(Barbie in Bondage by Narcoleptic Youth)

Okay so as a writer I find myself thinking a lot about all the little things that don't make sense in my writing or are simply poorly thought out, as a lazy good for nothing punk, I won't do anything about them but I assure you I am thinking about them. For instance: isn't Soos supposed to be running the mystery shack, what's up with that, maybe he got married and got a real job, maybe he wasn't as good as Stan at The art of the Con and ended up doing 25 to life, maybe he's just lost in the woods, I dunno man but that right there is what you call a plot hole. But on to the point I actually wanna make, so the unicorn hair keeping Bill in his room, sure it's effective at keeping him in one place but like what if he has to pee? Like he could yell but if it's like the middle of the night Dipper and Mabel probably won't hear him, they're asleep upstairs and Ford won't either he's in his lab and Stan, Stan just wouldn't care, so like what's Bill gotta do if he gotta pee. What comes to mind is him standing on a chair or something and pissing out the window. Just a thought that I thought absolutely necessary to share with all of you out there.

Bill wakes up, then he sees Dipper. He grins widely. Waking up next to Dipper makes him feel like he's on top of the world. He reaches out to play with Dipper's hair. Dipper's eyes flutter open, he smiles sleepily at Bill.

"Good morning beautiful," Bill says still playing with Dipper's curls.

"Good morning yourself," Dipper grins back.

"I love your hair," Bill says.

"Yeah?" Dipper smiles.

"And your eyes and your lips, and your dick," Bill purrs.

Dipper snorts, "shut up dork."

Bill snuggles up closer to Dipper. Dipper pets his hair, "I wish last night was our first time, instead of the other day, last night was the way it should've been," Dipper says.

"I mean I guess, but there's no changing it, and our first time may have been rocky but i think it was really meaningful in a way, you know?" Bill says quietly.

"I guess you're right," Dipper says. There's a silence then Dipper speaks again.

"We should go on a date on saturday, when i don't have to help in the shop," Dipper says, "I mean there not too many places to go in town but we could always just go get a bite to eat at the dinner or something."

"Yeah, I'd love that," Bill smiles. They lay there in silence a while longer.

Dipper finally gets out of bed, "you know where the fuck I put my underwear?" he asks Bill.

"No fortunately I don't," Bill says staring at Dippers ass.

"Dude quit looking at my butt," Dipper says, only a little embarrassed.

"Aw, but its such a cute butt, how can I not stare at it," Bill purrs.

Dipper laughs, "dammit Bill you're making me blush.

"I'm serious, you're butts like totally adorable," Bill says smiling.

Dipper actually does blush at that, "get dressed man," Dipper says throwing a t-shirt over Bills face.

On Saturday Dipper gets Bill out of his room around 10 or 11, he helps him get dressed in more casual clothes and fixes his hair so it hangs over the other eye so no one is suspicious of the familiar slit pupiled one.

They leave the shack and walk into town, once they're far enough away from the shack that Stan can't come up behind them in the golf cart Dipper intertwines his fingers with Bills. Bills heart flutters a bit when he does that.

"We can hold hands for now but if you see Wendy let go before she sees us cause we can't tell her yet, she won't understand," Dipper tells him.

"Yeah okay, I don't wanna be on her bad side again," Bill says.

They get to the dinner and they sit in a booth in the corner where they have the most privacy.

Bill glanced up from his menu and at Dipper, "what should I get?" He ask, "I haven't tried any of these foods except pancakes."

"I dunno, it's all good, how bout try number three, you can't go wrong with that one," Dipper says. Bill watches him twist a price of his hair as he looks at the menu as well.

"Ready to order?" Dipper says looking up after a minute or two more.

Bill nods. Dipper flags down Lazy Susan and she wanders over to take their order.

"Oh, new face I see, who's your friend Dipper?" She asks.

"Oh uh, this is my," he pauses, "my boyfriend, from back home, I brought him to visit Gravity Falls since it's our last summer before college and all," Dipper says glancing at Bill.

"Oh how cute," Lazy Susan says, "what are we having today?"

"A number three for him and a number one for me, of and a slice of pie," Dipper says.

"Alright hon, it'll be out shortly."

She leaves and Bill grins at Dipper, "your Boyfriend huh?"

"Well yeah, we're on a date right, and I mean we've already fucked twice, I'd say you're my boyfriend, if that's fine with you obviously," Dipper says.

Bill blushes a little, "of course, I just mean, well, I didn't think you were gonna be so open about it."

"Well I mean Lazy Susan's a bit of a loon, Stan won't let anyone pick up the phone if she calls and he goes out of his way to avoid her, so it shouldn't get back to Stan. And as for Wendy, if Lazy Susan did gossip about it, I doubt it would get to Wendy," Dipper says.

"Well good, it feels good to be open about it," Bill smiles.

They finally get their food, Bill's excited. Maybe a bit over-excited. Bill notices Dipper watching him eat. Today is such a good day.

"So do I get to try that too," bill asks pointing at the slice of pie sitting between them.

Dipper nods, he cuts a piece with his fork, "here open your mouth."

Bill opens his mouth, Dipper feeds it to him. Bill blushes a little.

"You can close your mouth now," Dipper says.

Bill blushes harder and closes his mouth, almost swallowing without chewing.

"It's good," he says, sort of flustered.

They leave and head back to the Mystery Shack. After they've walked a ways Dipper turns to Bill and kisses him out of nowhere.

"I've had this song stuck in my head for a couple of days and it's really making me wanna do dirty stuff to you," Dipper says quietly.

"Oh really, you should do dirty things to me, I'd be overjoyed," Bill responds trying to keep his composure.

"I'm thinking about it," Dipper says with a smile.

"Oh my god, Dipper Pines is a fucking faggot, I should've known, ha," a voice says form the road.

Dipper swings around and Bill turns to.

"Wow Robbie, I knew you were a mean-spirited dickhead, but a homophobic, mean-spirited dickhead? You're the entire package," Dipper spits, "come on," he says turning away and pulling Bill with him.

"Whatever, least I'm not a pussy ass little fairy," Robbie yells after him, leaning further out of his car window.

"Stuff it up your ass you fucking Nazi," Dipper yells. There's a pause and it sounds like Dipper's stumped him. They start to walk away again but then Robbie jeers, "What like you let your boyfriend do to you every night?"

Dipper stops, Bill glances at him, he looks like he could kill Robbie.

He lets go of Bills hand and picks up a rock from the side of the road. He turns and he throws it at Robbie's back windshield as hard as he can. Bill hears the sound of breaking glass but before he can look at the damage Dipper is running in the opposite direction of Robbie's car and pulling Bill with him.

They finally stop running when they're on the porch of the Mystery Shack.

A big grin spreads across Dippers face, "I busted in his freakin windshield didn't I ?" he pants.

"You told him," Bill wheezes.

"He might fucking kill me, but that was so worth it," Dipper says, then he turns to Bill. He looks him dead in the eye and then grabs his face and kisses him hard.

Bill puts his hands on Dippers hips and pulls him even closer. Dippers making an absolute mess out of Bills mouth. Bills about to make an absolute mess of his pants.

"You gonna do those dirty things now," Bill says breathily.

Dipper says nothing and grabs Bills hand and leads him off towards the woods.

They walk quickly through the trees until the Mystery Shack is out of sight, then Dipper stops and pushed Bill up against a tree and kisses him again even rougher and sloppier than before.

"Uhn, I'm about to cum just from this, I think my tongue is going numb," Bill moans.

"I'm that good am I?" Dipper grins.

"Absolutely," Bill says grabbing Dippers shirt and pulling him back in close again.

Dipper grabs Bills collar as well and then rips his shirt open sending a number of his buttons flying.

"I'll fix it for you later," he whispers.

"You really are gonna ravish me aren't you?" Bill asks.

"Absolutely," Dipper purrs, "now take of your pants." He steps back to watch.

Bill slips off his jeans and waits for Dipper to tell him what to do next.

"Now your underwear," Dipper instructs.

"I love it when you tell me what to do," Bill whispers, sliding his underwear slowly down his hips.

"Yeah? I love it when you listen," Dipper smiles. He slowly leans in towards Bill again as Bill tosses his underwear aside.

Dipper takes his shirt off, "so how should I do you? Should I fuck you up against the tree or should I lay you down in the grass and do it?"

"I think you should tie me up, tie my hands behind my back, make me your bitch," Bill says getting down on his knees and unbuckling Dippers belt.

"You want me to tie you up? Is that an order?" Dipper muses. He brushes Bills hair with his hand.

Bill looks doe eyed up at him with his one visible eye, "please, I want it, I want it so bad," the edges of his mouth twitching upward slightly. This is fun.

"Then if that's what you really want," Dipper pulls his belt the rest of the way off.

Bill stands up and kisses Dipper needily.

"We're going to get into a lotta kinky stuff when I take you off to college with me aren't we?" Dipper says when they break apart.

Bills eyes light up, "you want to take me with you?"

"Duh," says Dipper then he swings Bill around and holds his wrists together with one hand while he wraps the belt around them with the other.

"Oh my Pine Tree what are you going to do to me?" Bill asks, pretending he hadn't just asked Dipper to do this to him and that he wasn't totally into it.

Dipper leans over Bill, his chest pressing against Bills back, his lips right beside Bills ear, "Well I told you already didn't I? I'm going to ravish you, I'm going to push you down on the ground and I'm going to thrust into you over and over until your body can't live without me."

Bill squirms,he feels anticipation bubbling up in his stomach, that honestly really turned him on.

"Oh I'm frightened Do be gentle Pine Tree," Bill says sarcastically, "you've got me at your mercy, please, oh please take care of me, I'm fragile."

"Don't be frightened, I'm going to make you feel pure, sweet ecstasy," Dipper purrs into Bills ear.

Bill feels butterflies in his stomach again "Oh my," He says dramatically, but then he contradicts his act by grinding his hips against Dipper's.

"Your words say one thing but your actions and singing a completely different song," Dipper says grabbing his hip, "and I really do like the song."

Bill almost fucking nuts.

Dipper pushes him onto his knees and then pushes him face first into the grass.

Dipper, kneeling behind him, traces his fingers up the back of Bills thigh.

"Oh Pine Tree don't tease me, if you must do it, get on with it," Bill says sarcastically.

"If you want it that bad sweetheart then tell me," Dipper says stroking Bill's back with his finger tips.

"I-I I won't," Bill says with a dramatic little stutter.

"That's fine you don't have to," Dipper says taking his hands off Bill, "but I won't touch you."

Bill whines. He tries not to do anything to make himself look desperate but he can't help it, hes bent over, completely exposed and he wants dipper so bad. He squirms, he wants him, he really wants him. He can feel Dipper smiling at him.

"Fine you win! Do it, please do it," Bill says desperately.

"Do what?" Dipper asks. Bill is about to explode.

"Fuck me! Please, please fuck me Dipper," Bill almost yells.

"Good boy," Dipper purrs.

Bill feels one of Dipper's hands on his ass while the other one's finger slip inside him.

"That's not enough," Bill whines.

"I've told you so many times before, you've gotta be patient," Dipper whispers.

"fine , but i really, really wanna feel you," Bill moans.

"You will."

Dipper continues to tease him. Bill moves his hips needily. He pants and his toes clench. He wants more, he wants more, he wants more.

Finally Dipper pulls his fingers out and Bill hears him unzip his pants, then he feels him enter.

"Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!" Bill gasps.

"Damn Bill, I think you really are a masochist at heart," Dipper says thrusting into him hard.

"Oh fuck! I can't, uhn, I can't help it, I get so hot when you dominate me," Bill moans.

"Good, I like dominating you, you're such a cute submissive," Dipper purrs, continuing to thrust roughly into Bill. Bill breathes fast and heavy, the side of his face pressed into the grassy ground. His wrists straining against their restraints, making his muscles feel tight, makes everything feel even better.

Dipper slows down and Bill, thinking that he's going to stop whines in protest but before he can say anything Dipper has grabbed his arm and pulled him up so his face and shoulders are hovering above the ground. Dipper starts ramming into him again.

"Holy shit, oh man, oh fuck," Bill gasps. His head droops between his shoulders and he pants even louder. He feels the hand on his waist squeeze him a little harder.

"So good, you're so good," Bill pants.

"Oh yeah? You really think so?" Dipper says, Bill can hear the grin in his voice.

"Yes, yes, you're the best, I love you, I love you, uhn fuu haah," Bill shouts, his voice trailing off into a series of incoherent moans.

"Good boy," Dipper says again.

Bill just moans again.

"You must really like being tied up," Dipper says, "you're so tight."

"Feels, amazing," Bill moans, he's starting to drool.

"Then looks like we're gonna have to do it like this more often," Dipper smiles.

"Ahn, please," Bill whines.

Dippers hand slips and Bill falls back against the ground.

"Oh shit sorry," Dipper says, he stops moving.

"I don't care, don't stop," Bill says desperately moving his hips and whining in protest.

"As you wish," Dipper flips Bill over and thrusts back into him. Dipper plants his hands on Bills waist and lifts it up continuing to thrust into him. Bill wraps his legs around Dippers waist.

"I'm gonna cum," Bill pants, "im cumming." he does and it shoots on his chest and face.

"I'm not finished yet, hang in there," Dipper says still moving.

"Hmkay," Bill slurs, he feels so good, he feels like he's about to pass out. He looks up at Dipper he looks so hot.

"Do i, i make you feel good?" Bill asks his words jumbling together, "you feel good?"

Dipper smiles down at him, "you make me feel so good."

Bill smiles wide, he feel like he's on the verge of passing out.

"Dipper, I feel so good, I feel like, I feel like, I, uhhn," Bill moans.

"I'm gonna cum inside," Dipper says quietly.

Bill just nods.

It shoots into him and Bill's body spasms violently as he comes again.

Bill unwraps his legs from Dipper's torso and Dipper lowers his lower half to the ground again. Then Dipper slumps over onto Bill, letting his head rest on Bill's chest and closing his eyes. It's quiet aside from the sound of the both of them panting. Bill's mind is totally blank, he's still drooling a little.

He's starting to feel tingling in his his arms, they're still behind his back.

"Hey Dipper, you wanna maybe untie me now, I'm losing feeling in my arms," Bill says quietly.

"Mmm, what's that?" Dipper mumbles sleepily.

"My fingers are going to fall off Pine Tree, help me out," Bill smiles.

"Oh shoot my bad," Dipper says getting up and untying his belt from around Bill's wrists. "Better?" Dipper asks.

Bill nods.

"Cool," Dipper lays his head back down on Bill's chest. Bill rests his hands on Dippers back. They stay like that for a while. Bill wishes they could stay like this forever, though he is a little cold.

"Are you ready to head back?" Dipper asks after a while.

"Yeah i'm gonna need to shower, there's so much dirt in my hair," Bill replys.

"My bad, next time i'll bring a blanket or something," Dipper says sitting up.

They gather up their clothes, put them back on and head back toward the Mystery Shack. Bill has to hold his shirt closed since Dipper ripped all the buttons open.

"Sorry again about that, you're gonna have to make a beeline for the bathroom when we get back so Stan doesn't find out what we've been doing and kick our asses," Dipper says.

"Okay, I don't want to get my ass kicked, well unless of course it's you kicking it," Bill says batting his eyelashes sarcastically.

"Man you're such a freak," Dipper says giving him a look, "guess this is what I get for dating a masochist."

Bill grins, "You love it."

They get back and they sneak upstairs keeping their fingers crossed they don't run into anyone before they get to the bathroom. Fortunately no one seems to be around. Dipper closes the bathroom door behind them and Bill gives him a look.

"Oh so you're joining me this time?" He purrs.

"Uh, yeah it's quicker this way," Dipper says scratching the back of his head and looking away.

"Whatever you say," Bill smiles.

Bill slips out of his ruined shirt and takes off his pants. Dipper turns on the water and strips down to his underwear as well. Dipper glances at Bill, he looks a bit embarrassed. Bills not embarrassed at all, he pulls off his underwear. Wow, they're a mess.

"What's with you, you're all bashful now, I've seen your dick before, its been inside me like three times by now, and I know I'm gonna be seeing a lot more of it," Bill says getting in the shower, "hurry up and help me wash the dirt outta my hair."

"Yeah, okay," Dipper says from the other side of the shower curtain. He gets in with Bill.

"Move back a bit, you're hogging the water," Bill says leaning in to get his hair wet.

"Hey quit it, don't touch my dick with your dick, I'll get hard again," Dipper says stepping back a bit.

Bill steps forward into the stream of water, "haha my water now bitch."

"You play dirty," Dipper says reaching for the soap.

Bill jumps a little when Dipper runs his fingers through Bill's hair, scrubbing shampoo into it.

"Wow pine tree you sure know how to treat a guy right," Bill purrs.

"Well i'm glad you think so," Dipper grins.

Bill rinses the bubbles out of his hair. He turns around and pumps shower gel into his palm, then he turns back to Dipper. He lathers it across Dipper's chest. He feels Dipper laughs nervously.

"Guess you know how to treat a guy too," Dipper says.

"You think?" Bill grins reaching his arms around Dipper and grabs his butt.

"Oh! You're just going for it aren't you," Dipper chuckles.

Bill bites his lip and nods.

"I think your flirting is more likely to kill me than your evil plan to take over the world ever was," Dipper smiles, "you sure wear me out."

Later, Bill is sitting on Dipper's bed watching Dipper change. Dipper joins him on the bed, he puts his head in Bills lap and flips open his magazine. Bill smiles lightly and pets his hair.

"This is nice," Bill whispers.

Mabel enters the room.

"And now its interrupted," Bill says.

"Rude," Mabel says, "Dipper, Wendy's here, she wants to talk to you."

"Really," Dipper asks, "It's not something she could call me about?"

"Guess not since she's here," Mabel shrugs.

"Okay," Dipper says getting up, "Really hope this isn't anything bad.

Bill watches Dipper leave, Mabel turns around as they leave and mouths 'sorry'.

Dippers POV

"She's waiting outside," Mabel says and then she waves and goes back to the living room.

Dipper walks out onto the back porch and sees Wendy sitting there, her arms crossed. She's always so pretty even when she's… oh fuck she looks angry.

"Hey Wendy," Dipper says nervously, "Am I in trouble?"

"Well I dunno, Bill's trouble, you seem pretty into him," Wendy says raising her eyebrows.

"What?" Dipper sputters.

"Robbie saw you two kissing," she says, she sounds angry, "you remember that, earlier, when you put a rock through his windshield."

"What? You know Robbie's a fucking liar, a liar and a massive dickhead. You actually believe anything he tells you?" Dipper says defensively.

"Man you gotta chill out on Robbie, i know you guys had beef but that was years ago, you gotta let it go," Wendy rolls her eyes.

"God, you're so blind just cause he's best friend's fiance, he really is still a prick though, that's the reason I broke his window. Did you forget everything he did to you?"

Wendy stands up, "you're full of shit! I saw you two flirting the other day, you were all over each other, when we were talking you were totally staring at him it was so obvious, just admit it!"

Dipper hesitates, "okay then, Robbie saw us kissing, probably left out the part where he called me a faggot."

"Don't change the subject, why where you kissing Bill?"

Dipper doesn't say anything.

"Dipper I'm worried is all, I'm not pissed at you for kissing a guy I don't care who you kiss you can kiss whoever you want but I'm pissed that you didn't tell me and I'm pissed cause I don't know if what you're doing is a good idea, I care about you man and I don't want you to get hurt like you did last time, I mean, it's Bill," Wendy says, her face softens.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you. I knew you wouldn't understand," Dipper says looking away angrily.

"Then explain it to me."

"I dunno if i know how to explain it," Diper starts, "I just like him i dunno, he's not the Bill he used to be. We like, have this connection or something, it feels right being with him, even though I know it probably isn't. At this point I don't think I really care."

Wendy looks at him, she looks concerned. "If you ask me, you and him, it's not a very good idea."

Dipper looks back at her, angry, "well I didn't ask you, did I?"

"Geez, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Wendy scowels.

"Nothing just forget this, forget all of this," Dipper says turning to go back inside.

"Dipper wait, you're freaking me out," she yells after him. He slams the door behind him and storms back upstairs.

Bill looks at him when he comes back in the room, "hey, what's up?" he says getting up.

Dipper throws himself onto his bed, "Robbie told Wendy about us, I should've know he would, I wasn't thinking."

"Shit," Bill says sitting next to him.

"She's one of my best friends and she probably hates me now," Dipper whines.

"I doubt that, she probably just needs time to process, all this," Bill says softly.

"Yeah, I hope that's it," Dipper says sadly.

WELL! That was a fun chapter, did you have fun, I had fun, wow! Got some cute shit, some broken glass, some kinky sex and then some drama. It's been a ride, it's been a time, wonder just WHAT I'll write next.

OH! Btw I am or depending on when you're reading this, already have rewritten and reuploaded the first and second chapter because one night i had this simply marvelous idea that's just double the heartthrob, double the angst, double the sad and sort of fucked up shit you'd expect from sick fuck like me. Oh, and I fixed a WHOLE lotta grammatical errors.

update: the first chapter has been updated for a while, just fyi, probably shoulda already said that but hey, i got things to do, like thinking about that cute softmore boy, and drawing really weird porn.