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Chapter 41: Homecoming

Planet: Agri-World of Fonral

Location: Capital City of Yau'le, Residential Sector.


Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it more from his wandering.

- Head Remembrancer Charles Dickens, Stallionia III

This is probably a bad idea. No, this is a bad idea.

Uelesh told herself as they neared the residential area of Yau'le. It was but a few hours ago when they were given the all clear sign from any form of corruption and was released from the Hall of Medicine. They were offered to be taken to her home by the hall's road-wheeler shuttle service but she politely declined. Her refusal was not due to her not wanting to ride a road-wheeler which was the primary means of transportation in the cities but because it meant that she would be facing her parents sooner than she was ready. After all, when they parted it was not in the best of terms. Hence the reason why two of them were walking all the way from the Hall of Medicine to the long and winding roads of the residential sector which was within the heart of the central hub.

Yet in any other given situation, she liked riding the many different types of road-wheelers whenever possible given that most of her life she was either sitting inside a military vehicle or in a draught horse pulled wagon. The latter was when she joined Fonral's merchant guild that only offered such primitive manner of transportation due to road-wheelers being limited to paved roads. This was because of the development of road-wheelers for cross city travel in the more muddy terrain of Fonral was halted by the council a few decades ago in favor for research and development of the war machines used to defend their home planet and attack those who threatened it.

One thing she couldn't deny was that walking down the streets that she was so familiar with does has its charms. Uelesh can't help feeling the nostalgia as she took the same steps back when she was a youngling. She stopped in her tracks when she heard the sound of a child's laughter. Glancing to her left, she watched as an eldar father carried his daughter high above him as the two played underneath a tree near a dwelling. The young girl had her arms spread as if she was flying as she laughed away with great enthusiasm. Her father on the other hand wore the brightest of smiles.

Uelesh continued to watch them while an old memory began playing in her mind.

Location: Brightforge residence, Central hub of Yau'le.


-Capital City of Yau'le, one hundred and five years prior-

"Higher! Higher!" A young child yelled in between her fits of giggles.

The man who supported her small frame chuckled.

"Alright, but brace yourself!" He responded.

Crouching a bit and widening the base of his stance, the father of two hefted his daughter high above him. His hands briefly lost hold on her underarms as she was launched a few inches above her father. With the sudden increase of height, the young eldar girl laughed before glancing back to her father's hands.

"Again! Again!" She said with more enthusiasm.

"But of course." Her father replied.

But just as he was preparing to launch his daughter again, a cough stopped him cold much to his daughter's confusion. Following the source of the sound, she saw her mother standing by their house's door with her arms crossed on her chest. Knowing the look of dread that her father was wearing and the not so amused face her mother was doing, she knew exactly what to do.

"Daddy started it!" She said as loud as she could while pointing an accusatory finger at her betrayed father.

"Wha-I did not!" Her father countered

Needless to say, his yet to be said explanation was shot down by the icy glare his wife was giving him. All he could do was sigh in defeat as she set hus daughter down who on the contrary to him, had a feeling of relief. A snicker caught both of their attention. Turning their heads behind them, a young man clad in a dark blue dress uniform stood.

"Sis got you again huh?" The young man said as he beamed at them.

Instantly, she was up on her feet running towards the new arrival with arms stretched wide.

"Big brother!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as she jumped towards him.

Her older brother dropped his side bag to the ground in favor of catching the flying projectile that was bound to reach him. And catch her he did though it made him stumble back a bit.

"Wow, Uelesh you seem heavier than the last time I carried you." He told her causing the young Uelesh to pout.

"I'm not heavy, I'm growing!" She replied with fake hostility.

Her brother chuckled as they were approached by their parents.

"So, how's my son doing in the academy? I bet you're already acing those weapons handling tests." Her father asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Father, I'm just in basic training. Weapons handling comes after my first year." He replied earning a disappointed groan from their father.

"I'll never get used to thing. Why back when I was a youngling, my father had already started training me in combat and by the time I reached your age I was already a-

"Light warrior commander. How many times are you going to complain about that, Idrariel? Times have changed much so our ways and as I see it, for the better." The mother interrupted.

She then faced Uelesh's older brother with a wide smile.

"Aelos, how long will you stay this time?"

"A week, mother. Sadly our training is rather demanding so our breaks are usually short."

"Well at least I'm sure that you're far ahead of your peers. I did give you quite the beginners training." Their father said.

"If you mean by training is give me a few pointers then let me figure things out on my own then yes, it was quite the training." Aelos answered back.

"Why you have gotten a-"

It only took mother to clear her throat to silence their father. The sudden silence was however broken by a grumbling noise. The three tall figures turned towards the youngest in their family who had both her hands on her stomach.

"Sorry." She said in a small voice.

It prompted the three to laugh at the expense of their young Uelesh.

"Alright, let's go inside then. I just finished cooking, Idrariel dear can you prepare the table."

Thus the family of four entered their humble abode. Yet just as they reached the door, a sudden realization sparked in the young mind of Uelesh.

"Big brother, welcome home!"

"Welcome home." Uelesh mumbled as she watched the father and daughter returning to their house as they were beckoned inside by what she assumed to be the mother.

Much to her pleasant surprise, the mother turned out to be human meaning that the child was actually an elhum or half-blood. She imagined what it would be like if she and Rodemman managed to survive the fight against the orks. Uelesh knew that the ork's invasion and their roles in it were the only things that kept them from going further that night hence the reason why her mind was swimming in the pool of possibilities.

"Hey, are you alright?" Rodemman's voice brought her back to reality.

She nodded.

"Just...thinking some things." She said as she turned to face him.

Uelesh then reassured him with a smile when she saw the curiosity in his eyes.

"Memories, I'd rather not talk about it. At least not now, not here."

Yes, it was a happy memory back when everything was normal. It was a time when large-scale conflicts were mostly left to the Imperium, their cousin eldar factions and to the other creatures of the galaxy. But it was still a bitter reminder of how much has changed through the passing of time. It was a sentiment that was not commonly felt by a pure blooded eldar.

"I understand, just know that you have my full attention when you wish to talk about it."

His caring words brought out a giggle from her lips and lightening her mood.

"I know you do you suicidal idiot." Uelesh joked as she lightly jabbed at Rodemman's arm.

There was a sound of something falling to the ground followed by a gasp. Uelesh's eyes widened as she stared back at the woman in front of them.

"Uelesh?" The woman called out, her voice wavering while tears threatened to stream down.


Without waiting a moment, her mother rushed towards her and took her in a warm embrace.

"My daughter! You're alive! Oh thank the Gods!" She exclaimed in obvious joy and relief using the eldar toungue.

Her mother sobbed while continuing to hold her. Uelesh sniffed, trying to avoid following her mother into tears but found it difficult to do so. It was true that their parting when she joined Yau'le's merchant caravan were under bad conditions to which she had attributed to her brother's death that had devastated their family. Yet even then, there was no doubt in her that she still cares for her parents. Finding the strength to lift her shaking arms, she reciprocated and held her mother tighter.

"When they told us that Yavin has fallen, I and your father thought that we have lost you as well."

"There are a lot of things that happened...even before Yavin, mother." The young eldar replied as the two released each other.

Her mother hadn't aged a bit since she last saw her. She still had the silver hair to which she had inherited hers. Her angular face, though some lines were visible was still generally pristine despite her age being two hundred years older than her. Her arms were as strong as they were before, a product of being a former banshee herself yet it had begun losing the firmness it once had. She still held that concerned expression that was only reserved for the closest of her kin and confidants. The touch of time showed in its own subtle ways but as she was seeing it firsthand, it never seemed to hamper her mother. Even all the things that had wracked their family, she was still the mother that Uelesh knew and cherished.

"And you will tell us all of it once we return home." Her mother said.

Wiping the tears on her daughter's face, she beamed at her happily.

"I missed you, me and your father."

Uelesh had a small melancholic smile in return.

"I-I'm not sure that father does. Knowing what...happened three years ago. I doubt that three years will be enough to heal the wounds. Time is a trivial thing for us eldars after all."

Her mother shook her head. "I won't say anything. You and your father have the right to mend things with each other without my interference."

Uelesh laughed nervously. "I-if you say so...mother."

The older eldar nodded. "Yes, now let's go home. Is that human made bag your only belongings or are...there..."

Noticing her mother staring right past her, she suddenly realized something that she had forgotten with the emotion fueled moment. Steeling her nerves, she walked towards the stiff Rodemman who flinched when she encircled his arms with her own.

"Yes...actually." She answered with flushed cheeks using low.

Without much resistance, she guided the guardsman forwards her mother.

"Mother...I'd like you to meet Lieutenant Rodemman lover." She announced.

"Rodemman meet Ilroria Brightforge, my mother."