I look at the gun in my hand. I don't know why I do this now. I know why, I just don't know why I didn't do this earlier. All time did was to give me more crimes to add to my list, more sins to atone for

All the people I have murdered in cold blood, all the lives that I have ruined. Looking back at them now, I wonder how I've managed to keep my sanity intact, how I even manage to get up in the mornings.

My hands are tainted with the blood of innocents, and no amount of water in the world can make it go away. I have killed so many, not once bothering to regret what I did. Now I do. I regret that I ever became a Turk. I regret I ever picked up a gun. I regret I was even born.

I can still remember the first time I was to assassinate a child. I had taken lives before, but never a child's. I remember the little girl looking at me with frightened eyes, crying silently. She was intelligent, she knew what was about to happen. I held the gun to her forehead, and whispered;

" I am sorry for this."

She only looked at me with sad eyes.

" Goodbye." She whispered back before I fired. She didn't once protest or ask me why. She knew why. Her father had told her. Her father was the one who paid my wages. Yes, it was President Shinra's daughter. You didn't know Rufus had a sister, did you? Sephiroth really did the world a favour when he killed the President.

I glance over at my travelling companions. They are playing a game of cards, laughing and joking, not a cloud on their sky, excuse my pun. I used to be like them, so innocent, so pure. Now, I am no more human than Chaos is. I have seen too much slaughter and death; I have seen too many people meet their ends, killed by my hands.

The thoughts about my past serve only to strengthen my resolve. Resolutely I lift my gun and point it at my temple, my finger on the trigger.


I look up and meet the gaze of Tifa Lockheart.

" We're leaving, Vincent." She says.

I sigh, and re-sheathing my gun, I follow her. We are going to the last battle with Sephiroth. That is the last thing I will have to do before I can end the life of the being that was once Vincent Valentine.