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"We are all strangers in a strange land, longing for home, but not quite knowing what or where home is. We glimpse it sometimes in our dreams, or as we turn a corner, and suddenly there is a strange, sweet familiarity that vanishes almost as soon as it comes."

— Madeleine L'Engle

There are times in one's life where panic and worry seem to be the only two emotions that are appropriate for the situation. And for a certain fox whose family - his entire life at that - was behind the closed doors of Saint Namela's Maternity ward, this would be one of those times.

He had already fainted upon hearing the news months ago, driven slower than usual (even when he always went the speed limit) baby proofed the apartment, called his brother in law who was going through the same thing, and fainted again upon hearing 'It's time'.

So now, here he was, padding a crevice in the linoleum floor of the hospital after being told that there were... complications.

Even after saying every manner of prayer and hope, taking to calling for a nurse for the eighth time that very minute and for nearly the 50th time that night, he was still convinced that not everything was okay.

The endless stream of what if's crossed his mind and none of them were comforting. Not even his dress apparel - mauve suit and tie, comfortable and stylish - had seemed to fit to comfort him for the scenario, and he had paw tailored them himself!

As his tail swished to and fro, he narrowly avoided colliding with the table of 'complementary' magazines he almost ran into several times. Fancy Cat was starting to irritate him, that leopards smug look almost seemed to tell him to expect the worst.

Still, though, he was happy to have the solitude if nothing else. He couldn't imagine if any other patients were-

"Mr. Wilde?"

The nanosecond he heard his name being called, John pivoted and faced the doctor with both an excited visage and grim hope. He was grasping onto the wolf's scrubs before another word even got out.

"Doctor, is she alright?!" he whined, truly desperate for any kind of answer, any sort of hope.

The grey wolf, Dr. Urlo, simply blinked and lowered himself to John's level; not usually a good sign.

"Mr. Wilde," the wolf began, clearing his throat to speak further. "Your wife and-"

John's grip on the wolf's scrubs got tighter. "Our child!" he screeched, netting him funny looks from several roaming nurses before they went back to attending their patients. He nervously shook and drew a deep, raspy breath. "A-are they-"

The wolf sighed and placed a paw on his shoulder, John felt his heart sink.

"Mr. Wilde..." repeated the wolf, canines flashing around his lips to form a smile. "They're ready to see you now."

John froze. His paws slowly fell to his side and stray tears threatened to sting at his eyes.

The wolf stood proudly and nodded. "Just follow me."

At the doctor's beckon, John didn't hesitate to follow. And follow he did, past the secure door that lead into the maternity ward itself. The same door he had cursed earlier for separating him from his beloved and his newborn kit.

As the doctor used his I.D. to open it, John stood still. It was like walking through a dream as they stepped from linoleum to plush carpeting. The air smelled sanitary, yet lemon scented as they paced past various doorways to sleeping new mothers and their children.

One whiff and he could tell the scents: lions, tigers, bears. Though it did help that they were usually labelled in front of the doors. Even above all the sight and scent, there was one that was unmistakably familiar to him. Marian!

John made to dash to the door that he could smell his beloved behind, but was stopped promptly by the wolf both shushing him and halting him.

"She's very tired after a nearly two-hour delivery. So please be as quiet as you can."

The words stung John like he was supposed to be the patient. His ears fell flat as he turned to the door.

Nodding in compliance and realizing that waking a sleeping bear could be disastrous, John composed himself (though not by much) and walked into the room.

Save for the sole night lamp in the corner, it was dark and just barely room temperature when he stepped in. The television was off and only the slight beeping of a monitor was heard beyond deep sighs and soft gurgling.

It was then when he saw her, tired and as beautiful as ever. "Marian."

The vixen looked up, and his heart swelled with love and concern. Something about her green eyes had always stunned him, how deeply they always cared despite all that they went through.

Reverently, he walked up to her and stopped when he saw a small pair of ears resting on her shoulder. The todd's eyes widened as he couldn't believe it was true.

"I-is that..." He shook and quivered as he stepped forward like he was about to face his own judgement.

The vixen nodded and cradled the ball of fluff in her arms. "Right at midnight too," she said, exhaustion clear in her tone. "It's like he was waiting."

John stepped up to her and placed one paw on the bed, and one on her arm. He felt something like water matt the fur of his cheek.

In that instant, he wrapped the two of them in his arms and kissed Marian on her forehead. "You did great, hun," he said, completely awestruck that he now had a family, a full family of his own.

The vixen rested her head on his shoulder. "We did great. And we're going to do great."

John nodded, they still had a lot of work to do. They didn't even have a name lined up and-

"Nick." The todd's ears perked up as Marian spoke. "His name will be Nicholas."

John hesitated to speak but felt that he needed to say something to complete the moment. "I was thinking Piberius."

"Nicholas Piberius Wilde?" asked his wife, yawning and slowly slumping over.

The renard smiled. "Nicholas Piberius Wilde."

He was about to call the nurses as the sleeping mother and child weren't to be disturbed and he didn't know how to take care of a kit when his phone buzzed. Thankful that he was told to put it on vibrate, he took out the 'almost woke up his kit' device and his jaw dropped a second time that day.

"Huh, well whaddya know you. Your cousin Skye, and a friends kit was born today as well."

Smiling like a giddy kit at a candy store and pocketing the device, he pressed the call button for the nurses.

They would arrive moments later, but John still had a second or two to simply wrap his family in one last uninterrupted hug and whisper "This is a dream come true. I love you all."

The Hopps household was busier than it had ever been.

For rural farmers with acres of land, they were far more modernized in BunnyBurrow than most would think. And one thing that the Hopps family was more than happy to have was the addition of their newly built nursery alongside the clinic. It was all the rave to have one for an ever growing family of rabbits.

And one such rabbit, Stu Hopps, was practically perplexed as he cradled several of the crying newborn bunny kits in his arms.

"I tell ya', Bon. If that isn't the strangest thing."

He had planned for a large family - being a bunny and all - and this wasn't his first litter, not by a long shot. But every now and then, something... odd would happen, or so he had heard, about bunny kits being born differently from the others.

The proud mother of eight new kits shook her head. "Nonsense, Stu." said Bonnie, fitting the kits in some manner of swaddling to take them to their various cribs. "It wouldn't be the first time one got stuck."

While Stu knew she was right, it still left him baffled. "For a whole ten minutes, and right into the next day!"

With her husband shouting and another kit on the verge of crying, Bonnie gave the buck a deep, scolding stare and 'shush' that he wouldn't dare try to argue with. She had just given birth after all...

And with the added help of their 'In Warren Doctor', it was far easier than last time when she was in a crowded hospital.

Stu, silently thankful that everything turned out alright looked at his newest born daughter, one that took her time and was born at just past midnight.

"Glad she's okay," he said, holding the kit that refused to stay still or even be held as if she was about to run off to an adventure any second. "Alot fussier though."

Bonnie chuckled and neared the two of them. "That means she's got a strong drive, hun."

The buck nodded and handed over the kit. "You already name all the others?"

"Mhm..." Bonnie admitted finally settling the kit down enough to swaddle her as well. "And this one's Judith."

The kit gurgled and fidgeted at her name before yawning widely and trying to un-wrap herself from being a bunny burrito.

"Our little Judy, huh?" Stu asked with a smile of his own. He had been known to nickname his kids when they grew up. I wonder if she'd like Jude the-

"Stu, I know that look..." Bonnie approached him in a parenting tone and threatening finger point. "You'd better not be trying to give them terrible names already"

The buck's eyes went wide and he whistled while sticking his paws in the pockets of his overalls. "Kinda funny."

Bonnie didn't look amused. He could tell by the twitch of her ears and paw on her hips that he'd miss desert for the next month if he said anything out of line (and she made a great blueberry pie and carrot cake).

Clearing his throat and deciding to come back to the name later (cause Jude the Dude it was) the farmer shifted his focus to something less punishing. "I- uh...just got a call from James when I was upstairs."

"Oh?" Bonnie gasped.

Stu nodded. "He said his son Jack was born a second ago," Judy shook her head at the name, something Bonnie noticed. "Well... midnight actually, and a friend of his had a kit too."

The doe was thrilled and tired.

She looked at her kits, all of them and sighed. "I've been thinking."

Seeing her act like this, Stu felt a bit out of place. "Geez, Bon. You just had kits."


Sighing, he conceded and walked by her side. He placed a tender, loving kiss on her cheek and looked her in the eye. "Alright hun. What's on your mind?"

Bonnie didn't speak for nearly a full minute and the words came to her as Judy squeaked again. "We should invite them," she said softly, finally looking her husband in the eye. "To stay."

Stu didn't know what to think, or what to say. But thinking and saying anything other than a complete and total 'yes' to a mother (also your spouse) who just had kits no less than 20 minutes ago would be a death wish.

"That'd be great, Bon!" he said with glee and knew it to be true. He and James practically grew up together, and they had plenty of space to spare. "I'll call him in the morning."

Bonnie nodded, eyes droopy and feeling the effects of working so hard for the day. She felt a sudden warmth at her side as Stu wrapped her and Judy in a hug that was so familiar to her.

He looked to his new kits and to Bonnie and gave her a solid, heartfelt kiss before telling her, "This is a dream come true. I love you all."

Sometimes, a dream can be shared without you ever knowing it.

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