Chapter 1

Goodness and Wickedness

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Once Upon a Time…

Yeah. What fairy tale story doesn't have an intro like that? Anyway, twenty years ago, Belle married her beast in front of six thousand of their closest friends. Must've been a really big cake. Though how in the world can you even make that many friends?

Instead of a honeymoon, they united the neighboring kingdoms along with their own to form the United States of Auradon, with the two of them as king and queen. And the first thing they did after the birth of Auradon was to round up all the villains, including the infamous Maleficent, and imprisoned them and their sidekicks on the Isle of the Lost. Surrounding the island was a magical barrier that not only kept them in, but prevented magic from being used as well.

However, there was one villain who was not on the Isle. Mostly because he was still stuck in the River Styx. I, of course, am talking about my dad: Hades. As in Hades: God of the Underworld. After he was beaten by Hercules, the Underworld was in chaos until Zeus put me, Hilda, in my father's seat.

Zeus made it very clear that the gods would be watching me. Though I had a feeling it was to see if I was going to be like Hades or not. And I wasn't going to give them the chance to punish me. That was around three thousand years ago and my body is still like that of a teenager, though my mind is like that of an old woman.

What does this have to do with the Isle of the Lost, you ask? Well, because I was the daughter of Hades, I can only completely and freely breach the surface on the Isle. I have free range in the Underworld, but not on the surface. Which is hard when there are stray spirits about. I had to get a special pass for that job and I did not what to go through something like that again. The only other ways I could leave the Underworld was if I was being summoned or I had business on Mount Olympus.

But one day, I felt something while I was going over the latest casualties of the day. I recognized the feeling and I couldn't believe it. I was being summoned on the surface. Outside the Isle. I couldn't help but be curious. After barking some orders to some lesser demons, I made my way to my room and made sure I looked presentable.

I had pale ash-grey skin, paler than my father's, dressed in a grey and black Greek floor-length chiton dress with a skull on the shoulder strap and a loose belt of bones around my waist, dark eyes, and instead of hair, I have blue fire. I took a glance at my teeth to make sure they were clean. I had teeth like mortals, but my canines were sharper. For that, some people think I was a vampire at first glance. After checking my black-and-blue polished nails, I poofed my way to where I was being summoned.

I found myself raising an eyebrow when I saw that my summoner was a brunette boy wearing a white shirt, gold tie, blue jacket, tan pants, and dark shoes. I raised my eyebrow at the scroll in his possession.

"You do realize that's not a grocery list, kid?"

After staring at me for a while, the boy's mind resumed function and cleared his throat.

"You are the daughter of Hades?"

I folded my arms, remaining unamused.

"Yeah? So? Look, I'm very busy so make this quick. You wanna know when you are going to die and how? Talk to the Oracle of Delphi or the Fates, though they may deter you from wanting to know the answer. Need someone killed? Talk to Nemesis. After the villains got imprisoned on the Isle, she's been pretty bored, lately. If it's about a funeral or who's going where, I can do the first, albeit being more of a Greek funeral than a modern one. I don't get out much. The second is a little sketchy. I can't tell where the living will go, but I can tell where their dead relatives are going or have gone."

The boy then raised up an arm to get me to stop talking.

"N-no! None of those things. Actually, I have a proclamation that concerns you…uh…"

I proceeded to finish his sentence, wanting to get back to work before Zeus found out I was on the surface.

"Hilda. Goddess of the Underworld, Lady of the Dead, and daughter of Hades. Hi, how-ya doin'? Now, what exactly does this 'proclamation' have to do with me?"

Remembering what he was going to say, the boy spoke again.

"A-alright, Hilda. Let me explain. My name is Ben. I'm the son of King Adam and Queen Belle. Next month, I'm going to be crowned King of Auradon. And one of the things I have to do as king is make proclamations. And I've decided for my first proclamation and that's allowing the children on the Isle of the Lost be given a chance here in Auradon."

My eyes widened at this. Was this kid really saying what I thought he was saying? The children of the Isle of the Lost…outside the island? I was beginning to wonder if this kid was crazy. I would have to contact the Goddess of Madness, Lyssa; or Hygeia, Goddess of Good Health; about this "Ben" boy.

"Really? You want the children of everyone's HATED villains here? What do you want me to do about it? Find a way to keep them in line? I think I can spare a couple of lesser demons, but you'll still need a permit."

He shook his head before he finally answered my question.

"No thanks. It's because I chose five children to come here and attend Auradon Prep. Their parents are Cruella DeVille, Jafar, the Evil Queen…"

"You mean Grimhilde? As in Snow White's stepmother?" I corrected.

Ben nodded, though he was surprised that the Evil Queen had a name.

"Yes. And the other two are the children of Maleficent…"

He then dropped the bomb.

"…and Hades."

I raised my eyebrow again. This time in disbelief. This kid wanted me to go to Auradon. Definitely calling Hygeia and Lyssa after this. A small portion of my brain was telling me to go for it. I've been stuck between the Underworld and the Isle for so long that I need a vacation. But there was a problem. Make that a series of problems.

"Look. As much as I appreciate you thinkin' about little ol' me, I can't attend your school."

I started to count fingers to the boy.

"Alpha, I'm too old to go to school. I may look like I'm sixteen, but I'm old enough to be your great x50 grandmother, if not more. Beta, even if I wanted to go, I have many responsibilities. Controlling Underworld demons, making sure no soul escapes the Underworld, etcetera. That reminds me: I still need an answer as to why your folks asked me to resurrect their dead enemies and kick them out of Tartarus and onto the Isle. Now it brings me to number Gamma."

"And that is?" the kid asked.

I pinched the bridge of my nose to relieve myself of some stress before I told him.

"If you want me to go to Auradon, you're gonna have to talk the Big Guy himself. A.K.A, Zeus. He's not only my uncle but my boss. But I doubt he'll even consider allowing me to attend."

The kid then spoke up, showing how determined he was that I attend Auradon.

"But what if I explain myself to Zeus and tell him that we need to give the children of villains a chance at being good by attending Auradon?"

"Then you're going to need a very strong argument against the King of the Gods. But trust me on this, Benny-Boy. It's not gonna happen. You can try. But it won't happen."

I then straightened my dress.

"Now if there isn't anything else, I best get back to the Underworld."

But before the kid could say anything, I poofed back into the Underworld.

Three Days Later…

I was struggling to contain my irritation that morning. Tyche, the Goddess of Luck, must've been in a bad mood because everything was going wrong as soon as I woke up.

First, the demons on the night shift fell asleep and dozens of souls were swarming the Underworld like flies on a hot day. Then, Charon, the boatman of the Underworld, came to me because his boat was on its last leg and he needed a new one.

After that, I had to vent my rage on some lower demons who were plotting to overthrow me. And Hecate, the Goddess of Magic, once again attempted to usurp me to take over the Underworld. Even after millennia, the old bat still didn't get it. Now, I was walking up the steps to Olympus because Hermes came down after I dealt with Hecate saying that Zeus wanted to see me. And as much as I wanted to say "No Way in Tartarus," I had to go.

It was clear as crystal. I needed a vacation. Badly.

I had to cover my eyes with sunglasses as I entered Olympus. Millennia in the Underworld doesn't do wonders for one's eyes. As I walked passed the golden gates, I noticed one thing: Olympus was practically deserted. Aside from a few minor gods, just about everyone was out. If my dad was in my sandals, he would've taken advantage of the situation to dominate Olympus. But I'm not my dad.

I didn't have to wait long before I was approached by a familiar goddess. My aunt, Hera. She came over to me with a smile and embraced me with a hug.

"Hilda! It's so good to see you, dear."

I tensed up at the hug, but I returned it. Cautiously. It took me thousands of years to get back on the gods' good side after what my father did. I did NOT want to shatter the slowly-repaired glass bridge.

However, Aunt Hera had noticed my caution and took a step back.

"Hilda, you know you don't have to be afraid."

I tensed up further upon hearing this.

"Afraid? Why would I be afraid? I mean, sure my father released the Titans in an attempt to take over Olympus, had Pain and Panic turn Hercules mortal in an attempt to prevent him from stopping my father, and everything else my father did to earn the distaste of the gods. Me? Afraid? Bah!"

But Aunt Hera saw right through me as usual. Truth is…I was afraid of the gods, including my aunts and uncles. Especially Zeus. I know they would never forgive Hades for what he had done. But since my dad was not here, the gods placed their hate on me. And I did nothing wrong! I doubted Dad would've listened to me whether or not I asked him. Once Dad had his mind set on something, he was committed. How did you think he got my mom, Persephone?

Let's not talk about my estrange mother, ok?

Aunt Hera led me to what you would call a Grecian parlor room. Everything was made up of cloud and kept in the style of Ancient Greece. The closest to walls in Olympus were cloud columns, so it was guaranteed any yelling was going to be heard throughout the seat of the gods.

After Aunt Hera let me sit on a cloud scissor-chair (medieval-styled chair), she took the Chaise Lounge cloud couch across from me. On the small table was plate of ambrosia and three glasses of nectar.

Three guesses who the glasses were going to be used by. And I won't say anything about what is ambrosia for the gods. Let's just say it's a pastry-like substance that tends to our immortality.

Aunt Hera and I took a piece of ambrosia before I spoke.

"So, Aunt Hera. Where's Zeus?"

I nervously took a bite, wondering what I did wrong to be summoned on Olympus with no one but my aunt to greet me. My aunt, noticing my nervousness, answered me, handing me my nectar.

"Your uncle will be here shortly. He is visiting your cousin and telling him about what we are going to discuss."

I raised my eyebrow, curious.

"Which cousin?" I asked.

I had a multitude of cousins, so I wondered which one my uncle was talking to. Aunt Hera took a sip of her nectar before answering my question at last.

"Your cousin, Hercules. About your admittance to Auradon."

I was so grateful that I wasn't sipping my nectar. I would've no doubt done a spit-take. Instead, I grabbed my nectar as I began to choke on my ambrosia. Once the ambrosia had been washed down, I gave my aunt an incredulous look.

"Excuse me, my dear aunt. But did you say my 'admittance to Auradon?'"

I was hoping this was a joke. There was no way the boy from three days ago had made a strong enough argument to present to Zeus! After handing me a napkin, my aunt continued, still wearing a serious look on her face.

"I did say that. Two days ago, Prince Ben from Auradon summoned Zeus and myself and told us of his proclamation. He said that you said you could not attend because of some red thread?"

"You mean 'red tape.' Red thread is a different subject to mortals these days. And yes. I told the boy that I couldn't go even if I wanted to." I told my aunt, drinking some more nectar.

Sometimes I wished I was drinking the hard stuff, mostly to knock some sense into me. Still, my aunt continued.

"I am well-aware of what you have said, Hilda. Prince Ben told us the reasons why you refused to go. To be honest, I think it will do you some good to go to Auradon."

I raised my eyebrow again at my aunt.

"How, exactly? What good would come from me attending a mortal school alongside the children of villains who were, no doubt, resurrected and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost out of shear spite; and children of heroes who would rather burn said children of villains at the stake rather than give them a chance for good? Not to mention the chaos the Underworld would get if I am not there to rectify said chaos."

I could go on about why I did not want to and could not go. However, Aunt Hera stopped me before I could go on with my rant.

"Hilda. I know you don't exactly give trust to anyone easily. Especially after what had happened to your father. But you have been cooped up in the Underworld for too long and it will be good for you to socialize."

"I socialize with the imprisoned monsters and demons on a daily basis. I've actually have poker on Thursdays." I retorted.

"Maybe so, but you still give orders and terrorize them if they have angered you in one way or another. You have also become a workaholic. The complete opposite of your father. He wanted more souls in the Underworld. You want less."

"Because mortals tend to breed like rabbits these days. Once in a while, I have to go for at least a week without sleep whenever I get a surplus of souls."

"There is also the fact you have two personality traits that I am saddened to see you have developed." Hera added.

"And that is?"

"First, you have become cynical since you had to take up the mantle as the God of the Underworld."

"It's called 'being realistic.' And I have to be. Dreamers don't keep the dead well. Which reminds me, I need to set that Ben boy an appointment with Hygiea to check his mental health. Does he have any idea of the consequences that may erupt should this proclamation go through?"

Aunt Hera remained firm.

"Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't. Nobody will know unless the idea is given a try."

I kept myself from eye-rolling in front of my aunt. Aunt or not, she was still the Queen of the Gods. It was then my mouth ran before I could stop it.

"Let's say I do go to Auradon. Who is going to have time to watch me? Between you and me, I'd rather not have Ares and his Spartans after what happened last time."

It was then that my aunt said something that caught me by surprise.

"No one is going to watch over you other than your cousin, if we can convince him. Still, this brings up the second personality trait you have sadly developed."

"And that is?" I asked.

"Aside from being cynical, you have become paranoid of everyone. No one is out to get you, Hilda."

I gave my aunt a look that said: "are you kidding me?"

"Aunt Hera. No one is out to get me because everyone is out to get me. Dad's not here, so I get saddled with all the hate and punishments that are meant for him. Ares can't wait to tear me apart in battle. Hephaestus has a set of God-repelling prison bars to keep me in the Underworld in his storage cave, just waiting for the order. I can't go to the beach unless it's for soul collecting because Uncle Poseidon glares at me from his palace. Athena wants nothing to do with me. Artemis and Apollo have archers trained every decade in case I do any 'funny business.' Dionysus never invites me to any of his parties anymore. And you can forget about a love life for me unless you talk to Aphrodite. And let's not forget about my mother! The list goes on, but we'll be here for the next century if I continue."

That got Aunt Hera. While she was willing and able to give me a chance, the rest of the gods…not so much. I can't even tell if Zeus tries to be an uncle rather than the King of the Gods after the Incident. I'd rather submit to an eternity in the Underworld than become the Punching Bag of the Gods.

Speaking of gods, I caught sight of Zeus approaching from the corner of my eye. He must have finished talking with Hercules. Upon seeing me, he gave me what I hope is a warm smile as he spoke.

"Hilda! It's good to see you. How are things in the Underworld?"

Once in a while, I end up saying something that my dad would say. Like that intro to Ben. Here, I said what my father said during Baby Hercules' introduction to the gods.

"Well, they're just fine. You know. A little dark, a little gloomy, and there's always *chuckle nervously* full of dead people. What are ya gonna do?"

It was then that I remembered Hecate and pinch the bridge of my nose.

"Actually, can you do something about Hecate? She tried to take the Underworld from me this morning…again. It was entertaining the first thousand years. But now it's like a fly that never goes away. Actually, make it a mosquito."

I then got to business.

"So. I take it Hercules said 'No?' That's fine. I don't need to go to Auradon, anyway. Someone's gotta take care of the dead, ya know? Besides, I'm too old for high school. It'd be like being a grandmother in a preschool."

I then stood up, intending to leave on the spot.

"Well, it's been nice seeing you both. But I gotta get back to work."

But as I was about to leave, Zeus place a massive hand on my shoulder. This was enough to tell me to stay put. I grimaced as I slowly turned to face my uncle.

"Herc did say 'no,' didn't he?"

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