The Fox Fire Ring: Chapter 1:Fresh Formed Tears

A.N: The story really isn't that good, so to all the people who liked the first one, read this anyway. It sets the stage for all the rest of them. And if your wondering how I made these so fast, I had already typed the first two before my dad let me make an account on

Terry flopped into a chair and sighed. Every bit of him ached, even things he didn't even know existed. It only took one night for him to miss the enormous amount of help his cousin had provided, and that was two weeks ago, but she had to go back to Metropolis sometime......

Terry's cell phone rang and he tossed it to Bruce, who worked on the computer in the cave.

"Can you hook it up to speaker. I can't move to save my life," said Terry. Bruce did this and Terry said hello.

"Hi Terry....." It was Emily! She sounded upset and scared, a little out of breath....

"Emily? Hi!" he replied. "What's the matter?" Emily was too tiered and upset to play the games of "oh nothings wrong!"

"I know why I was shipped me off to your house for three weeks....."

"I don't like the way that sounds," he replied.

"....Terry, my parents are getting a divorce....."

"Oh wow.....Emily....I'm so sorry....."

"Good news is I made that scholar ship to Gotham U."

"Great! I made it there said good news. That would imply there's worse to come....."

"Gotham U can't afford dorms Terry....."

"No problem! You can get an apartment."

"Terry, what little money I ever got, I put in a bank and saved. I'm living out of a suit case in a crummy motel room, living on fast food. I can't afford that!"

"Your parents can loan you money....."

"They won't."

"What do you mean they won't! It's the law! Remember! You're their daughter! They have to take care of you!"

"Apparently not...."

"What do you mean?"

"Happy birthday Ter."

"Yeah that was last week, that means your older too. Your.....," then Terry knew exactly what she meant. She was eighteen. Her parents didn't have to support her or anything. They laid it all out for her. "Here's some cash, money for college, and a suitcase. Nice knowing you. Get off my property!" She wasn't a teenager any more.....She was an adult....A dumped one......

"Not so happy for you I'd assume....."

"I wonder how long they planned that....."

"C'mon Em! I'm sure they love you!"

"Yeah right Terry! Get real! These are my parents were talking about! Sure I'd like parents who loved me and supported me, and at least cared! But get real!...."

"Then you have no where to go?" It was Bruce. Terry had completely forgotten he was there and nearly jumped out of his skin hearing him.

"Mr. Wayne? Wait, don't tell me. Speaker phone...."

"Yes," he said. He sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but....You can stay with me...."

"...I ....I can't accept that Mr. Wayne....Really. You've helped me a lot, but....I ....."

"It's a five minute drive from here to the University. You'd be gone most of the day any way, and I've got rooms to spare....But you'd have to earn your keep."

"You mean be batgirl," she said. It wasn't a question. She knew.

"That would be awesome!" said Terry. "Lord knows I need the help!"

"I....I can't do that...."

"What do you mean!" exclaimed Terry.

"It was a summer thing, I did it for three weeks and was done. I wasn't planning on doing this forever, unlike you."

"Sure doesn't sound like the girl that put a gun to my head and made me swear to let her help me." There was a pause. Emily was thinking about it, and she realized she didn't even know why she was refusing....

"Give me one good reason you can't be Batgirl and I'll back off," said Terry. No sound.... "Emily?"

"Terry, I think it's time I don the suit again," she said.

"Excellent!" said Terry, and they arraigned things for the train.





I couldn't explain to them why I couldn't be batgirl. It was so complicated even I didn't understand it. I guess it was that I went crazy or something. I wanted to make things up to Terry. Not that I thought getting myself killed was the best way of doing it, but I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world.....

And it worked!.... I think.....It was this mutual forgiveness and understanding he and I made....We were cousins again. We never would be best friends.....I wasn't even about to attempt that, but we were friends.....What we used to have was lost forever and there was no getting it back....

Staying in Wayne Manor? Why not! Ok, so I don't know why I said no than yes either. I had to find some place to stay, and he was right when Bruce said the University was close. Maybe I was scared. Getting close to people is hard for me. But now I'd have to lower my defenses and let people trust me and me trust them.....This was going to be hard......



Gotham City


It felt wonderful to be home at last. My mind was completely focused on bed. I ached and had bruises everywhere. Then my cell phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket and pretty much growled at it. "Bruce," I thought. "You've got another thing coming if you think I putting on that stupid cowl again!"

"Hi Terry," it was Dana. I would have been relived had her voice not sounded so shaky.

"Dana? What's wrong?" I could hear her sniffing back tears on the phone.

"I'm not staying for the summer....."

"What! You said you were! We were gonna do stuff together!"

"I know, I know.....Something's come up. Can you meet me at the park?"

"Sure Dana! I'm going now!" and suddenly I forgot about all my aches and pains and was out that door faster than light.

I stood under a lamp post at Gotham City Park. The only place in town where trees still stood other than by houses. Dana ran up to me and held me close and drenched my coat with tears.

"Dana what's wrong?" I said.

"My parents and I are going to the Carribean.....for the whole summer......"

"But your coming back?"

"Two days before school starts."

"Not exactly a lot of time....."

"I'm so sorry Terry! I just found out! We're leaving tomorrow. I guess they wanted to surprise me...."



"I love you, and I'm gonna miss you," I said, and gave her a kiss. She stepped back, eyes tear filled, and said goodbye, then turned and ran back, sobbing. I slumped against the lamp post. Life was becoming very complicated.....Then I heard a woman's voice laughing. She came down the path way. She was wearing all black. Black dress, black pumps, even her hair was black. Had she not annoyed me so much, I might have found her pretty. Instead I glared at her.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I called out.

"Call me Nightshade, and I want to make you happy," she said.

"No thanks. Not interested," I replied.

"Foolish boy! I saw you and your girlfriend. You are sad, but I know how to turn all that around," and she tossed me a vail full of some ink black liquid.

"Drink that, and your luck will change. Everything will go your way. I'm giving it to many people. I want the world to be full of happiness! Go to the docks every night at nine. The people I have chosen will all be there as well. I will give you amulets that will last a day. As long as you come to the docks, you will be happy."


Terry was starting to like the sound of what the lady said. Her voice was deep and soothing and it lulled him into a false reality and thinking. But would the mantel of the Bat dare stand in his way?

"Eerrrr....what if I can't make it to the docks?....Like I forget?"

"Don't worry. All those who trust me I will call to me. Just drink that potion."

The glow of the potion and the sound of her voice had it's effect on Terry. She disappeared and Terry stared at the vial. He suddenly uncorked it and drank it down whole.

"Acck!" shouted Terry. He felt like a dagger had pierced his side. He threw the stuff up and felt a little better, though still sick. He regretted drinking the stuff, but it seemed to have no effect, and didn't for about three days....


"I feel like it's been a year since I last saw Emily," said Terry, as he stood Next to Bruce, looking through a sea of people for his cousin.

"Terry, it's been two weeks," replied Bruce.

"That long?"

Emily appeared with a suitcase and the same book bag that seemed to never leaver her, along with her necklace. She waved her arms so that Terry and Bruce could see her, and Terry went and got her bags.

"How's Gotham been without my eye on Terry?" she asked smiling, hugging her cousin, and shaking hands with Bruce.

"Could be worse," Bruce replied, smiling. Time seemed to fly by as they drove to Wayne Manor. Catching up on what had been going on, But Terry had still told no one about Nightshade, and the concoction he drank.

"And this is your room," said Bruce as he opened the door. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't small. Cozy. Just perfect for comfort, the way Emily liked things. She bit her lower lip.

"This is really.....great," she said and wiped away a tear. "I'm...gonna unpack now. I'll be down to get the Batgirl suit on in a minute," she said and closed the door. She looked around the room. It was beautiful, with a wonderful view, but all of a sudden, she flung herself on the bed and cried. For all she knew, she might never see her parents again. Not that they had ever really loved her, but she was being tossed out the door into a brand new life, and even though she hated to admit it, she was scared....

To Be Continued....