Author's Notes

Boundaries is a Warhammer 40000 fanfiction written during the 7th edition of the popular tabletop game. I originally intended on following the lore as close as possible but given my almost impulsive addition of non-cannon aspects and the release of 8th edition, I decided that this will be an alternate universe (AU) fic. As such, there are some things that does not exactly align with cannon.

Also take note that this fanfiction has been altered and revised through the course of its writing. Hence for those who have been reading this fanfic since day 1 will probably notice some changes ranging from minor to major changes. Keep in mind that every review posted helped in some way in improving this fanfic. Typos are also likely to occur be it in terms of spelling or grammatical errors but mostly due to the site having some problems whenever I publish a document. (I know, I read my chapters at least three times before publishing it so I'm pretty sure)

I would also want to thank the said readers. Your support and criticisms are greatly appreciated. And yes, I have a bad habit of making chapters on crack out of the blue. (That's why we have CH 27 and 28)

Lastly, as of February 14, 2018, every chapter that I have published for this fic will be taken down TEMPORARILY so that I can post the revised chapters and to avoid any confusion. Hope you understand. Normally, I will be done within the day but given our internet speeds, I highly doubt that I can do it in one go. I sincerely ask for your understanding.

From Ryan Bright (Sword27)