Chapter twelve

The board of governors had been meeting continuously over the last few weeks. They were trying to find a way to salvage Hogwarts reputation. They finally came up with a few idea's, some would be implemented straight away, while others wouldn't begin until the following year.

Harry and Neville headed down to breakfast, they met up with their girlfriends along with Tracy and Blaise. This time they sat at the Hufflepuff table. They instantly noticed that Dumbledore wasn't at the staff table. Snape was still missing, much to everyone's delight. But Harry gapped as he stared at his godfather and Remus who were both sitting at the staff table. Neville was also staring, his grandmother was sitting at the staff table, but she was also sitting in the chair that Dumbledore normally sat at.

Just before the end of breakfast, Augusta Longbottom stood up and called for quiet. She made the announcement that Albus Dumbledore had retired, she was now the headmistress. That stunned the students so much they sat in complete shocked silence. Most believed if Albus Dumbledore ever retired then Minerva McGonagall would end up headmistress.

Augusta went on to explain that Professor Slughorn was now the permanent potions teacher. That got a reaction, almost all the students cheered. Then she announced that Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were taking over as the defence against the dark arts teachers. With how poorly the teaching had been in that subject over the last few years they felt having two teachers would help the students catch up.


Harry turned at the sound of his name to see the Weasley twins waving him over. So Harry got up and went to the Gryffindor table.

'What's up?'

'Can you introduce us...' Fred began.

'To Padfoot and Moony?' George finished.

Harry laughed, 'Sure, it will have to be after classes though.'

'Then we'll hang around after dinner.'

'No worries, I'll set it up,' Harry chuckled then returned to his girlfriend.

'What did they want?' Tracy asked.

'To be introduced to the last two Marauders. I said I would set it up.'

'So the Marauders had a reputation for pranking students,' Daphne said.

'Not just students, we also pranked the staff,' Sirius grinned as he stopped behind Harry then pulled his godson into a hug, 'I can't thank you enough pup.'

Harry shrugged, 'I figured if I had reporters willing to listen and tell the truth, I would slip in about you. I can't believe you and Moony are here, teaching.'

'The governors had been having a lot of emergency meetings. They realised things would need to change or half the students would transfer to another school once they finished their O.W.L.s. Many have been calling for change for years, but the old man refused. This time he was given the option of retiring or face being fired. So he retired.'

'What really happened to Snape?'

'Sent to Azkaban. He never had a trial before because Albus spoke for him, saying he was spying for the light. Back then everyone just took Albus's word. This time he was questioned using veritaserum, he admitted all his crimes. One crime had me almost end up back in Azkaban. I wanted to kill the bastard.'

'What did he do?' Harry whispered.

'He was the death eater that heard the first part of the prophecy about you and Voldemort. He went straight to his master. Voldemort became obsessed with finding out who the baby boy was. After some research he knew it meant either you or Neville, as you were both born at the end of July. Albus knew Snape went to Voldemort, which is why he turned up at your home. If the old man was still here I would curse the bastard. That snivelling coward hurt many people when he was a death eater yet he was allowed to belittle his victim's families.'

'Are you telling me he is the reasons Voldemort went after my family?'

'Yeah, sorry pup, but it will be in the Daily Prophet tomorrow so I figured I should let you know.'

'Now I know why you want to kill him, I want him dead as well,' Harry snarled.

'Which one?' Daphne asked in a whisper but it was heard by Harry and Sirius.

'Both,' Harry said then took her hand, she stood, 'Sirius Black, meet my girlfriend, Daphne Greengrass.'

'Lady Greengrass, it's an honour,' Sirius bowed as he took Daphne's hand.

'It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Black.'

'Would someone fill me in on what is going on?' Harry stared between his godfather and girlfriend.'

'How about we meet tonight in my room so we can tell you all about it. You all need to get to class. Just know that I approve. The Greengrass family has always been honourable. I need to go,' Sirius hugged Harry then left the great hall.

Harry turned to his girlfriend, 'There are twelve families who founded the Wizengamot. The head of each family was given the title of lord, or lady. When my father died I became Lady Greengrass.'

'Wow, I have an important girlfriend. Well, at least you know I wasn't attracted to you because of being lady Greengrass. Hey, this could mean you're more important than I am. I can finally be plain old Harry.'

Daphne rolled her eyes as she slipped her arms around Harry. 'No matter what, you will never be plain Harry. You are a caring and noble young man, one that has a wicked sense of humour. Now walk me to my class.'

'As you wish…my lady,' Harry smirked making Daphne scowl. Before she could move, Harry kissed her, right there in the middle of the great hall.

Students who had begun to move towards the doors, stopped and stared as Harry kissed Daphne. Hermione had to drag Ginny out of the great hall, she kept threatening to curse the blond. Hermione had told Ginny plenty of times that Harry would never be interested in her, it seems she just refused to believe it.

Harry and Daphne sat together in defence, Neville sat with Hermione since Luna was a year younger.

'Now we were told what the imposter Moody was teaching all of you. Even though we all believe you're too young to see those curses, we do realised that it is better to be prepared. Who were the students who could throw off the imperius curse?' Sirius asked.

Harry put up his hand, but he was the only one, 'Very good Harry. No one will be able to control you. Now the governors and the new headmistress has agreed that if you wish to continue to try and beat the curse then we will take you through a few more weeks of lessons. Know this though, not everyone can beat the imperius curse, but that doesn't mean you cannot try,' Remus said, then he saw a hand up, 'Yes Miss Greengrass?'

'Um, Harry told me you taught him how to produce a patronus. Can we learn that?'

Remus smiled, 'Yes, now that is one anyone can learn but not everyone can fight off more than one or two dementors.'

'Harry fought off around one hundred, which is very rare for any witch or wizard to do. I can fight off around twenty, many of the teachers here are about the same. Albus Dumbledore would be able to fight off one hundred. But whether it's one or one hundred, it's a good charm to learn. I doubt many of you will ever find yourself facing a dementor, but when you have perfected the charm, you can…' Sirius smiled then produced his patronus, a grim that looked exactly like Padfoot. It walked up to Harry, '…send messages with them and distance does not come into it,' the voice of Sirius faded along with the patronus.

Everyone, even the Slytherin's agreed that this class was the best they ever had. They were looking forward to learning more from Professor Black and Professor Lupin.

There next class was potions, and again everyone enjoyed it. Professor Slughorn might be head of Slytherin house, but he did not discriminate. He gave points to those who earned it, and took points from others, even Slytherin's.

After breakfast the following day, which Harry again sat with Daphne at the Ravenclaw table, he kissed her then headed to his godfather's room.

'Daphne explained about the families who formed the Wizengamot. Does that mean you have to be there for trials and stuff?'

'Yes, unless they don't need the entire Wizengamot. So when did you ask Lady Greengrass out?'

'Um, to the Yule ball, then the following morning I asked her to be my girlfriend. A few had a go at her and at me, but luckily it was only a few. Most just accepted it.'

'As I said, I approve, they are great people. I've been filled in about all the pranks. There is someone in this school that is outdoing the Marauders. After you told me about the twins I figured it was them, but I spoke to them at the end of their class.'

'Fine, it was me, I had help though.'

Sirius smirked, 'I knew it was you Prongslet, some of the pranks were the same ones that your dad came up with. He did the farting statues, but he also had the statues moon everyone. He never did get the portraits to do anything. So turning into an eagle was to throw people off?'

'Yep, I figured if everyone saw me get pranked then they would look at others.'

'So that little elf friend of yours helped?'

'Dobby, but I had him bring me other free elves that wanted to bond with me, but also be more a friend. We're like family now Sirius, I care for every one of them. I planned to expand Potter retreat so they would all have someone nice to live.'

'How many are we talking about?'

'Forty nine. They were all in bad shape when Dobby brought them to me. Now they look healthy and have the weirdest dress sense, but great sense of humour and imagination for pranks. The corset was one of their ideas.'

'Then I definitely want to get to know them,' Sirius smiled, 'So Potter retreat, does that mean we're going to live there or should I buy another place for us to share?'

'I would like to live in my family's home, but only if you feel comfortable.'

'I lived there for nearly two years, it's a great place. But now classes, get going and I'll see you later.'

'I'll take you to meet the house elves,' Harry grinned then hurried back to his girlfriend and friends.

Harry thought about how things had changed since he started at Hogwarts. He had Ron as a friend, then Hermione, now he would never think of them as friends again. He had Neville who turned out to be the best friend Harry could ask for. But the biggest change was the friends he had made from Slytherin house and his girlfriend was a Slytherin. Maybe this is the first sign of change for Hogwarts. The houses may finally be united, something they haven't been since Salazar Slytherin left Hogwarts. Harry looked around and noticed that there were a lot of students who were sitting at other house tables, not at their own. Slytherin's were always the one most wouldn't associate with. Now that was changing, all thanks to Harry Potter and the havoc he caused with his pranks.

The end:

I wish to thank everyone for reading, and hope I can continue to bring interesting stories for the fans of fanfiction.