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Hiruzen let out a shaking breath before the doctor, "Could you please repeat that?"

Dr. Ishida gave him a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, but I'm afraid that Naruto-kun's lost his ability to see."

The Sandaime clenched his fists trying to contain his rage at the person responsible for the boy's blindness. The matron at the orphanage had gone too far! She poured some chemicals into his eyes and the other staff had held her down and one of them brought Naruto to the hospital late at night to inform Ishida-sensei of what happened. The man had taken Naruto from the staff member of the orphanage and taken him to get his eyes taken care of. As for the woman she was executed without mercy and the other staff members didn't shed any tears or stuck up for her actions because they accepted the boy for who he was instead of abusing him, hell they even protected him from her when October 10th arrived making the boy 5 years old this year. And now, the boy has lost his ability to see and it was probably permanent.

"Is it…"

"Permanent? I'm afraid so yes." Ishida was barely able to contain his own rage. The boy was always coming here because of injuries given to him by the worthless villagers in his opinion. He had grown very fond of the boy as did the nurses because they didn't see a monster they saw an innocent child that was being abused by human ignorance.

Before they could continue the conversation the door opened and in came the very same boy they were talking about. Naruto Uzumaki who had bandages covering his eyes, "Ishida-sensei, Hokage-jiji."

Both men blinked. How in the world did he get here? They were on the other side of the hospital, did he walk here all by himself or did he have help?

"Naruto, how did you get here?" Hiruzen asked moving towards the boy bending down before him.

"I don't know," Naruto answered softly, "I just felt that you were here with Ishida-sensei."

The men looked at each other and Ishida walked over to Naruto himself, "Why don't you sit over there in the chair so I can examine your eyes okay?"

"Okay." Naruto said.

Hiruzen looked over at the doctor in confusion but the man simply mouthed a 'trust me' and let the boy walk over towards the chair on his own. Naruto walked around Sarutobi and towards the chair much to their surprise and sat down almost as if he could see where he was going. Ishida unwrapped the bandages from his eyes and saw the boy open his eyes and they were sky blue but if you look closely you can see that he was still blind.

Ishida decided to ask the boy very carefully, "Naruto-kun-"

"I'm going to stay blind aren't I?" Naruto cut him off.

Their eyes widened at the question taken completely by surprise again. How did he?

"Naruto, who told you that you were blind?" Sarutobi asked carefully.

"They did." Naruto blinked.

Ishida and Sarutobi looked at each other then back at the boy, "They? They who?" could it have been the nurses?

Naruto shook his head and got up from the seat and towards the window almost as though he knew where it was, lifting his hand towards the window slowly he clicked it and opened it slowly before turning towards them, "The trees…they told me."

Before they could say anything they noticed one of the trees started moving taking them by surprise and were about to move over to the boy when a tree branch came through the window and towards Naruto but the boy was completely still not at all afraid of the moving branch. It inched towards his cheek making him smile and rub it with affection, "I'm okay…I think." In response to his sadness the branch sprouted a yellow flower for him making Naruto smile and take the flower from the branch, "Thank you." The tree branch retracted from the window leaving the two men completely baffled at what they had just witnessed.

Naruto turned to them still holding the flower in his hand, "What's wrong?" he could feel their shock.

"N-Naruto-kun, just now that was…" Ishida-sensei stuttered.

"Hm? You mean the tree? They've been doing that everytime I go into the forest to be alone. Sometime I feel them following me when I walk around too, it feels nice." Naruto smiled a little still sad that he could no longer see.

"What do you mean?" Sarutobi asked gently wondering if what he was thinking could be possibly true.

"Um, I don't know but I think its because I can do this," Naruto lifted his hand and out sprouted a pink flower, "I don't know, but I can do this and-what's wrong?" he heard a THUD telling him that both men probably fell down.

Sarutobi couldn't believe what he was seeing. How is this possible? Naruto has a kekkei genkai, and not just any kekkei genkai, the famous Mokuton (Wood Release) that belonged to the Shodaime Hokage. Hashirama Senju! Wait! Now that he thought about it, it was possible actually seeing as how the Uzumaki's and Senju's are blood related by marriage it's possible that at some point one of them either the Senju or Uzumaki would awaken the Mokuton but that was just speculation. The old man waked over to the boy bending down to give him a smile, "Naruto, you are a very special boy do you understand?"

"Special? Me?" Naruto questioned.

"Yes very special. I'm going to set you up an apartment so you can live on your own and get you your own sensei and as soon as you get set up we'll begin your training." Sarutobi smiled.

Naruto smiled then looked down, "But…I'm blind."

"Don't let that stop you," Ishida spoke up having gotten over the initial shock, "You've already proven you can handle yourself well despite your blindness being your only disability. You walked all the way over here by yourself without any help, walked over to the chair without tripping, and opened the window. That proves your blindness is nothing more than a crutch if you let it be."

Naruto took all their words in and looked back up with a look of determination, "I-I want to train!"

Sarutobi smiled, "Excellent."

Naruto settled into his new apartment. It was kind of strange that he was able to maneuver his way around the place despite being completely blind but didn't comment on it thinking that when people go blind they can still see, which is half-true and half-not. There was a knock on his door making him walk towards it having felt that the person on the other side wasn't a bad person and just like him. Someone who moves with the forest like him. Opening the door he could feel the person staring at him with curiosity instead of hatred and malice, which he had unfortunately gotten used to.

"Hello." Naruto greeted politely.

Yamato straighten up as soon as the boy spoke, "H-Hello Naruto. I'm your sensei here to train you, are you ready?"

"Yes sensei." Naruto smiled.

Yamato couldn't help but smile himself, even though the boy had lost his sight at the hands of a horrid villager he still managed to smile. It proved this boy wouldn't let anything get him down. Picking him up and putting him on securely on his back he set off towards the training area. Having stopped jumping from building to building he landed near the Third Training Ground where the Sandaime told him to. Placing Naruto down on the ground slowly and stood before him, as soon as he placed the boy down Yamato noticed that the trees around him started to move as though they were happy to see the blonde haired boy. How strange.

Clearing his throat Yamato looked at the boy who stood there patiently waiting for his sensei to say something, "Okay, before we begin allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Yamato."

Naruto smiled, "Yamato-sensei, my name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Pleased to meet you, now then lets begin shall we?"

Naruto nodded.

Sarutobi was watching the boy through his glass ball eager to see what they would be doing, while at the same time wondering how Naruto was able to perceive his surroundings despite being blind. There was the hospital and then there was the moving into his new apartment building, he moved around at a normal pace almost as though he could actually see but Ishida stated himself that Naruto is completely blind meaning he couldn't see. So the only explanation was that instead of seeing then he was probably sensing the things around him, which would make the boy a Kanchi Taipu (Sensor Type), but he had never seen a sensor ability like this. It was really impressive. To be perfectly honest, the boy was better off blind because now he wont have to see the villagers scorn but then again it will probably be more easier for the villagers because Naruto's blind now and they might even try to attack him directly. Just thinking about it worried him, especially since his birthday is coming up very soon.

Putting the orb away he looked out the window, wondering how the village could become the way it is now. He was afraid the "Will of Fire" was all but dead because the citizens of this village aren't exactly showing their Will of Fire seeing as how they would do this to the boy instead of following the Yondaime's wish. It was truly sad.

Yamato was impressed so far with his student.

They have been practicing chakra control for about an hour now and the blonde haired boy was able to use it perfectly despite his lack of sight. Not only that, when they did the tree and water walk exercise he was able to do both with no problems at all. When he asked how he was able to do that he simply smiled and turned to him.

"The forest around us is helping me, but I can also sense where the trees and water are because of the sounds they make."

It was an unusual answer but it made sense to the man anyway, with the chakra control exercise out the way they focused on other things now, like trying to practice his Mokuton. The boy had no problems creating clones like he thought he would seeing as how he has more chakra than the average Chunin and Jounin.

"Alright Naruto you've proven that you have good chakra control, so we'll begin working on your Mokuton seeing as how your able to utilize it very easily." Yamato instructed.

"Okay Yamato-sensei." Naruto smiled eager to use it.

Yamato smiled at the boy's eagerness to learn, "Now Mokuton is a nature based kekkei genkai. You know what a kekkei genkai is right?"

Naruto nodded, "It's a bloodline."

"Correct. Now Mokuton is special because it originated from the Senju clan." He continued.

"You mean you and me are related to the Shodaime?" Naruto was surprised.

Yamato rubbed the back of his head, "In a way I am, but I definitely know you are related to the man. A distant relative but relative all the same."

"That makes you a distant relative too Yamato-sensei, not just me." Naruto grinned.

Yamato's eyes grew wide before a small smile formed on his lips, "Thank you for saying that Naruto, it means a lot to me to hear you say that."

"Your welcome, so what are we learning?" Naruto wondered.

"Well for starters I wanna teach you the Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu)." Yamato smiled.

"Sounds pretty cool."

"It is, not to mention it comes in handy too." Yamato then realized something making Naruto smile.

"It's okay, the trees around me will give me the information I need to use the technique or any technique that involves hand seals, so its okay." He grinned.

Yamato wondered how that worked but then again he didn't question it, "Alright, but just in case I'll say the hand seals out loud for you okay?"

Naruto nodded.

Yamato got started, "Tiger → Dog → Snake: Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu)." Yamato created a wood clone that sprouted from his body and stood next to him smiling.

"Its your turn now Naruto, did you get all that?"

The boy smiled as a response and performed the hand seals: Tiger → Dog → Snake, "Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu)." Clapping his hands together five wood clones sprouted from his body. Two sprouted from his right side, two from his left and one from behind. All five clones smiled at Yamato and his clone making the man's jaw drop while the clone was impressed.

'Th-that's incredible! He was able to make five clones on his first try?! Granted when I first started I could only make two but he made five out of nowhere just like that and doesn't look tired at all! Impressive!' Yamato thought. It was then he noticed something from each clone, "N-Naruto…"

"Yes?" the boy tilted his head.

"Y-Your clones…they're not blind! They can see!" Yamato stuttered.

"Eh, really? Is that true you guys, can you see?" Naruto wondered.

The clones dispelled themselves with a smile and transferred the memories over to their original making him smile from ear to ear, "I-It's true…they can really see…I can see their memories. So that's what you look like Yamato-sensei."

Yamato smiled, "This just made your training a whole lot easier! That means your shadow clones won't have a problem seeing either."

Naruto grinned, "Yeah! Oh, there's this one technique the forest taught me when I snuck out of the orphanage that one time."

"What technique did they teach you?" Yamato asked curiously.

Naruto moved away from the man making him raise a brow, as soon as the boy was close to the three wooden stakes he smiled and performed the hand seals, Tiger → Snake, "Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan (Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees)!" bringing his hands together multiple trees sprouted from the ground taking Yamato off guard, as soon as they stopped growing his jaw dropped for what felt like the second time today. There were a lot of trees surrounding him and Naruto with the boy sitting on top of the tree branch with a smile, "See? Pretty cool, isn't it?"

Yamato couldn't help but stare in awe at what he just witnessed, "Naruto that technique you just used! The only one to use it was the Shodaime Hokage Hashirama Senju! It was a secret technique that only he could use!"

"Really?" Naruto tilted his head, "The forest didn't tell me that, they only said that a great man used this technique before. They taught me this as a birthday present!"

'The forest? Is he really saying that the forest of Konoha is actually alive and is speaking to him even now? It's never happened to him before but if what he's saying is true then what else is the forest telling him?' Yamato wondered.

"Are you surprised?" Naruto tilted his head with a grin.

Yamato returned it, "You could say that."

"So, how did it go?" Hiruzen questioned.

"To be honest with you, he only needs me to help him with the Mokuton. We started chakra control first and despite the massive chakra reserved given to him by the Kyūbi he was able to mold his chakra perfectly with no problems at all." Yamato reported.

"Really now? What else?"

Yamato took a deep breath, "Hokage-sama, are you sure that Naruto's blind?"

That wasn't what he was expecting to hear from the man.

"Last time I checked Tenzo the boy is completely blind, but he was able to find me and Ishida-sensei in a different room in the hospital just by feeling where we were." Hiruzen told him.

Yamato brought his finger up to his chin, "Then there's a possibility that he's a sensor. He must've sensed your chakra signature and simply followed it. He walks completely normal as though he's not even blind at all."

"I noticed that as well, he also mentioned that the trees tell him where to go and who's ahead of him even though he can see himself using his senses as his guide as well as his hearing." Hiruzen informed.

"He said the same thing," Yamato said, "He used one of the Shodaime's secret techniques all on his own saying the forest taught him and didn't even look tired."

"Oh? What technique was that?" Hiruzen inquired smoking his pipe.

"Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan (Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees)." Yamato told him making the man cough roughly prompting Yamato to go over and pat the old man's back.

Hiruzen gathered himself and looked at the man, "A-Are you sure of this?"

Yamato nodded, "I was right there when he did it. He said the forest taught him that as a birthday present."

Hiruzen was in no question doubting that statement seeing as how that the Shodaime created the very same forest himself when he first established this village a long time ago. It's possible that his very will still lives on in the village itself taking the form of the very forest around them.

"Also, he may be blind but his clones certainly aren't." Yamato said.

"What?!" That took Hiruzen off guard.

"Yes, while the normal clone jutsu copies the blindness the shadow clones, as well as the wood clones don't show any signs of blindness at all. They can see." He said.

"Hmmm, I've never heard of such a thing happening with shadow clones before. Very interesting." The old man said.

"I agree."

"Where's the boy now?"

"He's currently at Ichiraku's with my wood clone watching over him. I saw the hateful looks the villagers were giving him but even worse so. Now that they know he's blind some of them openly said horrible things to him but he plainly ignored them and talked to me instead almost as though they didn't exist." Yamato scowled.

"I see." Hiruzen frowned himself.

Yamato then smiled, "He's a strong boy. It seems that him being blind has allowed him to gain confidence."

"I see, that's good." Hiruzen smiled.

Yamato stilled then smiled, "My clone dropped Naruto off. He's okay now."

Hiruzen sighed with relief, "That's good news."

Yamato couldn't agree more with the old man. When they were walking back the same villagers tried to taunt him but once again he blatantly ignored them and talked to his clone instead telling him how much fun he had learning new Mokuton techniques. He also saw his clone give a side-glance to the villagers face and saw they were red with anger and openly called him a "demon brat," but once again Naruto ignored them. Yamato had to wonder though, did he know about the Kyūbi?

"Is that all?" Hiruzen questioned.

"Yes that's all I have to report Hokage-sama." Yamato bowed.

"Very well, you may leave."

"Yes." And like that Yamato was gone.

Hiruzen couldn't help but wonder about Naruto though. How long had he'd been able to use Mokuton for? He'd never once thought about it until now.

Naruto was in his room in his new apartment with an open window, the forest told him they'd be giving him a gift today. It was a scroll about Suiton (Water Release) techniques and he couldn't be more excited. The forest told him that tomorrow they'd teach him how to utilize water techniques because they'd secretly did the chakra paper thing already and he was told to keep it a secret, so he did.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he saw a vine bring a scroll to him making his eyes gleam and take it gratefully, "Thank you." He smiled. He vine left and he closed the window, "Tomorrow will be fun."

Next Time: Lavender Eyes.