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Wyatt Halliwell winced as his little brother, Chris, was blasted across the room by one of the three Warlocks that had broken into their home in an attempt to steal their Book of Shadows. Honestly, this happened fairly regularly. Most of the time they avoided destroying the furniture that littered the attic, but it happened. He doubted that even his dad would be able to repair it this time judging by how many pieces the cabinet was now in.

While Chris had managed to take out one of the Warlocks, with him out of commission that left Wyatt with the other two, and these Warlocks seemed a bit more competent than the ones that he normally dealt with. He ducked an antique lamp as it flew at his head before finally landing a hit on the weaker of the two Warlocks still fighting. It was now just him and what appeared to be the eldest of the three.

Not only had both sides been fighting with active powers, but because of a Warlocks ability to steal powers, they had both been casting spells constantly in a never-ending stream of babble that could no longer be understood by either party as they continually worked to keep their own individual powers...or in the case of the Warlock...steal Wyatt's.

From what Wyatt could tell from the gloating of the three Warlocks when they had been found in their attic, they were actually bothers from a long line of Warlocks. It had been their intent to add the powers of the Charmed line into their own so that they could make themselves unstoppable forces of Evil.

Because everyone and their brother still wanted to be the next big bad down in the underworld. Really, Evil never sleeps.

The Warlock bothers, (Evil people rarely bothered introducing themselves before attacking) had their own version of a Book of Shadows which they had boasted that they would call the Book of Shade and was currently blank…their intention having been to copy the magic from their Book into their own. Something Wyatt could honestly say had the potential to work around the current protections around the Book. No one had really tried to copy their Book before…mostly everyone just wanted to steal it.

and honestly…Shade? How much more unoriginal can you get? Thought Wyatt as he dodged out of yet range of another attack. They even had made their book look like theirs, possibly so that no one would know that they copied the book instead of stealing it.

Wyatt narrowed his eyes on the only threat left and started throwing everything he had at the Warlock while still muttering practically any spell he could think of at this point. Even he wasn't sure what he was casting now. He was simply countering every tug on his magic with whatever came to mind. He was pretty sure that he had called for lost witches at some point when one of the Warlocks stole is power of Photokinesis.

It was a mess and whatever he did worked because he got his power back. He had meant to call for his power but got distracted by one of the others flinging a fire ball at him. Whatever...it worked.

As they continued to fight and spells continued to be cast, magic began to fill the air in multi-colored orbs, focusing mainly around the two books laying on the floor by the stand that normally held the Book of Shadows. Neither men fighting noticed as the orbs got thicker and brighter the longer they continued.

Chris Halliwell groaned as he propped himself up on his elbows in the pile of rubble that once was a storage cabinet, wincing as an unknown piece of something his family had kept dug into his ribs. By how blurry the room appeared he was sure that he had a concussion.

He sluggishly turned his head towards the door when it burst open and his mom and aunts rushed into the room. He grinned as they quickly took stock of the state of the room and clasped hands. They very rarely used their magic to combat evil anymore, leaving the family duties to the next generation while they lived their normal lives. Yet when needed, the Charmed ones were always there.

Phebe closed her eyes for a moment before she began chanting a spell she made up on the fly, she more than the others, was the fastest at making up rhymes and had been the one that had taught the next generation how to create spells.

"Your greed for power is a waste

Let that which you have stolen

Be lost to time and space."

Page and his mom quickly joined in after memorizing the words to the new spell, joining their power into a Power of Three spell.

Chris blinked as a flash of light caught his attention across the room. He carefully turned his head, wincing at the pain the movement caused as he looked for the source of the light. He blinked in confusion as the multi colored orbs that were building up around the Book of Shadows and the blank copy began to brighten even more. Each time his mom and aunts repeated the spell, the lights would get just a little bit brighter and thicker. As his brother was still fighting the remaining Warlock, he was the only one to notice the odd occurace.

Unfortunately, his attempt to point out the lights to the others went unnoticed as the Charmed Ones finished the spell for the third time. A loud bang and flash of light caused everyone to close or shield their eyes in defense. When he could kind of see again after blinking repeatedly (the room was still kind of blurry though) He slurred out a question meant for any and everyone.

"Hey." He slowly pointed over to the Book of Shadows where it was sitting on the floor. "Did you guys see all the lights?"

"Chris, honey, are you okay?" His mom was beside him before he could process the question and was already starting to fuss at his injuries.


Phoebe had gone and placed the Book back onto its stand and was now checking to see if it had been damaged in anyway. "It looks like the book is alright."

Page was checking over Wyatt while asking what had been going on.

After the sisters found out that the Warlock had been attempting to copy the Book instead of stealing it, they looked around for the book that was meant to be the copy., Piper starting to clean as she looked. When a search turned up nothing, they declared that it was destroyed with the three Warlocks and everyone put the matter out of their minds. Only Chris thought about the orbs of light he had seen, but as everything seemed normal, he too eventually forgot about the experience. He thought it was probably caused by the concussion he had if no one else had seen anything.

For all that the situation had been a battle against Good and Evil, the day the Warlocks had tried to steal the Powers and Magic of the Charmed line ended up just being a normal day for the family. Their lives went on, they raised their families, and they saved their innocents.

By the time the Charmed Ones were ready to meet Death, they had truly had a charmed life.

In a completely different world where magic worked a little bit differently, Lily and James Potter were enjoying some...quality time...after James arrived at home a bit banged up from a confrontation with Death Eaters. They were newly married and found themselves in bed often when something from the escalating war had placed one of them in danger.

While they were having…quality time…together in their little flat, Dumbledore was across town giving a job interview to Sybill Trelawney. He had rented a private room at the Hogs Head to hold his interviews for years in an attempt to get his brother to interact with him, but even the possibility of getting his brother to speak with him was not enough to make him feel excited about this interview. He was probably going to end up just doing away with Divination as a class. You either had or you didn't and the poor woman obviously didn't.

At least he felt that way until the spacey woman's eyes rolled back in her head and she began to speak in a hoarse voice. His eyes sharpened as he listened to an actual prophecy from a woman he thought was nothing more than a fraud a second ago.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

His eye twitched as he heard a commotion in the hallway while the prophecy was being made, he wished he could run out and take care of whoever was listening, but he could not take the risk. It was an effort to keep his focus on the prophecy. He needed to pay attention so that he would be able to view it again in his pensive and make his plans. Of course, he would have to find out if and what had been heard and by whom...he would just do it later. This…this prophecy could change everything.

While Dumbledore plotted, and planed, the Potters lay in their bed and tried to catch their breath. James smirked and looked over at Lily, who was flushed and breathing deeply.

"I just rocked your world, right Lily-flower?"

Lily rolled her eyes as she turned her head to take in her panting husband. "More like I rocked yours, you great dolt." She bit her lip as she pondered what had just happened. "James, what was that? We never had accidental magic while having sex before."

James just shrugged and pulled Lily back into his arms, running his fingers through her red hair as she placed her head onto his chest. "I don't know. It was awesome though.

Both eventually fell asleep in each other's arms while pondering the glowing balls of magic that had surrounded them while they had been making love.

The light show, while beautiful, was not really what they were focusing on at the moment and the lights were gone by the time they were finished, so neither of them had really seen how the lights had condensed until they flowed into Lily's stomach with one final pulse of light.

They also didn't notice the new Book that appeared in Lily's school trunk, tucked underneath one of her scarves.

As far as they knew everything was normal and they had just had really great sex that resulted in accidental magic.

Time continued to march on and eventually Lily discovered that she was pregnant. It was exciting as one of her best friends found out that she was also pregnant and they were due at the same time. They were ecstatic that they would be raising their children at the same time and that they would not have to go through their first pregnancies alone.

At least they were excited until Dumbledore found out. James and Lily had been in shock when they found out that their unborn baby could be the one prophesied to defeat the Dark Lord. Their mood lowered even more when they were told that Lord Voldemort knew about part of the prophecy and that he would be coming for them.

Apparently, Dumbledore had someone on the inside now that had warned him that Voldemort was going after the children that would be born at the end of July…and his focus for some reason was going to be their baby if he was born within that time frame. He was already planing on killing their unborn child on the off chance he was born at the end of July.

Time seemed to fly as the Potters did their best to protect themselves from the threat of the Dark Lord. They moved into a small cottage in Godric's Hollow and placed it under the Fidelius Charm with Peter Pettigrew as their Secret Keeper. They were hopeful that he wouldn't even be considered as a possibility for the Secret Keeper which would give them an added layer of security.

Their stress levels escalated when their son was born at 11:59pm on July 31st. Not only had Lily been begging that the baby would hurry up and just be born already…because labor was painful…but she had also spent most of her fourteen-hour labor begging that he just wait just a little bit longer…until 12:01am so that he could be an August baby.

Lily had some very strong conflicting emotions when she heard the time her son had been born. As she held him she cried and rocked him while whispering how much she loved him and that she would do anything she could to protect him.

She knew that even with Alice having given birth the day before, that Harry's birth would be considered even more proof to the Dark Lord that he was the one from the prophecy.

As time went on and their isolation continued, Lily continued to look for anything that would protect her son. Unfortunately, nothing could block the killing curse, and that was the spell favored by the Dark Lord. He was quick to take advantage of the fear that the streak of acid green could cause.

Harry was almost one and a half when it finally happened. It was a shock to the system when James had yelled for her to take Harry and run. She had grabbed her son and ran up to his nursery so that they could take their emergency portkey to Potter Manor, the small manor where James had grown up.

It was as she clutched the pendent in one hand while whispering the password that she came to the worst realization of her life. Peter…Peter had betrayed them. Not only had he been their secret keeper, but he must have told the Dark Lord about the portkey as it was clear that it was being blocked.

Tears already rolling down her face, she placed Harry in his crib while trying to reassure him of her love. Her tears flowed faster as she heard the voice she heard in her nightmares say the spell that she already knew ended her husbands life.

As she heard footsteps walking up the staircase, she grabbed for her wand, prepared to do anything to save her son. She would be willing to cast Fiendfyre if it would cause the monster coming for them to break the hold on the Anti-portkey wards he must have put up.

When her hands found only air in her pocket she whimpered. She could see in her mind where her wand had been laid on the end table while she had read Harry a story on their couch in the den. Her wand was downstairs. A quick and desperate look around the nursery assured her that no, she had not left any weapons in her one year old's bedroom. How very…responsible of her.

As the door was blown open, she stepped in front of her son. If he was going to kill her son, he would have to get through her first, and if at all possible, she was going to fling herself at the monster and dig her thumbs into his eyes.

When he told her to stand aside, she told him no and took a step forward. He was just ten feet away now.

She begged and pleaded as she took two more steps forward. He once again told her to stand aside.

Eight feet away.

She was babbling anything that came to mind at this point…take me instead…anything but my baby…he is not a threat to you…take me instead. Another two feet taken as she begged.

Only six feet away now.

Unsure if she would be able to creep forward anymore, Lily prepared to throw herself at the Dark Lord, fully intending to blind the man before she grabbed her son and ran. It was the only thing she could think of.

Her eyes widened as he seemed to accept her pleas…he did say "as you wish" after all.

Before he finished the first part of the spell she knew she would never be able to reach him in time. With one flash of green, her life was over and done.

Voldemort sneered as he stepped over the body of Lily Potter and faced the baby that was prophesied to defeat him.

"I make my own destiny child. I will not allow you to get in the way of my plans." He felt absolutely no remorse as he raised his wand, the tip already glowing green, to the toddler crying in the crib.

Everything just happened so fast after that. Even if his genius had been unaffected by the many rituals he had gone through he would not have been able to process what happened next.

From Voldemort's point of view the curse hit and caused some kind of explosion of blue lights…which made no sense as the killing curse was green. Before he could process the oddity of the color change, the spell had somehow backfired and he had been expelled from the house as a wraith.

He never saw Harry reappear in his crib sounded by blue orbs, nor did he see a small piece of his soul break off and get caught within the orbs as Harry reappeared. He didn't see the orbs continue to surround the little piece of his soul until it had been isolated from Harry's own soul…seemingly contained in a bubble of its own. He didn't see it when Harry's forehead broke open under the pressure of the contained soul peace, leaving a lightning bolt to mark its location.

Hours later, Harry had been removed from his destroyed nursery and flown on a motorcycle across country so that he could be left on his aunt's doorstep thanks to Dumbledore making more than a few assumptions about what had happened.

He assumed in all his great wisdom, that Lily Potter had invoked some type ancient or unknown type of sacrificial magic that would protect her son from Voldemort and his followers. That love had conquered evil and that Lily's love continue to keep Harry Potter safe until he fulfilled his destiny.

He created Blood Wards at the home of the Dursley's despite being fully aware of Petunia's feelings towards her sister. After all, he had been at James and Lily's wedding where Petunia had wished Lily dead and all but disowned her. He knew that she would not love the boy and that the boy would not have a good childhood, but in the greater scheme of things, what was one boy's happiness in the face of so many others.

This was for the Greater Good.

Dumbledore made his assumptions, believing that he knew everything about what was going on. He even knew of the lingering evil residing in the boy's scar after all. No one could hide anything from him. After he left the boy on the doorstep, he quickly made his way back to his office. He had planning to do and very little time to do it in. He needed to help Harry meet his destiny…he only felt a moment of grief at the thought of the boy being destined to die while saving the world.

It was a pity that Dumbledore did not know what had saved Harry Potter…what events that occurred that led to him being the child of prophecy in the first place.

He had no idea, that in another world the fight between good and evil was ever ongoing.

He didn't know that a fairly normal fight within that world had saved Harry Potter after shaping his destiny.

Actually, there was quite a bit that a lot of people didn't know. No one knew that the spell to copy the Book of Shadows and the powers and magics of the Charmed Line had been successful before the Charmed Ones own spell had cast them into a new world where magic was used differently despite magic being magic. Each world developed their own ways and methods, after all.

Neither the Charmed Ones or Dumbledore had anyway of knowing that the theft had already fully occurred when the spell directing that which you have stolen be lost to time and space was recited. Dumbledore didn't know about the other world after all and the Charmed Ones still had all their powers and their own Book.

Neither knew that such strong magic needed an outlet…even if magic already existed in its new environment. Even if it was only a copy. Charmed Magic was both ancestral and prophecy magic...so when the magic came into being in a new world, it found a host to contain it…sparking brand new prophecy bound to a brand new line.

Sure, Dumbledore heard the prophecy given by Sybil at her interview. It was a prophecy that dealt with an immediate need within an immediate area. A type of prophecy that was fairly common. There was an evil Dark Lord terrorizing the magicals of Britain, thus the prophecy given.

Dumbledore didn't hear the other prophecies though. His Magical enclave had a more immediate need and that need was met with the prophecy he received.

Others in different parts of the world heard something different though…each Enclave recording and storing the same prophecy in their archives.

Into a new world, what once was old magic is now new…

Powers coveted by many will be held by the one that will be true…

To protect the innocent, he will fight…

His powers he will dedicate to the light…

A new family Charmed, He holds all the power…

He will not falter…he will not cower…

His full power, for his progeny will divide…

What is needed, it will always provide…

His destiny awaits now that he is armed…

His family now and forever will be Charmed.

While it was not completely odd for so many enclaves to receive the same prophecy…this one still managed to raise a few brows. It went through more than the usual testing to verify its validity.

Most prophecies were like the one given by Trelawney. Most were unclear and hard to decipher.

Sometimes they were a little less…wordy or lyrical, and most of all…they normally did not rhyme.

At least not that much.

If it had not been for the extensive testing and the fact that each enclave outside Britain received the same prophecy it would have been written off as a very odd poem. Even the Centaurs knew of the prophecy.

No one really paid any attention to it after it was verified...after all, while pretty it just does predict a charms prodigy that somehow masters really old charms spells, right? Honestly? Just how useful are charms when it comes to defending others? Maybe some charms that help with law or something.

After giving a few guesses, most just gave up...so it wasn't as clear cut as they originally thought, it was still just a prophecy for a charms prodigy that will give birth to more people gifted in charms.

That was great...the world could use more charms.

Glowing orbs around the world containing the new Charmed Prophecy were placed on their shelves and mostly forgotten by everyone.

No one would realize for a long time just what it meant to have someone in their world now Charmed.