Okay so a small one-shot on my underappreciated OTP since my other OTP is quite loved. Basically this is a one-shot set during the time of Goblet of Fire and is mild Harry/Ron SLASH.

Harry Potter sat in the common room as his dormmates discussed who would have been the person they'd most sorely miss. He had thought of Ron as the person he'd most sorely miss. Ron was the first friend he had, the first person who had actually wanted to be his friend. The first person who had stuck by him. If anything were to happen to Ron, it'd kill him inside.

"Harry, are you okay?" Seamus Finnigan asked, waving his hand snapping Harry out of his thoughts. "You didn't answer the question."

"Huh?" Harry said staring at Seamus blankly before flushing as he realized everyone was looking at him. "Sorry uh I zoned out. What was the question?"

"I asked why Ron was what you'd sorely miss," Seamus repeated the question, wondering what Harry had been thinking about.

Harry frowned at that.

"Of course he'd be what I'd sorely miss," Harry said, a little defensively. "Despite any fights we may have had, he's always been there for me. To me, he'll always be who I miss but I'll make sure I'll never have to miss him."

"Harry…" Ron murmured, surprised and touched. Of course he had been touched at him being the one Harry would have missed the most, he had expected it to be Hermione or someone far more special than him but hearing his reasoning made him feel slightly ashamed of himself. He had accused Harry of cheating and putting his name in the Goblet, yet despite all that Harry would still miss him the most.

"I'm gonna go get a breath of fresh air," The redhead muttered before heading outside, taking a walk. He and Harry had been through a lot together and he had even gone into the forbidden forest, following the spiders so his best friend wouldn't be in danger alone. He knew he meant his words to Sirius last year, that if anyone wanted to kill Harry, they'd have to kill him too.

"You ok?" A familiar voice asked and Ron tilted his head to the side, surprised to see that Harry had followed him out.

"Why?" Ron asked, unable to help himself and Harry looked at him, curious. "After I accused you of putting your name in the Goblet, you still chose me as the person…"

"I forgave you for that," Harry interrupted him. "Things aren't the same without you, Ron. I missed you a lot when we were fighting. And if I ever die against…I'd want…you…"

"Don't say that!" Ron said, more defiantly than he had even considered himself ever sounding. "Don't talk about dying! You know what I want? For you to be safe and happy. I'd miss you the most, I know that but I won't let that happen to be able to miss you!" The thought of Harry dying scared him half to death. It scared him more than facing Aragog's family or his horrible memory of the twins turning his favourite teddy bear into a spider.

Harry reached over, taking Ron's hand. His reaction had told him everything. Ron would miss him the most if anything ever happened to him. It was clear in his eyes. It was what they both wanted. The person they missed the most to be with them and to be safe and secure.