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Because September first fell on a Sunday, the Children were set to start classes the day after they arrived. Harry really didn't understand why they were not given a small period of time for everyone to settle, but many things in the Wizarding world were like that. The train came on September first and classes started on the next weekday. If the train came on Friday, students had Saturday and Sunday to acclimate.

Most of the younger years would be completely stressed while trying to settle in and be ready for classes the next day.

Harry kind of cheated though.

As soon as Terrence Higgs left him in his new room, and he had warded his door for privacy like Regulus had taught him, Harry called Kreacher.

Kreacher had been pleased to serve Harry once Regulus had assured him that Harry would take care of the locket. Harry, while not being terribly close to the elf, appreciated all the work that he did to keep Grimmauld Place clean. He still did think it was a bit odd when Kreacher would sneak into the Dursleys to clean while everyone was sleeping, but house elves loved to clean, so he didn't say anything after the fourth or fifth time finding him when he was getting water or going to the bathroom.

Apparently if Harry lived there, Kreacher could do whatever he wanted. Kreacher apparently wanted to clean.

And now Harry was going to be living at Hogwarts…and Harry wanted his elf to be happy.

Kreacher was quick to start unpacking Harry's trunk and set up the room while Harry went into the attached bathroom and started getting ready for bed.

By the time he reentered his room in the pajamas Kreacher had left on the counter for him, Kreacher had rugs on the floor, the bed changed into sheets he got from only Kreacher knew where, his large mirror was attached to the wall so that he could contact Regulus for his other studies and for contacting the other side. A dresser Harry was pretty sure was from one of the rooms at Grimmauld Place was a new addition. He was not positive, but the desk and bed also looked a bit different and may have also been replacements, or maybe just changed by elf magic.

Kreacher had apparently done this for Regulus once he found out that heirs were allowed to call their elves even though it was frowned upon by Dumbledore. James had been quite furious that he had not thought of that trick when he was still in school.

The room might have been a bit bigger too, but Harry hadn't paid that much attention since he had needed the restroom after such a long feast and train ride.

All in all, Harry was pleased and sure that he would be comfortable while at Hogwarts.

Not seeing Kreacher around, Harry just climbed into bed and set an alarm for six in the morning. He was used to waking up early as Regulus had been in charge of his schedule for so long, and he had wanted Harry to be acclimated to Hogwarts schedule when he attended.

The next morning he was ready and waiting in the common room when the prefects started coming down to wake the first years. Four of them had been selected to wake and escort the first years around for the first week.

Harry closed his book when he noticed Terrence Higgs approach him and looked up at the sixth year.

"Good morning, Mr. Higgs."

Terrence blinked at the polite greeting before responding in kind. "Good morning Mr. Potter." Normally the students were not quite as formal while at the school, but the greeting spoke of the ease of which Harry acted to a fellow heir. "While at school, you can refer to everyone without the Mr. or Ms. You of course can use first names with permission, but we are not quite so formal while here."

"I see, thank you." Harry nodded his head.

"I am not required to wait to escort the first years, but as you look to be ready for breakfast, would you like to walk with me?" Honestly, he was beyond curious about the little first year. He had spoken with a few of his classmates the night before about Harry Potter and his five OWLs. Having just taken his last year, he knew just how hard and stressful it had been for him, and here was a little eleven year old that had five already.

It was mind blowing.

"I would like that very much." Harry placed his book back into his bag and followed the older boy though the hallways as they chatted. Thanks to spending so much time with Regulus, Harry was not at all put off the other trying to gather information about him.

"Are you excited to finally attend Hogwarts? I imagine that you had an excellent tutor with you already having five OWLs."

While he answered, Harry inwardly chuckled at how the boy presented his question. The question was actually the statement that would have been meaningless if he had been conversing with a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

"I suppose I am. I have wanted to study Potions and Herbology here as the Professors are Masters in their fields, but with my schedule it was not a sure thing that I would attend. I could have simply continued to home-schooled with my tutor if Hogwarts could not accommodate an accelerated schedule." As they walked they transitioned onto other subjects.

When they reached the Great Hall and took their seats, Harry simply sat with Higgs as they were still conversing politely about their favorite subjects and what Higgs thought about each of the teachers.

After they had been joined by the rest of the first years and the rest of the houses, the Heads of Houses started handing out schedules.

At the Slytherin table, some of the students noticed that Snape would stop and speak in depth about a few student's schedules as he was handing them out, speaking longest with Harry Potter and pointing out things on his schedule to which Harry nodded his understanding before thanking Snape.

It took a few moments after he had gone before Higgs spoke up. "Potter, may I see your schedule to see who else is assigned as your escorts. By the way, since Magical theory is after lunch tomorrow, I will just meet you here."

Harry smirked a bit before handing his much longer than normal schedule over to the older boy. Its length was due to it having notes of who was escorting him where for the first week as well as information for when Snape could be found in his office during his free periods. He had to hid a grin as Higgs looked over his very busy schedule.

"Well, it looks like you have Potions first. Allow me to introduce you to Adrian Pucey and I suppose I will see you later."

Even though he was busy that first week, he could see the surprised and inquisitive looks he got from the other students as he joined them in their classes. He was sitting classes with third, fourth, fifth and sixth years, which had never happened before as far as anyone knew. The fact that he was keeping up was just as surprising as his presence in their classes for the older students.

The Slytherin students were all simply watching and observing their fellow housemate while waiting for directions from home on how to act regarding Harry Potter. Almost all of them had sent home letters their first day of classes with the information that Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin and already had five OWLs.

They had been prepared for a first year Gryffindor, not a Slytherin who couldn't really be classified by class year other than possibly seventh as it had gotten around the common room that he was taking four NEWTs that summer after Hogwarts let out and he took three OWLs at the end of the year.

He was nothing like they had expected.

Of course, once their parents started investigating the information their children had sent home in letters, news got out and that Friday there was an article about Harry in the Daily Prophet.


On Sunday, the children of the Wizarding World once again left to begin their studies at Hogwarts. Those seven years for most of us that attended those hallowed halls, were some of the most exciting and defining of our lives.

This year had been long anticipated, not only because some prominent names will be attending this year, but because Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived is attending Hogwarts this year.

As far as anyone knew, no one had seen Harry Potter since the night his parents were tragically murdered in front of our savior by You-Know-Who. However, it has come to this reporter's attention, that, while we may not have seen him or heard from him despite all the letters that have been sent to the Boy-Who-Lived to thank him for his sacrifice, he has been here all along.

After being sorted into the house of Slytherin, the house of the Cunning and Ambitious, it became clear why that house was chosen. Our Harry Potter is a prodigy and very ambitious in his studies.

This reporter has found out that Harry Potter is not taking any of the first or even second year classes and in fact has already earned five OWLs. That's right my dear readers, Harry Potter has already sat five OWLs all with Outstandings.

Though this reporter has not been able to get in touch with the Boy-who-lived at this time, I promise to keep all of my dear readers up to date with our savior's studies, as it is clear that we will see great things from him in the future.

Rita Skeeter

While most of the students in the Great Hall were discussing the article, with one first year at the Gryffindor table being heard to exclaim how unfair it was that he got to study ahead, Harry was staring at the paper with narrowed eyes.

After his last class, the Study of Ancient Runes was finished for the day, Harry made his way to his room and warded the door so that he would not be disturbed.

"Regulus." The word was the only thing he said, and even though he was upset, he smiled when he saw Regulus appear in the mirror that hung on his wall. As they were not sure if Reapers would be noticeable to the wards around the school, the mirrors were the best way for them to keep in contact.

"Hello Harry. I wasn't expecting you to call tonight. Did you run into trouble with one of your assignments?" It would be surprising if he did as Harry was well used to self-study.

"No, I just had a thought after reading that article about me this morning. Where exactly is all this mail I was supposedly sent?" Harry had never received anything from the Wizarding World until his Hogwarts letter, and though he was expecting to hear from Madam Bones and Gringotts, that was because he had business with them and was expecting them to contact him.

Regulus tilted his head. "That is actually a good question. Since you haven't received anything, you must have a mail ward on you." He was silent while he thought for a moment. "Hn, I think that the best thing for you to do is to write a letter to Amelia Bones with the possibility of a mail ward being placed on you without your knowledge. It is illegal to interfere with the mail of a member of the Noble houses, much less an Ancient and Noble house or the Most Ancient and Noble houses. Though you could write a spell to get rid of it, she should see to it so that it can be investigated properly, especially since it was probably Dumbledore. You should ask her about everyone using your name for books and such as well. You may need a lawyer now even though you are so young. Have Kreacher deliver it once it is finished. It is possible that your outgoing mail is being screened as well."

Harry nodded, and after a few moments of chatting, Harry wrote his letter and sent if off with Kreacher before working on that week's homework.

Two days later as he was finishing his breakfast before heading back to the common room to work on some of his self-study subjects, Amelia Bones walked into the Great Hall with three other adults and a small box in her hands.

Dumbledore was quick to stand with his arms open wide, though there was no twinkle in his eyes. "Amelia, how wonderful for you to visit. Are you here to see you niece?"

She didn't even bother smiling at the old man who had caused her so much paper work. "As lovely as that would be, I am here to see Mr. Potter."

"Oh dear, I am sorry to say that it is against school policy for students to have guests that are not related. Your visit will need to wait until summer after school as let out." He looked terribly sorry to be giving the bad news…at least until she responded.

"I checked the school charter that is kept at the ministry and there is no such rule. All Heirs and Heads of Noble, Ancient and Noble and Most Ancient and Noble houses are allowed visits from anyone regarding house business without notifying school staff in advance as house business is none of yours. I could even see him during his class time and you could do nothing about it."

Most of the students in the hall were flummoxed at the harsh reply, and the Slytherins were even more surprised that the response had come from a well known Hufflepuff, Head of the DMLE or not. Harry had already started making his way over to his guests as had Snape and Dumbledore, who was now looking quite put out at the response he had gotten.

He tried to regain control as much as he could and tried to ignore the eyes that were watching and the ears that were listening to everything that was being said. "Ah, sometimes it is easy to forget things at my advanced age. Do forgive me, my dear. Let us take this to my office where you can meet with Harry and take care of whatever you needed a first year's attention to resolve."

Amelia didn't even move an inch as she deadpanned at Dumbledore. "It is obvious that your age is affecting your memory if you have already forgotten the magically binding restraining order Mr. Potter has against you and the ongoing investigations you are under. I can assure you that Mr. Potter's business has absolutely nothing to do with you." She ignored the muttering of the students as they reacted to the information she had provided as she turned to Snape. "Professor Snape, as you are Mr. Potter's Head of House, will you show us to a secure room for our meeting?"

"Please follow me." Snape hid a smirk at the pale visage of Dumbledore as he walked past and led Harry and his guests out of the Great Hall.

Dumbledore could do nothing as students rushed past, more than likely on their way to send letters home to their parents about the new information they had gained. He couldn't understand just when things had gone so wrong.

Snape led the Harry and his guests into a classroom in the dungeons that had been unused even when he was attending Hogwarts. Before he could leave them to their business, all three adults raised privacy wards and checked for any type of monitoring magics that may have been placed in the room.

Once everything had been cleared, Snape just raised a brow at the others. Harry had already cleaned a chair and taken a seat while he waited for the others to finish.

"Professor, you may stay as you are Mr. Potter's Head of House as a Hogwarts representative, despite the fact that one is not needed. I would rather there be an adult that knows what is going on just in case Dumbledore tries anything in the future."

Amelia took a deep breath before turning to Harry as the others claimed chairs for their own. "Mr. Potter, I have here," she raised the box she was holding, "not just the voting history of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter which has two votes, but also the voting history for the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black which has four. Gringotts contacted the ministry as soon as you accepted the Heir ring. Could you please explain how you came to be the Black Heir?" Snape had jerked his attention to Harry at the question.

"Ah, I did not realize that there would be a voting history for the Black seats. They should have been dormant with the ring unclaimed to prove rights to the seat. As to how I became heir, when my father and Sirius Black were sixteen they completed a Blood Brother bond that adopted them into each other's family making Regulus Black my uncle by blood at his death. While Sirius was passed over for the line of succession he was never actually disinherited from the family. Currently, as I have no children, he is my heir as the last male Black despite his incarceration." Harry tilted his head as he accepted the obviously shrunken box. "How is it that there is voting history for me to go through?"

Amelia sighed. "Once Gringotts notified me that you were the heir to the Blacks as well, I started pulling those votes as Dumbledore had been voting for House Black since just after the war. While pulling paperwork to send to you, I found that he did so by being appointed the proxy votes." She was pacing across the room now. "The only thing that I can think of would be if Dumbledore was appointed by Sirius Black at his trial for betraying your parents and killing those muggles as the last adult of the Black line, but it shouldn't have gone through if you were the heir."

She was working up to a good rant when Harry interrupted with a frown. "Wait, what?" His confusion caused everyone to look at him. "I knew he was accused of murder, but why would he be accused of betraying my family?"

"Oh, I am so sorry. I thought you knew. Sirius Black is the reason that You-Know-Who came after your family. They trusted him with their location and he told him where they were." Amelia was looking at him with sympathy.

Harry looked around at all of them. "Sirius wasn't my parent's secret keeper. Peter Pettigrew was. This should have come out at his trial."

The room was still for a moment as the five adults looked at Harry in shock. Snape eventually broke the silence as he drawled out the question they were all thinking. "How do you know that? It is common knowledge that Sirius Black was the secret keeper."

Shaking his head, Harry replied. "I don't know who told people that, but I have a journal from my parents where they would write down what was going on for me just in case something happened. They were like letters. The last entry from my mum was dated the day before they were killed and mum explained how the charm worked and that they had decided to use Peter Pettigrew as no one would think that they would choose him and because it would be easy for him to escape if he got captured due to the small size of his animagus form."

He did actually have the journal too since he had sent Kreacher for it once Lily had told him where it was kept in their old bedroom.

Plopping into a chair, Amelia muttered. "Animagus form?"

Giving a little nod, Harry explained. "He was apparently a brown rat. They thought that if he did get captured it would be easier for him to get out as a rat than for Sirius to escape. This should have come out at a trail though."

"When I get back to the ministry, I will look into the records for the trial. I will keep you updated, but I will do everything I can to find out what is going on there. I wasn't in office then, so I can't remember anything about the trial that isn't second hand." Amelia quickly started making notes on a notebook she pulled out of her pocket.

Everyone was content to wait in silence as her quill quickly scratched out reminders for what she would need to look into once she was done here. "We have gotten way off track of what we came for outside of delivering the paperwork for your House votes. Now, these three wizards with me are Mr. Greengrass, who is a law wizard I have worked with in passing for many years. I thought it best to bring him by and introduce you as you mentioned that you may need the services of one, and from what you said, he probably has the best skill set for working for someone as high profile as you are going to be."

Harry shook his hand with a nod of his head.

"I will leave him here with you once we are done and you can see if he will suit your needs. If not he may be able to direct you to someone who will. Here we have Mr. Talbot and Mr. McAllen. They are here to check you for any illegal magics placed on your person, such as the mail ward you suspect."

Harry greeted each wizard politely and followed directions as he was directed to stand between them. One apparently would be casting the detection wards while the other recorded the information if anything turned up. Harry was not surprised when he could see that the one recording was quickly doing his job.

Once they were done, he listened as Amelia received their report.

"There is definitely a mail ward on Mr. Potter. It looks like it is set to redirect outgoing magical mail directly to Dumbledore's office here at the castle, and all incoming mail to be destroyed except for specific magical signatures that he would need to approve." Harry was not the only person in the room to narrow his eyes in anger while Mr. Talbot spoke. "It also looks like Dumbledore has linked Mr. Potter to blood wards. As long as he considers his residence his home, he and his family will be afforded passive protection; but he would need to have used Mr. Potter's blood as well as the blood from a family member to raise the wards. As they were set the day after the Potter's were killed, Mr. Potter was too young to give consent, and he still may have his blood somewhere."

Harry closed his eyes as Snape and Amelia sucked in shocked breaths. Blood was not something that anyone would allow into the hands of even those that were trusted as the potential for abuse was so great.

Amelia was pale. "Once he is charged, I can have it searched for, but there is no telling if we will find it all. It is likely that it is hidden with magic."

"You can't do anything about it right now. We will just have to hope that he has no more of my blood and he won't be able to get more due to the restraining order. Can you just reset the mail ward to go to this post office box for sorting?" When he saw the raised brows as he handed over the slip of paper, he answered the unasked questions. "There is no use worrying about what we cannot change. I had my tutor set up a post box in Diagon Alley with the sorting services in case I was right about the wards. Let's just deal with what we can for now and I will worry about my blood later."

While it was obvious that the adults were not happy with his dismissing the issue of his blood so easily, they quickly set about changing his mail wards per his desires. Once they were done, Harry spoke with Amelia quietly. Once he found out that she was planning on holding a press conference with the details of her investigations, he quickly wrote a letter that he asked that she read for him. She had no problems agreeing before leaving with a smirking Snape.

Harry then spent a few hours with Mr. Greengrass. By the time they had finished and Snape had come back by to escort Mr. Greengrass out, they had come to an agreement and Harry had signed a contract so that Mr. Greengrass on retainer. He had been quite excited to start dealing with the people that had been using Harry's name without legal permission and he would be keeping in touch with Amelia in regards to the investigations into Dumbledore's actions regarding his new client.

Two days later, there were two new articles in the Daily Prophet. The title of the first article took up most of the top fold of the paper.


This reporter was shocked when attending a press conference given by the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones, to find that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin (first class), Headmaster of Hogwarts, our Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and our Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot is under investigations for his actions towards Harry Potter, our Boy-Who-Lived.

If finding out that someone we have placed such trust in was under investigation was not enough, this reporter is distraught to report that the invitations into Albus Dumbledore's actions are causing some distressing information to come light about our esteemed leader of the Light.

Though, with the information coming to light, can we really trust that he is Light at all, much less the leader of the popular political faction?

For those of you who are not aware, once Albus Dumbledore took his place on the political scene after his defeat of the Dark Lord Grindelwald, the Conservative political faction was renamed by Dumbledore to the Dark Faction while the new and more Radical Faction was call the Light Faction. These new labels stuck over the years as we blindly followed the words of the man we thought of as a savior. Surely, if the man who defeated the Dark Lord was telling us that he represented the Light, then we could trust him.

Now, all that we know is called into question.

Our very own savior from He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named, the most feared Dark Lord that these shores have known in centuries, our Boy-Who-Lived, has felt the need to enforce a magically enforced restraining order against the man we all thought was protecting him all these years.

What could be so bad that Harry Potter has felt the need for such actions, you may wonder, but my dear readers, I simply have no words that can express what our poor savior has gone through.

Is it jealously? Has Dumbledore gone dark now that we have a younger savior? Is he worried that Harry Potter is a threat to his titles?

At this time, I just do not know. But be assured, my dear readers. This dedicated and stunning reporter will not rest until I have found and reported to you what has caused the so called Leader of the Light to fall to such dark acts.

Rita Skeeter



I must ask that you have patience with me today as this will be a lengthy ordeal today.

Today, I am required by law to announce to the public that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has opened an investigation into Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore due to his public offices of Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.

All investigations into individuals that hold public offices within our Ministry are by law required to be open to the public to ensure that the public is aware.

This investigation started on July thirty-first of this year, when my presence was formally requested at the home of Harry Potter. Harry Potter requested my presence when he felt that his report of an attempted kidnapping was not being taken seriously by the responding Aurors.

Those same Aurors are now on desk duty and required to complete training classes to ensure they understand their jobs and duties to ensure that no one else in our community feels that we are not taking your reports of crimes seriously. All Aurors are currently being reviewed on policies in response to this issue.

Once I had arrived at the home of Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore had just arrived along with some of the teachers from Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore immediately tried to dismiss the report, even though he had just arrived at the location and only the person making the report can dismiss said report.

It soon became clear that Harry Potter had initially made a claim of attempted kidnapping against an individual that has since been cleared, as they had been acting under Dumbledore's orders and was deemed not mentally capable of understanding the legalities of the situation. The fault for the attempted kidnapping was deemed to be the sole responsibility of Albus Dumbledore.

Conversation between Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore quickly brought more information to light for this investigation. While trying to control what classes Harry Potter would be taking at Hogwarts and explaining that there had been no kidnapping attempt because he was Harry Potters Magical Guardian as he was assigned as such when his parent's wills were sealed, Harry Potter quickly corrected Albus Dumbledore.

As Harry Potter is the Last of an Ancient and Noble House, the Wizengamot is not able to appoint anyone as his Magical Guardian.

Due to the uncomfortably familiar way Albus Dumbledore was addressing Harry Potter, as well as his unwelcome intrusion into his home without permission, and the blatant attempts of controlling Harry Potter's education and life, Harry Potter requested and received a magically binding restraining order against Albus Dumbledore for his protection, and launched this investigation.

Investigations have shown that Albus Dumbledore has illegally been using the votes that the the Ancient and Noble House of Potter hold under his illegal appointment of Magical Guardian. Gringotts has also informed me that he used this title to steal both money and family heirlooms from the Potter Vaults.

All monies and items have been retrieved by the Goblins and returned to Harry Potter.

While informing me of the theft, Gringotts also notified me that Harry Potter is the rightful heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black and has accepted heir rings for both of his houses.

This new information from Gringotts brought to light that Albus Dumbledore has also been illegally using the votes of this house as well.

Due to a new concern that was brought to Harry Potters attention thanks to the previous article about his sorting and arrival at Hogwarts, Harry Potter contacted me, and we have since had a face to face meeting which brought to light even more issues for this investigation.

I had just handed Harry Potter the voting records for the Potter and Black votes that had been illegally used, when it came to light that Sirius Black was not the secret keeper for the Potters. Harry Potter is in possession of a journal where he learned that Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper due to his unlikeliness of being chosen and for his illegal rat animagus form, which the Potters felt was additional security for their secret keeper.

As this should have been common knowledge at the trial, I then searched for the trial transcripts to find out why there was such misinformation about what happened to the Potters as well as to investigate as to how Albus Dumbledore had been appointed as a proxy to the Black seats as it was possible that it had been done by Sirius Black at his trial.

It has been found instead that Sirius Black has yet to receive his trial and has already been moved to a secure location until such trial takes place. The same investigation showed that Albus Dumbledore, along with Bartemius Crouch Senior and the late Millicent Bagnold, signed off on Sirius Blacks illegal transfer to Azkaban.

This signed order brought to light even more for this investigation.

First, due to the timing of Sirius Black arrest and information gained from previous interrogations into the earlier attempted kidnapping on July thirty-first, Albus Dumbledore is also under investigation for the Kidnapping of Harry Potter the night his parents were killed. At the time that Albus Dumbledore had already placed Harry Potter with his relatives, Sirius Black was still the legal guardian for Harry Potter. Sirius Black had yet to be arrested or charged and Albus Dumbledore had not yet placed himself as his illegal Magical Guardian.

Also, this signed order brought to light that Bartemius Crouch Senior had helped his son to escape from Azkaban and was holding him in his home illegally under the imperious curse. Both Crouches are now in custody and awaiting trial and transfer to and back to Azkaban.

While at the meeting with Harry Potter which brought to light the issues regarding Sirius Black and his illegal incarceration, Harry Potter was checked for illegal magics, and it was found that Albus Dumbledore has been redirecting mail sent to Harry Potter since the death of his parents. The results of the test show that aside from a few exceptions that are redirected to his personal office at Hogwarts, all mail sent to Harry Potter prior to this past Sunday was destroyed. Additionally, all of Harry Potter's outgoing mail was also to be redirected to Albus Dumbledore.

Mail tampering of members of houses of Noble rank and above are criminal offences.

The test for illegal magics also showed that Albus Dumbledore used Harry Potter's blood and the blood of one of his relatives to place blood wards at his home. As Harry Potter was too young to give permission for his blood to be used, Albus Dumbledore is also under investigation for the use of illegal blood magics and blood collection for questionable purposes.

At this time, Albus Dumbledore is facing multiple charges. His positions in the public offices of Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot have currently been suspended.

Our department will do our best to keep the public updated with this investigation.

Before I finish, Harry Potter has asked that I read a short letter.

To my fellow Witches and Wizards,

I would like to apologize to any of you that have been kind enough to send me mail in the past. It is with a heavy heart that I have learned that your efforts to comfort and cheer an orphan have never reached their destination. Even though I did not receive the letters and gifts that have undoubtedly been sent, I want to let you know that I am very touched to know that it was the actions of another that prevented my contact with the Wizarding World. I am gladdened to know that I was not forgotten.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of response to your generosity to an orphan who would have loved your words of comfort throughout the years.

Thank you,

Harry Potter

Heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter

and to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

As the Great Hall sat in silence reading the morning paper and staring in shock at Dumbledore, who was quick to leave the Great Hall once he had read the paper, Harry Potter sat aside the paper that Kreacher had brought him when he woke up.

Going to his trunk and pulling his Book of Shadows out of it's hiding place, he opened it to a black page and watched as the new spell bled onto the parchment in dark red ink as he spoke.

As some part of a self-serving ploy

Someone has taken and stored my blood

I ask now for magic to come to destroy

And turn it all to useless mud

His mum would get a kick out of the irony when he contacted her later on the mirror.

Moments later he was placing his book back in its hiding place in his trunk and heading off to Arithmancy.