Epilogue: Something There

MACUSA was empty when her trip through the flames brought her home. For a moment Tina found the vacancy odd, until she remembered what time it was. Six in the morning was early even for her to be there on a normal day, let alone a Sunday. Everything around her was spinning, her entire body was tingling, and she wasn't sure what was more to blame; the after effects of Flooing or kissing Newt. Just the thought of him made her heart soar.

Tina brushed the soot and ashes from her hair and clothes as she ambled towards the gate. The elf overseeing all floo travel said nothing as he documented her arrival, raising a brow at the dreamlike expression on her face.

The streets of New York were much the same as the interior of the Magical Congress building – not yet thriving with hordes of busy workers – when she stepped back into her familiar concrete jungle of gray. The dramatic change in scenery from vivid to dull should have disheartened her, but Tina's mind was far away, thinking only of Newt. He was on her fingertips, her lips, and her skin. She thought only of what he was doing, or seeing, or feeling. Newt was in everything and she couldn't focus for thoughts of him - so much so that she scarcely remembered Apparating back to her apartment.

The humble flat was just as she had left it, save for a couple empty mugs on the kitchen table. It was quiet in the homey space, but Tina could make out the faint snores of her sister in their bedroom. Her tiny exhales were like music to Tina's ears; oh, how she'd missed falling asleep to that soft sound! Tina was also glad to be back in the acquainted embrace of her home. She did not miss the lavish accommodations her room offered while staying with the Scamander's. Simple suited her, and that was exactly what her apartment was – simple.

With a happy sigh Tina cast a look to the clock; it was nearing seven – still too early for Queenie to wake up on a day off. Tina knew she would need a nap before long, but found she was far too wound up to sleep. Instead, she hung her coat on the rack by the door and with a flick of her wand set the coffee to brew. Her worn-down mattress squeaked under the weight of her suitcase as she tossed it on her bed to unpack. Gently she removed the box with her beautiful dress inside, storing it safely in her chest of drawers until she had an excuse to wear it again. The other garments she used magic to stow away, most going directly into the wash basket occupying the corner of the room.

Tina was about to store the suitcase back under her bed, when she found an unsealed envelope resting at the bottom of her luggage. Her name was written across it, and for a moment she eyed the note suspiciously, confused as to how it got there. The handwriting she knew belonged to neither her sister nor Newt, adding an aura of mystery to the letter. Hesitantly she opened the envelope and removed a photograph and a small note. The photo was of a small boy with unruly hair and freckles cuddling a young hippogriff.

Tina, dearie, - The note began -

I just couldn't let you leave without taking this picture with you. Having you with us these past few days has been a pleasure, and I must say I have never seen my Newton glow the way he does when he's with you. Keep well and know that you will always have a place here with Thaddeus and me.

All the best my dear,
Louise Scamander.

Tina sat on the edge of her bed, beaming at both the note and the image she held in her hands. As she watched the photo, that tingle returned, filling her with a warmth she'd never felt the like of, her smile growing wider.

Suddenly the bed across from her shifted.

"Teenie? You're back…" Queenie's sing-song voice was groggy, and her usually perfect curls were matted to one side of her face. "…You're thinkin' awful loud," she muttered, rubbing her eyes with a balled up fist.

"Sorry," Tina said, biting her lip around a smile. "Queenie," she started, barely containing the joy bubbling out of her mouth, "I've got so much to tell you."

Her sister blinked sleep from her tired eyes as she fished through all the thoughts and memories swimming about in Tina's head. After a few short moments, Queenie grinned wider than humanly possible. Tina didn't have to tell her anything; she already knew.

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