Standard Disclaimer in Chapter One.

Hello there, and welcome to Chapter Two of my Story A Day May drabbles! STaD is an annual challenge during which writers commit to finishing a story each day, all month (or adapt the goal, if that works better for them).

In addition to my marketable stories (which are explorations for a novel I'll be drafting in July; I do like to keep my writer-brain happy!), I thought it would be fun to do another series of TnT drabbles based on a story arc I'm keeping to myself for now. I promise that when the time is right, I'll reveal it!

To make the challenge even more interesting, I'll be using the daily STaD prompt, and also prompt words given to me by...well, you, if you want to play! Lay 'em on me - I love making my brain work for its amusement!

Today's words are leftovers from February, and I'm not promising that I haven't used them before. Seacook and Braxin are today's contributors.

Here is today's STaD prompt, from writer writer Jerry B. Jenkins:

A socially awkward girl in her early teens is a latchkey kid, alone at home after school as usual. Flipping through channels she lands on one she soon realizes only she can see—and it's from the future.

And today's prompt words:



Ferris Wheel



deep waters



new worlds to conquer

And now, I bring you...The Music and the Man.

T'Pol was pulled down through deep waters with no lifeline. She was a child home alone; T'Les was still at the Academy. Images played on her monitor:

A most illogical song about a "Ferris wheel", and a strange dance called 'disco'.

Then herself, grown.

Music – hypnotic, like the human male with ocean-blue eyes, smiling at her. "New Worlds to Conquer!" He laughed.

Illogical. It was merely a dream brought forth by her recent research into aspects of humanity omitted in her formal training - their entertainments.

Illogical, to dream it.

But the music and the man still wove through her.