Post Script:

Special thanks for Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, and the wonderful cast and crew of Doctor Who for providing such a creative, thought provoking and engaging universe. I enjoyed creating a little season 10 side-trip to keep us occupied until the upcoming Christmas special.

Thanks also to those steadfast readers who stuck with this story all the way through in spite of some pretty thin science, and, in some chapters, pretty thick detail. I appreciated the follows, favorites and reviews along the way – they encouraged me, inspired me, and lit up my world.

I will likely curate this story to reduce or eliminate continuity errors, implausible dialogue, and the inevitable spelling, grammar and punctuation faux pas, and would appreciate input on things you noticed that need fixing or things you particularly liked. I hope to continue writing fan fiction, and appreciate feedback that helps me grow as a writer. You can post it as a Comment or PM me. Much appreciated!

Yours truly,

Instant Dragon