Hey all. First time in the Moulin Rouge fanfiction part, I'm a LOTR girl mostly, but Christian is too cute to resist. Oh, and Belegorath, stay away from my blonde Elves. But Orophin is yours, hun. Bad Elf! *thwack!*

Warning: Another one with Character death. I write too many of those. Enjoy!


Satine sat alone in her dressing room, cheeks streaked with dried tears of memory. Even though it had been a year, she could remember every detail. Their songthe look on his facethe flash of light and deafening noise the surprised screams of the audience And she could still hear the cruel shout

"My Way!"


"My way! My way!" the Duke screamed as he ran up the aisle, gun pointed ahead of him. Just when everything seemed to be going right, and he finally had Satine for himself, the brat showed up again. He had warned Satine if he ever saw Christian again, he would have him killed. Now the Duke was intent on doing just that. He would rid himself of the pesky writer, one way or another.

The two lovers onstage were oblivious to the Duke's maniacle cries as he ran towards them. They held hands and stared into eachother's eyes as they were lifted onto the performers shoulders. Everyone onstage sang in perfect unison, and above them Satine's angelic song and Christian's clear voice rang out. The young writer smiled at the woman across from him through the song. Satine was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

Even as the lovers were lifted of the dancer's shoulders to stand at arm's length they didn't see anything but eachother. They were too wrapped up in the perfect bliss of their love. Everyone eye's were on the performers onstage, joyful the lovers had finally reunited. Not even Zidler spotted the crazed Duke until it was too late.

"Come what may! I will love youuntil my dying-" The last word of the song was cut off midway by an ear-splitting BANG! A few scattered screams could be heard across the theatre. Not a second later, Zidler's fist flew threw the air, wiping the grim satifaction from the Duke's face.

Everyone froze. A thick silence fell over the room. Not even a whisper could be heard. Everyone was transfixed by what was happening on the stage

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