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Chapter 4:

The next morning the Lance sisters headed straight for the arrow cave. They thought a light workout might do them some good, and help them to process everything that had happened the night before.

The sound of clanking metal and grunting could be heard throughout the room. The sisters were practicing their sparring together, and working on their technique. Of course they could also discuss the situation at the same time, it's more efficient that way.

"I remember when you told Mom and Dad that you wanted to go to sleepaway camp." Laurel had wanted to go too, but she had to be the cool older sister, and they don't go to silly camps like that right?

They paused the fight.

"This'll be a little different. Not only that we would be going together, but also that it's…"

"Time Travel." Laurel finished Sara's thought. "I can't believe we're talking about it like it's something real."

Sara took apart her staff and made it into eskrima sticks.

"I know."

The fight resumes. It's only over once the girls come to a draw. Neither necessarily winning but both in a position to strike a final blow.

"I think we should go." Laurel finally says it. They had both been contemplating it, but they hadn't picked a position yet.

"Laurel… I died. I'm still picking up those pieces." Sara walks away to get a drink. "The Lazarus Pit brought me back, but it left me with this need to take. To kill. I'm dangerous."

"After you died, I needed a channel for my grief. I found it in becoming the Black Canary. I found it in you."

That touched Sara, never really thinking about how her death had affected her sister. "For me being the Canary was never that positive."

Laurel knew that her sister had become the Canary to survive, but deep down, she knew it was also because her sister wanted to help people. She just needed a way to do that while not having it also be attached to this negative period in her life.

"Then don't be the Canary. Do what Oliver's been doing. Do what this Rip Hunter is offering us the chance to do and… be a hero in the light. Be the White Canary."

The White Canary? What is Laurel thinking exactly? Sara wasn't quite sure what her sister meant but her curiosity was definitely peaked.

Laurel walks over to the cases where the costumes are held, and the doors open to reveal a white costume. Not like Sara's old one at all, and Sara isn't quite sure how to deal with the surprise of seeing it.

"Where did you get this is?" Is all Sara can seem to say at the moment.

"I have a resourceful friend named Cisco."

Sara would have to remember to ask Laurel more about this friend later, but right now she just wanted to take in the look of this new suit, and figure out how she feels about this new idea.

Something bothered Sara. "Where's the mask?" After-all she would still need to conceal her identity time travel or not.

"Laurel walks up behind Sara and places her head on Sara's shoulder. "You don't need it anymore. You've lived in the shadows long enough."

Sara can't help but smile.

"I guess it's decided then." Sara says. "I guess we should get ready to meet at the rendezvous point then."

Once at the spot where they were supposed to meet. Sara and Laurel watched as one-by-one, everyone from the rooftop started to show. The older guy, Professor Stein or whatever was the last to pull up, with the kid in the passenger seat seemingly passed out. Though he seemed puzzled as to if this was the right place to meet, because it was just an empty lot.

"Professor!" Snart yelled to him. "This is the place."

"I think we are being punked." Ray says, as he too notices that they are standing in an empty lot. "Do people still say 'punked'?" He asks, while looking to Sara.

"No." Is all Sara says.

"I see your buddy threw himself a going-away party." Rory assumes that is why the professor would have a passed out kid in his car.

"Yes, I believe he drank something that didn't quite agree with him." The professor hoped no one would question him further about it. Thought Laurel thought he seemed a bit off. Like maybe that wasn't what really happened.

"You don't look to happy to be here." Snart says to Kendra. Laurel was noticing that too, she was carrying herself in a way that seemed like she couldn't wait to get out of here. Not anxious necessarily just very unhappy to be here.

Laurel was going to be too if she fell for a dumb trick, which it was starting to seem like she might have seeing as they are standing in an empty lot. She hoped for Sara's sake it wasn't a trick. She wanted her sister to feel like she had a purpose and a reason to fight again.

"Perceptive." Kendra said very unimpressed.

Then another voice draws the group's attention. "Well, I see you've all decided to come. Well then, we can be on our way." It's that Rip guy, he finally showed.

"I ain't footing it anywhere." Snart says skeptical of Rip.

"A Time Master's sacred charge is to do no harm to the timeline. Can you imagine what a timeship would look like in, say, Victorian England?" What so it's hidden now, Sara was starting to be bored of this whole act he was putting on. Could he just get to the point already?

"Holographic indigenous camouflage projection." The professor seemed in aw, but Laurel and Sara just looked at each other, neither really understanding that garble of words he had just said.

"Indeed." As he said it Rip Hunter turned around and pressed a button on the remote he was holding to reveal a giant ship filling the lot that had been entirely empty only seconds before. Or at least it had appeared empty.

Everyone just stared at the ship not really sure how to process what they had just witnessed. But now convinced that it was not act, Rip Hunter was truly from the future.

"It's called the Waverider. It's been my ship for over a decade." Rip says it with so much pride in his voice. Then he turns back to the group. "Shall we?"

The group starts to follow Rip towards the ship eager to see what it looks like on the inside and to make sure they aren't just hallucinating r something.

Behind them Laurel hears the professor ask Mick, "Excuse me, would you mind, um…" He's probably wanting help with the kid in his car. Laurel wonders how he got the kid in the car in the first place, but to be honest she was more curious about the timeship in front of her, than whatever was going on with the kid and the professor.

Mick goes to get the kid, and the professor starts to head toward the ship, but not before adding a, "thank you."

The group makes their way onto the Waverider, following their new Captain, Rip Hunter.

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