A fresh tear rolled down Satine's cheek as she remember his death. She had loved Christian, and he had been stolen from her, seperated by fate's twisted plot. Her heart had died with him that awful day. She would never love again.

A delicate hand came to her mouth to smother the cough that surfaced. She stared blankly at the small droplet of blood on the back of her hand. She was dieing. It didn't seem to matter anymore, now that Christian was gone. The Duke had left after he shot Christian, in an attempt to leave Satine and the Moulin Rouge behind. He knew she didn't love him, and had finally decided she wasn't worth it. She was dieing anyways. Now all she had to do was wait until her sickness overcame what little life she had left. She hoped that day would come soon. Satine was tired of living without her heart. A life without love is terrible.

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