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A/N: Written as a Comment Fic fill for Tigriswolf, who prompted, " any character who is making what seems to be a small decision, this is how the world is changed"

Buffy takes her first breath in one hundred and forty-two days.

Willow is shaky but giddy and, eight months later, Tara is dead on the bedroom floor and Willow tears a temple from the Earth.


Angel slits his son's throat to save him and walks his team into the belly of the beast.

Gunn is a redundancy and useless in that belly, until Eve hands him a business card.

They both sign their names and leave the consequences with Fred.


In 1999, Cordelia spots Angel at a party and lies to him about being a successful actress.

Or, in 1999, Cordelia never sees Angel at a party and doesn't have to lie.

It ends the same either way, so maybe it doesn't matter.