Summary: Will be following Sara's resurrection in Season 4, up till she decided to leave. After that to be honest I stopped watching Arrow so… The story is mainly going to focus on Sara and Laurel and their sisterhood. I will transition them onto legends together because I like that show better for one, and second I can keep Laurel alive, because why did they kill her again anyway?! Hope you guys like it comment and leave suggestions. This is my first ever fanfiction and am open to criticism/ storyline/ ideas/ etc.

Chapter 1:

Sara sat at the window staring out at the city lights. She didn't know exactly how long she had been sitting there, but she relished the quiet. These days it seemed like she never got too much of that. She had left to figure things out to try and find a way to control her bloodlust on her own. She only ended up finding more questions.

Laurel was constantly checking in on her while she was gone. She was just making sure she was okay. She made sure to give her the space she asked for, but after losing Sara and getting her back, and then losing her again and getting her back, could you blame her for wanting to check in.

The summer air gently blew the curtains in the window and finally drew Sara's attention away for a second. She looked around the living room of her sister's apartment to find it empty. Laurel was still at work, pulling an all-nighter again. Which job she was doing exactly right then, Sara didn't know for sure.

Sara missed her days of patrolling. Of making the streets safer, and feeling like she was doing her part. For now anyway, she couldn't trust herself. The bloodlust was still too strong. Even now she could feel it brimming just below the surface. That feeling in the pit of her gut, begging her to take a life.

Laurel was understanding, well as understanding as she could be. But how could her sister possibly understand? Thea tried to help her, but as far as Sara could tell, Thea's way of handling her bloodlust worked for Thea, but didn't really work for her. Though she felt like Thea had to have some secret to dealing with it that she just hadn't shared yet.

"Hey," Laurel called from the front door.

"Hi," Sara smiled back.

"Sorry it was such a late night, trying to get my day job and my night job done, seems to take up more hours than there are in a normal 9-5 work day." She was taking off her jacket and heels and heading towards her bedroom. "But enough about me, did you do anything interesting today Sara?"

"If you count watching Netflix and staring out a window interesting than yeah."

Laurel walked into her bedroom, but left the door open. "I know you must be so bored. I'm telling you, we'll figure out your bloodlust and you'll be out kicking the butts of creeps everywhere, and still have time to bartend in no time at all. Everything will work out you'll see."

"How do you know?"

Laurel peeks her head only around the door and looks lovingly at Sara, "I know because if I know you at all, you'll overcome this. I mean after everything you went through, we aren't going to let this be one roadblock to you finally enjoying your life."

"It's just I have tried every way I know to try and control it. Training works when I am the only person, and I'm fighting wooden dummies. The second another person trains with me, it is all they can do to protect themselves when we finally get going in a fight. I have tried meditating, the one nonviolent thing the League of Assassins taught me, and that hasn't helped my bloodlust either."

Laurel was back in her bedroom, "It might not have helped your bloodlust, but the candles have definitely made this place smell great." Laurel was trying her best to think of the positives. Make sure all of this didn't darken Sara's mood any more than it already had.

"Well I'm glad I'm useful for something."

"Look, I know it's frustrating you Sara, have you asked Oliver for any ideas or suggestions?"

"Yeah, but he is just as in the dark as I am. He still doesn't quite understand the whole 'bloodlust thing'. He did however, mention that he might know somebody who would know how to possibly deal with 'weird' stuff like this. He's supposed to get back to me tomorrow with the guy's information."

"Well see, that's something at least. While I'm in the shower, why don't you scroll through Netflix and pick a movie you haven't already managed to watch in your free time and maybe make some popcorn. We'll have a girl's night with what is left of it, ok?"

"Fine but if you take too long I'm just starting the movie, and you'll just have to start from wherever it's at, because I'm not rewinding it."

"Hey, that's not fair, I had a long day, and just for that I might just take a super long shower, and we'll just have to see what happens if you decided you don't want to rewind it."

"I can still beat you, hands down, even after all your new training. So if you even try to wrestle this remote away from me... Better go take that shower, and to be nice I'll give you like 20 minutes, that should be plenty even for you princess." Sara smirked at her sister, taunting her and enjoying doing so.

"Hey it takes a lot to look this good," Laurel peaks around the door and flips her hair as she says it just to add punctuation to her comment. Mostly because she thought it would get a chuckle from Sara which it did.

Sara loved this. The banter between her and Laurel distracted her. It made her feel like they were just normal sisters, which clearly they weren't. And even though they would never be normal, this was enough. The night was filled with playful banter, a little over-sharing, and a movie night to wrap it all up (which is really how every night should end anyway). Maybe things weren't so bad, she was here Laurel was here, and for now that was enough.

Author's note: Thanks for taking the time to read this. It is going to be a bit of a slow burn at first, I'm sorry. For me, I wanted to establish the main relationship (Sara/Laurel) and really do it right. I feel like so many fanfictions I read kind of skip over it and go straight for all the action. What I really wanted was a fanfiction that focused on the sisters specifically and made the time to really explore the sister dynamic fully, but could never really find one so I decided to make my own. Sorry, will get off my soap box now. Please leave comments and suggestions. Sorry for any errors, I am doing this all by myself, and this is my first ever fanfiction, so I am sure there are some, and there probably will be more in the future. I want to try and post a chapter a week, kind of like a television show, but if no one really shows interest I'll probably lose my motivation so please let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading my writing!