A Bad Beginning, A Bad Day

DISCLAIMER: I do not own newsies, and all that jazz. I own the plot, and all the fun little adventures they have. I also own Jack's intuitiveness. THAT IS SO A WORD. This story is eventually going to resemble something like good. I know this looked weird the first time I loaded it, so here goes the reload.


Jack had a feeling that today was not going to be a fun day.

He was right.


"Heya Dave, how's it rollin'?" Jack asked one of his best friends: David Jacobs. Dave barely looked up, and winced when Jack pat his shoulder. Jack looked at Mush. Mush had a sudden haunted look in his eyes.

**"Heya, John, how's it rollin'?" asked Francis Sullivan, age ten. His young Latvian friend Jonathon did not look up, and shied away from Francis's hands, fearing the pain from already bruised skin would be reawakened. "John? Whassamattah?"

"Me da."**

"Dave, what happened?" Jack asked tersely. Dave shook his head.

"I'm not gonna talk about it," he said darkly, not raising his head. Jack knew what was going on--or at least, he had a very good guess--and he took David by the chin and yanked his face up into the light. The newsies hissed in sympathy.

"Who?" Jack demanded an answer. "Who did it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Dave said with a bitter laugh.

"It was yer fathah, wasn' it, Mouth," Mush half-asked, half-stated.

"..." Dave wasn't very vocal in his denouncing of Mush's theory.

"Da Mouth havin' problems at home? I don' believe it. I knew it was gonna be a bad day, I jus' din't know how bad," Jack muttered. He walked up to Weasel and was about to pay for his papes when the man behind the counter called him something he hoped never to be called again.

"Frankie, Mistah Pulitzah wants ta see ya," Weasel told him.

"I got papes ta sell, Weas. Pulitzah can foind me on his toime, not mine. I have a job dat involves woik." Jack turned on his heel and walked away. "An' da name's JACK, Weas!" he shouted over one shoulder. The newsies snorted.


A/N: short, I know. I swear they'll get longer eventually. And for some odd reason, FFN does not want to give me my italics. The stuff in double asterisks (**) is a flashback, for future reference. And should I ever display a dream sequence, that will be in this little design *~*dream*~*. This story is going to get very confusing, since it's centering around Dave, Jack, Blink, and Mush and all their nasty little problems. Dysfunctional family alert, in a major way.