Chapter Fourteen: The End

There was a whimper. And a moan. Blink inhaled deeply, twirling red locks absently about his fingers. Irish's lips traversed his face.

"Baby . . . marry me?" Blink asked, catching her mouth for an instant.

There was another whimper. "Kay."


~Looking back, I suppose it was that terrible day that really started the best part of my life. It was then that I transcended into adulthood, leaving my childish adventures. Even my less-childish crusade against the aristocratic fat-cats who oppressed my people.

I found the love of my life - again - and watched my friends grow up and get married. Even Blink and Mush, the ladies' men. Even Dave, who talked too much for his own good sometimes. Ah, here's Emily. I bid you adieu.

--Jack Kelly~

*~*^*~*The End*~*^*~*

THERE. I resign from this story, let it be well-read and well-liked. I love you all, reviewers! I bid you adieu as well!

--Chronicles Bailey