I don't own anything except the idea for the story. Harry Potter is owned by Jk Rowling. I just like to play with her characters

Chapter one

After Harry Potter's name came out of the goblet of fire, he was angry. Then he realised that getting angry won't help. He decided to cause big problems, he was going to create havoc by making a mockery of Howards and the triwizard tournament. He was going to follow in his father's and godfather's footsteps and prank everyone. He wasn't going to just cause problems for the committee, the champions or the task, he was going to disrupt the school, along with people like Fudge. Harry thought Fudge deserved to be pranked for refusing to believe that Sirius was innocent.

Harry's first problem was working on how. He had plenty of idea's for pranks. Some he thought of himself, some Sirius had told him about. As he was thinking he heard the twins who were working on their joke products with Lee. When the twins mentioned a few of their products that were ready for testing, it gave Harry more idea's. He wouldn't steal the twins idea's, but it got his imagination going. His second problem was how to cause problems.

Harry decided to use his cloak and go for a walk, hopefully something would come to him. As he walked around the castle one thing occurred to him was how many portraits there were, not to mention, how many statues and armour that decorated the hallways. Harry wondered if he could charm them in some way. He would need to study up on that to see if he could find something to work. Another thing he noticed as he walked was dust and dirt just seemed to disappear. One minute it was there, like the cobwebs in the corner, the next it was gone. It was then that Harry realised how he could destroy the tournament and have a lot of fun doing it.

Harry found a deserted corridor on the fourth floor, 'Dobby,' he called quietly. The little elf appeared before him, then Harry almost toppled over as Dobby hugged his legs, 'Hello Dobby.'

'The great Harry Potter called Dobby.'

'How would you like to work for me Dobby?'

'Dobby would be honoured Harry Potter sir.'

'Okay, we'll work on wages and everything later if you want. But do you know of any other free elves that might want to work for me?'

'Dobby knows lots of free elves Harry Potter, but they want family, they do not want paying.'

'Well, I suppose they could become my elves. I could make them the offer.'

'Can Dobby belong to Harry Potter?'

Harry knelt down in front of the elf, 'I thought you liked being free.'

'Dobby does because I no longer have mean master, but it makes my magic weak Harry Potter sir. House elves needs to be bonded to a master so his magic stays strong.'

'I never knew that,' Harry took Dobby's hand, 'Okay, you can bond with me if you want. But we'll work on a way for you to have fun clothes without me freeing you, and there will be no punishment from me, nor are you to punish yourself. Now, how do we bond and how can I get you uniform or fun clothes without freeing you?'

'Yous be just holding your wand and saying you want Dobby as your house elf. All house elves can make clothes Harry Potter sir, all wes needing is the material which is not clothes.'

Harry grinned, 'Perfect. Now, one other problem, first is I will need money so you can get material and a few other things I might need, but I can't get to Gringotts.'

'An owned house elf can go to Gringotts for their masters Harry Potter sir, wes shop for our masters as well. Old nasty master and his family were lazy, they made Dobby do everything.'

'You are wonderful Dobby. So let's bond then I will get you to help me so we can find more house elves. I'm going to need a lot to help with my plans, then I'm going to need to fix my family's house so we have somewhere to live. I'm never going to return to the Dursley's, not when I have enough money to live on.'

Dobby told Harry what to say, then he recited the words. A flash of light which turned into a golden thread passed between Harry and Dobby. Both of them couldn't stop smiling. Harry asked Dobby for a room in the castle he could use but stay hidden from everyone. Dobby told him about the come and go room, then dragged Harry to the seventh floor to show him.

Harry knew the moment he stepped into the room that he would be using this room often. He decided to stay there and have some lunch, which Dobby provided. It gave Harry time to think up some ways to disrupt the school and cause havoc. Once Harry began to eat, Dobby went to find all the free house elves to ask if they wanted to bond with a new master who is great and kind to house elves.

When the first sound of popping was heard, Harry looked up from the book he was reading, a book on charms that he had never seen before. One by one house elves began to appear before him and all of them looked terrible. When Dobby approached him after the last elf appeared Harry knew there were at least fifty house elves. He may need to add an extension to his family's home just to house them all.

Harry spoke kindly to the house elves then explained his rules, like no punishing themselves. If they feel like they did something wrong they were to come to Harry and talk to him. They could ask a question or ask for something without fear of being given clothes or punished. The main thing Harry wanted was loyalty so no one would find out anything Harry didn't want anyone to know.

Harry spoke for a good twenty minutes and many of the house elves looked curious. They had never met a wizard who would want them to be more friends than master and servant. But when Harry said they could work all they wanted as well as have time to themselves, they all wanted to bond to him.

Dobby would introduce each house elf then Harry would recite the bond. It took a while and he knew he would forget many of their names, so he would have Dobby always remind him. Winky was one of the elves that did the bond and the only thing Harry said to her for now was to get sober and look after herself. One thing Harry did was have Dobby write down all their names and then Harry could find out what types of things they might like to wear. He explained they could be classed as uniforms for the Potter house, but he wanted clothes that they would nice but also fun clothes, along with being practical.

Once that was sorted, Dobby took Harry's Gringotts key then went to get some money out of his vault so the elves could start by making their clothes, not just clothes for the house elves, but they were going to make Harry clothes as well. Since they were in Hogwarts and it was where Harry needed them to help create havoc, they decided to use the come and go room as their home base. But the house elves told Harry they could add elf charms to prevent anyone else entering the room or accidentally finding the room. One timid elf told Harry that house elf magic could create an illusion at the end of the corridor so no one could follow their master to the room. They would see Harry enter the corridor then turn off and go down another corridor, but the real Harry would be walking to the come and go room.

Hearing about the magic the house elves could do, it gave Harry a lot of idea's about his plan. But one plan Harry wanted to do straight away, to deal with Ron for turning his back on him. Ron was about to encounter spiders, lots of spiders, even in his bed. If Ron acted like Harry thought he would then Ron would be driven from Gryffindor tower, hopefully he would be driven from Hogwarts.

After three years of the shit Harry had to put up with, not just from Ron but from others, he decided it was time to take control and get some pay back. With Ron, he was supposed to be a friend, yet he called Harry a liar and told him to piss off. Harry said enough, he wasn't going to put up with Ron or anyone that caused him problems. He wanted to do something to half the students when it was found out he could talk to snakes, but he didn't know enough magic at the time so he didn't end up paying them back. He remembered how he couldn't walk the corridors without being accused of being dark, then he was the one they blamed for hurting the students. No, Harry said enough, things were going to change.

Another person Harry wanted to start with was Snape. Snape and his unfair treatment, not to mention his snarl that was constantly on his face. Harry spoke with the house elves to get idea's on how he could play pranks and punish people without hurting anyone, it would just be very embarrassing. Working it like this would hopefully give Harry some peace from the looks of loathing and hatred. He also needed idea's for the actually tasks of the tournament. He was hoping it was cancelled but if it wasn't, he had to learn a lot of magic in the hope he didn't end up dead, or even badly injured. When Harry looked around the room and Dobby explained how the room worked, he realised this would be the perfect place to learn and to catch up on subjects he hadn't done well in before. The main subject was potions, he figured he could use the come and go room to learn all aspects of potion making. The room supplied any type of book he wanted, but it would also provide a safe working area to make potions. All Harry cared about was passing his potions O.W.L.s and since Snape wasn't the one to test the students during their O.W.L.s, Harry knew he could pass, with just a bit of practice.

Harry said he would stay until curfew so they could all talk about some things they could do to individual people or to disrupt the tournament. Harry also wanted the teachers to suffer as well but also embarrass Dumbledore and McGonagall, so he needed things that would annoy them but would also make sure they were laughed at.

As he was listening to the house elves, they would timidly tell him their ideas. As Harry listened to some of the more timid house elves, he knew that many had been mistreated, much like he, Harry had been. That thought made him realise that he couldn't be the only student who was having a lot of trouble from other students or staff. Harry decided that a few of the house elves first job was to sneak around and find out if any student was being bullied and picked on. Harry made sure to tell the elves that these students had to be innocent of causing the trouble, that they didn't start it by doing something that made the other students bully them. If they found any like that then those people who bullied others would begin to get pranked.

It was time Harry showed he was the son of a Marauder, and the godson of one, without anyone finding out it was Harry.