A disaster play

Chapter 3

Yugi, Tristan, Duke, Joey and Bakura were in their way to Kaiba's mansion to assay for their play " The Sleeping Beauty". They really didn't liked the characters they got because all of them, but Joey were female characters. Joey was the only one who got a male character - The Prince Phillipe but the problem his princess was Seto Kaiba. And he still didn't forget his dream about they really were the characters from the fairy tale and kissed him, RIGHT on the lips.

"Tell me again Bakura. Why did you bring that video along with you?" asked Tristam to Bakura.

Bakura had brought the tape Disney's the Sleeping Beauty for their assay because it might help them to play the characters. Yugi agreed with Bakura because they still decide witch fairy they would play.

"I think Duke would play the blue fairy. Their personalities mach very well." Teases Tristan as Duke glared at him.

"Really? So that means you're going to be the pink fairy because you mach very well with her." said Duke as he and Tristan were glaring at each other. Joey, Bakura and Yugi sweet drop.

"That means I will be the green fairy." Remarked Yugi to himself.

Finally they arrived at Kaiba's place. Yugi rang the doorbell and Mokuba was the one to answer it.

"Hi guys. Big brother were waiting for ya all. Come in." Said Mokuba as they entered in the mansion. " Seto is waiting for ya at the living room." Said Mokuba as he told them the way to the living room.

The boys went to the living room and they saw Kaiba assaying. They knew that part that Kaiba was assaying. It was the part where Aurora would meet Phillipe first time in the woods. The boys had to control to not laugh.

"Laugh and you all die." Said Kaiba as he was turning back and glaring at them.

"Don't worry we wouldn't. You were assaying in the part in the woods, right? Good. Why not you and Joey assay together in that part now?" Said Yugi. Kaiba and Joey brushed because they both remembered about that weird dream.

"Come on guys, it's not so bad. It just a play." Said Tristan, somehow teasing them. The boys din't have much choice.

Yugi, Duke and Tristan sat down in the sofa while they were wachting Kaiba and Joey assaying the scenes of the woods. They had to control a little to not laugh.

"Don't go. Im not a stranger, we met before." Said Joey, as the Prince Phillipe.

"Where did we meet before?" asked Kaiba, as the Princess Aurora.

Joey , without realizing, he was looking deeply at Kaiba's eyes.

"Yes, once upon in a drea......" Joey was interrupted when Bakura was laughing.

Everything body was staring at him. Joey and Seto brushed a little and Duke finally asked what was his problem. Bakura finally stopped to laugh and he got up.

"That assay wouldn't be much easier if we were really inside of the fairy tale?" asked Bakura as the others looked at him confused. They thought he was crazy.

Without warning, the Millennium Ring began to glow. All the boys souls were taken from their bodies and locked inside of the video. The bodies fall lifeless in the ground ( but Duke, Tristan, Yugi since they were in the sofa.). The Millennium Puzzle glowed as Yami had taken the body. Bakura was beginning to getting up as Yami shaken him furiously.

"WHY THE HECK YOU DID THAT? WHAT'S ARE YOU UPING TO, TOMB RAIDER? COME ON, SPEAK NOW!" Shouted Yami very mad as Bakura had a hard time to breath because Yami was shaking very hard by his neck.

"I... I Not Him! Let.... Let me go. I.... Can't ......breath..." Yami realized that Bakura was really the hikari one and not his Yami. So, if he wasn't the tomb raider , where's him now?

Mokuba had come to the living room to check what was that noise when he saw Kaiba lying emotionless in the ground. Mokuba asked what happened with him and the others. Yami told to he wasn't sure what happened when Bakura realized something.

"Uh. Yami, you should check this." Said Bakura as Yami and Mokuba went over to the silver haired boy. Yami and Mokuba's eyes widen in surprise when they saw the cover of the video. It was Joey and Kaiba as the Prince Phillipe and Princess Aurora, Yugi, Tristan and Duke as the 3 good faires and Yami Bakura as the own the evil witch Maleficent. The 3 young boys sweet drop.

"He couldn't do that. Could he?" asked Bakura

"Yes, he would. Mokuba would you play this video ?" asked Yami as Mokuba nooded to him.

The young Kaiba brother turned off the giant television as the viedo began to play. Yami, Bakura, and Mokuba widen in surprise when they say Tristan as the pink fairy, Yugi as the green fairy and Duke as the blue fairy.

~Inside of the video~

Tristan, Duke and Yugi stared at the crow. They wondered how did they get there when they realized they were the faries from Sleeping Beauty and they were womans.

"Yugi, what the heck going on? And how did we get here?" asked Duke in paning.

"And why are we women?" asked Tristam totally embarrassed.

"I guess Yami Bakura locked our souls inside of Disney movie."

"SAY WHAT?!" Shouted Duke and Trisan at Yugi.

"Any problems, fairies?" asked the king.

Yugi, Tristan, and Duke sweet drop. Yugi whispered to them to they really play as they character , later they would figure something to get out from this mess. Tristan and Duke had to agreed with Yugi.

"N-nothing majesty. We just glad for you invited us for the birthday of your daughter; Princess Aurora." Said Duke as the others agreed with him.

The boys .... I mean the fairies saw the cradle. That where the young princess was. Then, somethig hit their thoughts. If they were the fairies, that means that baby was Kaiba! They went to the cradle to see the baby. It was really Kaiba because The real Aurora had blond hair and not brown hair.

"Dude, Kaiba will kill us after we get out from this mess." Said Tristan with an anime drop by the side od his head. "Now what?"

"I think its in this part where we give the gift." Said Duke.

"I saw this video when I was younger. You go first Tristan. You're the pink fairy and you give to her.... I mean him... hum... whatever , you give to Kaiba the gift of beauty. Later it will be me and then Duke. Got it?" said Yugi as Trisan and Duke nodded. They really want to kill Yami Bakura for that mess they were in.

"Well.... Young prince ... I mean Princess Kaiba..." Yugi and Duke slapped their foreheads as Tristan continued " I mean, Princess Aurora, I will give you the gift of beauty." Said Tristan as he rise up his magic wand as little stars fall in the baby. Now it was Yugi turn.

"Young Princess. I will give you the gift of sing." Said Yugi as he rise up his wand and little magic star fall in the baby. Now it was Duke's turn.

"Young Princess. Your gift is....." But he was interrupted by a strong wind.

All the people there stared at a green light when out of nowhere showed up someone who didn't was invited. It was....

"BAKURA?!" Shouted Duke, Yugi, and Tristan.

To be Continue.

Y.Y: Oh-ho. What will happen with them? Wait until the next chapter.

Kaiba: You tuned me into a woman?

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