A Disaster Play Chapter 1

It was normal day on the Domino City. The students on the Domino high school are very happy because they going to have the annual culture festival. Yugi and company thought that could be a nice opportunity to relax and having fun. Then, it came the teacher on the classroom.

" I think you all know the Culture Festival is coming and the principal decided we're going do a play." Said the teacher. Everybody were happy for this year they would make a play.

"Wow, a play!"said Yugi very happy. It would be his very first time he would do a play.

/ I see you're happy, Yugi./ said Yamo from his soul room. Yugi smiled mentally to him.

// Sure Am I, Yami. I wonder what kind of story we're going to make.// Wondered Yugi to Yami.

"Hey, Miss. Caviar. What kind of story are we going to do?" asked Tea to the teacher.

"Well Miss. Grander, we're going to do "The Beauty Sleep." " said Miss Caviar as some students exclaimed.

Seto Kaiba was one of them. He couldn't believe it. From all the stories, they would do Beauty Sleep- a tale to little children. But Miss Caviar told to them that they're going to do Beauty Sleep, like it or not. Kaiba just glared at the teacher as she put on the table a box.

"Inside of this box has the name of characters and the works of the play. I want one by one get a tinny envelop. Don't open it until everybody all has one." Said the teacher as everybody on the room made a line to get the envelop in the box.

After everybody has an envelop, the teacher ordered to everybody to open it. Tea was happy because she will be the Queen. When she was going to ask to the guys what characters they got, she realized that Duke, Tristan, Bakura and Yugi weren`t very happy. When she was about to ask, but teacher had interrupted her as she spoke.

"And I need to warn you that you can't change the characters. Before you go, I want you get the script on the library." said Miss. Caviar as the bell had ringed.

Yugi, Bakura, Tea, Trsiatan, Duke and Joey were on their way to the library to get the script of the play. Tea had asked to the boys which character they would play. The boys, but Joey had brushed as they answered to their friend.

"Im going to be one of the fairies." said Yugi brushing with an anime sweet droop on the side of his head.

"You too Yugi? Im going to be the faires too." said Tristan totally embarrassed to them.

"The same here. How in the world did I get the fairy?" asked Duke to himself, almost shouting. Tea and Joey couldn't help but laugh. Then, it was Bakura's turn.

" And I going to be the evil witch." Said Bakura totally embarrassed. Tea and Joey laughed even harder. Duke shouted at Joey, asking to him witch character he would play. He smiled evilly as he showed the piece of paper with the name of his character.

"Im going to be the gallant and charming Prince Phillipe. I guess I was luckier than you guys." said Joey smiling as Yugi, Bakura, Duke and Tristan were in jaws down. They really couldn't believe it that Joey got the prince character. Especially Duke who wanted to get the prince character to himself.

Joey was about to enter in the library when someone had crashed on him. He fell on the ground as he heard the voice of person that had crashed on him. It was Seto Kaiba.

"Look where are you going mutt.! Shouted Kaiba as Joey glared at him. Tristan and Tea helped him to get up.

"You should look where are you going, Kaiba!" Joey shouted back to Kaiba.

"Humph, I don't have time for you mutt. Now I have to go."said Kaiba as he she walked away.

Yugi told to Joey to forget about Kaiba as they entered to the library. They asked to the Secretary the scripts for their play. She asked to them is it was The Beauty Sleep. They nodded. The young woman gave them all the scripts for the play.

"Don't mind you tell me who your characters are?" asked the secretary as Yugi, Duke, Bakura and Tristan sweet droop. Tea and Joey knew the why.

"Im going to be the Queen. The mother of princess Aurora." answered Tea.

"And Im going to be Prince Phillipe. By the way Miss, Do you know who's going to be Princess Aurora? Asked Joey as the Secretary giggled.

"Well, to be honest, I do. Seto Kaiba is going to be Princess Aurora."said the secretary gliged as Yugi, Duke, Tristan, Bakura, Tea and especially Joey's eyes widen in surprise.

"WHAT? THAT JERK IS GOING TO BE THE PRINCESS?!" shouted Joey so load that made the birds outside of the library flew away.

Yugi, Duke, Tea, Tristan, Bakura sweet droop as they were thinking that play is going to be a disaster, especially when Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler- mortal enemies are going to be the main characters.

To be Continue it.

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