmas!" he says excitedly. Everyone else looks around either scowling or confused. "Everyone, get in the lift. We're going to breakfast, and we need to straighten this mess out."

Once in the lift almost everyone is awkwardly still and quiet — except Draco, who is downright giddy.

Hermione can't help but inquire, "Alright, Draco. Spill it. Why are you so happy?"

He turns to face her and puts his hands on her hips, disregarding everyone stares. "Two of my best friends shagged two of your best friends, and your ex-boyfriend is shagging your fiancé. It's hilarious — but not only that, it proves everything we've been talking about."

"And that would be?" she asks curiously.

"One, all of us trying to get married so young makes absolutely no sense. Two, trying to find your soulmate in your school house doesn't ensure compatibility. Three, our friends are idiots and need to get out in the muggle world more often," he turns to face them. "Seriously? A city as large as London, and you all end up at the same hotel?"

The doors open, letting them know they are at the lobby level. Draco takes Hermione's hand and kisses it as they lead the way to the restaurant. The group follows behind, not knowing how to interact with one another.

"Hello again, Gerard. It will be eight for breakfast, and a private room would be great," Draco tells the Maître D'.

"I'm sorry, Mister Malfoy. To use the private rooms, the minimum number guests required is twelve," he explains.

"If I pay for twelve guests, can we have a private room? I hate to be a bother, but we have some pressing matters to discuss, and we wouldn't want to disrupt your guests," Draco's argument is persuasive, and Hermione looks impressed at his skills of manipulation.

The Maître D' observes the body language and facial expressions of the six other members of the party. The tension is quite unsettling, and reasoning as to why they would need their privacy isn't certain, but one thing he can be sure of is he doesn't want any drama in front of his other guests. "I think we can arrange that. Did you want to serve yourselves at the buffet, or would you like it set up in the room?"

Draco and Hermione look at each other, then back to their friends, and in unison, they say, "The room."

"Very well. It will take us a moment to set up, but we can start you with some champagne, coffee, and tea. Will that be alright?" Gerard asks.

"That will be fine," Hermione answers.

"Very well. Everyone, please, follow me. And like always, it's so very nice to see you Mister Malfoy and Miss Granger," the head waiter says as he escorts them through the dining room.

Ron cuts through the group and makes his way to Hermione, "Mister Malfoy and Miss Granger? How many times have the two of you been here for the staff to know your names?"

"Oh, I don't know, Ron. How many times did you go to Eastern Europe in the past six months?" she replies.

"Settle down," Draco says. "Let's save all this hostility for when we are behind closed doors."

Once they make their way into the private room, Hermione calls out, "I'll sit here next to Draco. Pansy next to him, Harry next to her, Ginny across from Harry, Blaise next to her, then Viktor, and Ron next to him across from me. Sound good?"

There are a few grumbles, but everyone complies. Draco, Blaise, and Harry all pull out the chairs for the ladies. Hermione and Pansy both look pleased. Ginny is still wearing a scowl and tries to make both Pansy and Harry look uncomfortable. Blaise tries to put his arm around her shoulders, but she shrugs it off. Harry takes Pansy's hand under the table and gives it a little squeeze. Draco leans in to kiss Hermione on the cheek, but he looks at Ron out of the corner of his eye to looking for a reaction, and he gets one. Ron grits his teeth, but Viktor places a reassuring hand on Ron's knee.

The waiter arrives with the champagne, to which they are all grateful. Draco stands up to make a toast, "To a comedy of errors! And may they be resolved quickly." They all sip their champagne, and he continues to speak, "I'll start. Hermione and I have been seeing each other for several months. I'm in love with her, she's in love with me, and I'm breaking off my engagement tomorrow. You're next, love. You don't need to stand up." He sits back down and gives her a kiss.

"Thanks for putting me on the spot, Draco," she shakes her head at the silliness of all of this. "Yes, I am in love with Draco, and I had planned on breaking off our engagement, Ron, but not until after the Harry and Ginny's wedding — but today seems more appropriate." She takes the engagement ring out of her handbag.

"That's your engagement ring? It's so small...?" Draco gasps, not realizing how obnoxious he sounds.

"Shut it, Malfoy," Ron's tone of voice makes him seem as though he's going to reach across the table and throttle him.

"I'm just saying, a woman as perfect as Hermione deserves jewels befitting her beauty and her boundless love…"

"Draco Malfoy, if you make any attempts at trying to propose to me today, I'm walking out. I am literally in the middle of calling off an engagement," she huffs.

"Sorry. Continue," he says with a smirk.

Hermione reaches over to Ron and hands him the ring. "I'm sorry that the two of us never saw the warning signs. I will always love you, but it's clear we were never meant to be. Do you love Viktor?"

Ron looks over to Viktor and pulls their hands to his lips and says, "Yes. I was also planning on breaking off the engagement after the wedding, so we can say this is mutual. But you and Malfoy? Really?"

"I know the two of you don't get along, but there is a strong and deep connection we share, and we understand each other in ways that I didn't know were possible." Hermione thinks about what she just said and puts a finger to Draco's lips. "No sex jokes."

"See. She knows me so well," he says before taking another sip of champagne.

Ron rolls his eyes and looks to Viktor, "You're next."

"I am gay. I am in love with a man, and I am leaving Bulgaria to be with him. Wow. That feels good to say out loud. I am out! We're out!" Viktor says joyfully.

The table applauds and raises their glasses again.

Blaise goes next. "Ginny. I wish you would acknowledge there is something more between us than just a one night shag. I really like you. I've liked you for a long time."

"It's true," Pansy speaks up, "since before our sixth year."

"It's not your turn to speak," Ginny says coldly.

"Ginny. Please. I know you're mad at me and rightfully so. Please don't take it out on Pansy. This is a really tough situation we have gotten ourselves into. Let's at least hear everyone out." Harry interjects.

"Well, Harry, what do you want to do? Postpone the wedding until we figure this out? I still love you. Are we going to throw everything away after this one night of mistakes?" Ginny shoots him daggers across the table.

Harry squeezes Pansy's hand in his lap, "Ginny, I love you, too and I'm so, so, so sorry for causing you any pain, but I don't think last night was a mistake. It just proved that we aren't ready for marriage or commitment. I...um…" he stumbles over his words and then looks over at Pansy, and he knows this is the right decision. "I don't just want to call off the wedding. I want to call off the engagement—end our relationship completely."

"You can't be serious!" she fumes.

"Ginny, you're nineteen, and I'm twenty. We are supposed to commit our lives to each other in two weeks, but look how easy it was for us to cheat. We are clearly not ready for marriage," he says with sincerity. "I look at you and Zabini, and I see that there is something there, even if you say you regret it. I have zero regrets from last night, and I am glad I went into it completely sober." He turns to Pansy, "I'm willing to give this a shot if you want to."

Surprisingly, Pansy blushes and nods her head yes. Harry laughs to see her exhibit such innocent behavior considering everything they did last night. She kisses him on the cheek and extends her hand behind her, which Draco slaps in congratulations as if she just caught the snitch. Ginny's scoff is so loud and exaggerated the table can't help but snicker.

"I like you, Harry Potter," Pansy says, "and I can't wait to spend the day getting to know you better."

"I like you, too, and I can't wait either," Harry refrains from kissing her in front of Ginny, but Pansy can't help herself and gives him a quick peck.

Ginny tries to stand up and leave, but Blaise puts his hand on her shoulder and pushes her back in the chair.

With perfect timing, the food arrives, and the buffet is set.


Food makes everyone feel better, and the conversations flow naturally. Blaise is even able to convince Ginny to go on another date.

As they all leave the restaurant with their new partners, they run into more familiar faces in the lobby.

"Theo!" a surprised Draco calls.

Theo and Luna whip around to see all their friends.

Draco confronts Theo and says, "Did you and Luna spend the night together?"

"NO! No!" he says defensively to his childhood friend. "I could never cheat on Daphne. I mean, I tried last night, but I realized I just couldn't do it. Lovegood's my dealer. She told me to meet her here." It suddenly dawns on him that Draco is holding Hermione Granger's hand. "Um, is there something you want to tell me, Draco?"

"Yeah," he scratches the back of his head, "Hermione and I have been having an affair for six months, and I'm breaking off my engagement to Astoria."

"No! You can't leave me alone to deal with the Greengrasses!"

"Is this true?" Luna speaks up.

"Yes, and Ron and I just broke off our engagement, too," Hermione says, also looking fidgety.

"What do you mean, 'just?'" Theo asks intrigued.

The three other couples follow behind.

"Wait! Ron and Krum?" Luna asks.

"Is that Pansy with Potter?" Theo exclaims.

"And Ginny with Zabini?" Luna says, losing her usually composed self.

"Fuck, Lovegood. What did you put in this weed? I'm seeing shit."

"No, this is all real," Hermione says.

"Yeah, but storytime will have to wait. We have things to attend to." Draco gives Hermione a kiss, but before they can leave, another surprise guest arrives.

"Hey Luna, do you have muggle money or a credit card? The lady at the front desk says they don't take galleons," Greg Goyle asks her. He looks up at all the familiar faces, and his mouth drops.

"Tell them to put it on my tab, Greg. But if you would excuse me, my lady is getting anxious," Draco says as he and Hermione make their way to the lifts.

"Bye Greggy. Bye Theo," Pansy and Harry breeze by them also on their way back upstairs.

"Theo, what the fuck happened last night?" Greg asks.

"I have no fucking idea. Wait..."

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