Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome! "A Lost Girl" was my first fanfiction ever (I actually started writing it way back in 2012). It was originally was written in German and received some pretty positive feedback, so I decided to make it accessible to a wider audience and started translating.

Some general information: I'm keeping the canon pairings, the Cullens are all vampires. There will be no wolves in this story (I never was a huge fan of them anyway). It is rated M for quite a bit of violence, but there most likely won't be any lemons and I am not planning on having any really discriptive violence-related scenes either, so I might change the rating to T sometime, I'm not sure yet.

I also want to warn you that it will take quite a few chapters until the actual love story starts, as Bella and the Cullens first have to go through some tough stuff. Don't let that scare you off. It'll be worth it!

As I said already, this is a translation, but if you have any requests or suggestions regarding the story - I'd love to hear them. Is there anything I keep doing wrong (like English-wise)? Let me know. Anything you really like? Let me know. Any feedback is highly appreciated! Happy reading!



Bella's Pov.

I was lying on the floor – crying, one hand on my belly, the other arm around my knees, trying to hold myself together. I didn't want to fall into pieces. I was sobbing while my life was running past me in my mind's eye. I hated this damn talent. Some people would call it a gift – and sometimes it really was but at the moment it made everything even harder to do. I had to go through everything once more.

My mom died because a heroin overdose when I was five years old. The headmaster of the protectory hated me, so she barely gave me any food. I had nightmares every night. Charles and Elizabeth had taken me with them as a frightened five-year-old. I hardly spoke for a whole year.

The other pupils who bullied my because of the scars on my back. I didn't think that they were trying to be mean – I just was different and they were afraid. People were always afraid of things they didn't understand. When I was 12 a group of men kidnapped me. They tortured and raped me and kept me for several months. When they finally found me, I spent a long time at the hospital.

Now the only good thing in my life – Abigail, my little sunshine. She probably was the only reason why I even tried to survive, and I did, even when things got hard. Now I was here and she was all alone. She came into my life four years ago. These years were at least a little bit better than the other ones.

These years had taught me acting. I was a good actress – by now, everybody thought I was OK again. But this would never happen. Never ever in my life could I put this behind me.

Two month ago my trust had been broken again – by my first, only and also last boyfriend. Never ever I could love somebody in that way again. This was the reason why I came here. Why I left Abby alone. Jacob. Because of him I would never be able to trust anybody again.