This it not an update about the updated version of this story, I just wanted to report that once again a pathetic moron has once again decided to post this story on Wattpad, and claim it was their story. Their username is Ansh14008, and this moron titled the story, "The Legend of the Blind Ninja" and basically just copied and pasted everything. This not only disgusts me but its really pathetic. Instead of coming up with his own story the decides to steal my story and claim it to be his. I've already reported this person and will keep sending them messages until they take it down. I cannot stand people like this. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know I've been calling out this person on their lies and thievery and look forward to what excuse they'll give me. But if he has any integrity then he'll take the story down without a fight, and if not, then I'll keep messaging them until they realize they messed with the wrong person.

Have a lovely day all, and stay safe.