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Maggie's POV

Alex will be going back to work tomorrow and it's got me a little unsettled. Not that she isn't ready because she is, but knowing she will be out back into harms way has got me torn up. Her injuries have healed, there hasn't been any nightmares in a while, and I'm completely moved in and set up. That's been the longest process in my opinion is finding a place for all my stuff with hers. But we have finally found a happy medium, it helped that we are both minimalist's and didn't have too much stuff.

"Alex, you ready to get up?"

I rub her back and try to rouse her. I snuggle into her hair with my nose and start kissing her cheek and then move to her ear and down her neck. She grumbles and that is something I can't believe about her, she isn't a morning person.

"Maggie as much as I love waking up like this, can we not just sleep in for once?"

"Nope. This is the last full day I get you all to myself and I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest extent."

"Ugh well I want to at least get a shower and hopefully wake up. Want to join me?"

"How can I turn down that kind of offer?"

I jump up and grab her hand and lead her to the shower. Once inside our bathroom I shut the door and push her up against the door. I put my hands on either side of her head and press my body to be completely against her. She tries to grind into me but I press tighter to keep her still.

"Are you sure you feel up to this?"

"Yes, please Maggie!"

I continue to kiss her and travel down her neck and onto her chest. I move my hands down to the hem of her tank top and pull it up and off. I scrape my nails down her side's and hear a moan escape her lips. I grip her hips and pull her with me as I step backwards. We make our way to the shower and I reach in and turn on the water.

She grabs my shirt and pulls it off and immediately reaches around and unhooks my bra. I grab the bottom of her sports bra and pull it up over her head. Next is our shorts which we make quick work of. I once again pull her close and wrap my arms around her back. Running up and down her muscular back and land on her round butt that fits perfectly in my hands. I give a gentle squeeze and then pull back.

We step under the steamy water. Our lips have barely left each other's. I begin making my way down her neck and travel to her left nipple and suck hard. She grips my biceps that will surely leave the half crescent moon shapes from her nails. I feel one of her hands tangle in my now wet hair. I keep traveling lower until I'm kneeling in front of her and grab the back of her thighs. My mouth is on her wet center and she would have stumbled back had I not had a hold of her. She gasps loudly and I love how worked up she gets.

"Maggie what you do to me!" Alex says breathlessly.

She usually is embarrassed when I get her to come fast but I've tried to tell her that it's a good thing, it means she is enjoying herself. But I stop before she is finished. I stand and make my way back up her lean body. I smile when I see how breathless she is. My hands roam and go south. She attacks my lips again and my fingers find her entrance. I tease and slowly enter one finger, making her moan again.

I love being the reason of her pleasure. I enter a second finger and find her spot. I'm done teasing her and make quick work of her. She wraps a leg around me and I can feel her tighten around me. She throws her head back in ecstasy and finally releases. Her legs are wobbly and I grip her waist tighter and kiss her. She is heaving breathes in and out trying to catch her composure.


"Babe, you are irresistible!"

She smiles and drops her head. I put my hands on her face and get her to look at me. I don't want her to feel any kind of embarrassment with me.

Before I know it she is attacking my lips again and I realize she is about to make my world explode. She bends down and puts her arms right under my butt. I didn't know what she was doing until she had me lifted up in the air, my legs wrapped around her waist, with my back up against the tile.

"Whoa, Alex, what are you doing?!"

She is sucking on my neck and travels south quickly. She lets me slide back down her body and gathers one of my nipples in her mouth, sucking and pulling. I can't help the moan coming out of my mouth.

"Touch me. I want your fingers inside me." I whisper into her ear.

She immediately responds and her hand is entering two fingers while the other grasps my butt. I feel her curling her fingers to hit just the right spot. I'm so fired up from making her come that it doesn't take long before I'm over the edge too.

Now I'm the one breathless and our foreheads just rest against each other. Once we regain some composure, I rub her back.

"Let's get cleaned up."

I say as I'm grabbing the body wash and begin massaging it into her shoulders and back. She starts to apply the same ministrations to my body. We wash each other's hair and rinse off.

Once we are dried off and wrapped up in our fluffy towels we make our way back to our bedroom. She drops her towel and looks at me with hooded eyes. I know that look and I don't think we will be getting anything done today other than showing each other the love we have for one another.

We climb into bed and I'm still amazed at how much I love her. She's my world and I would do anything for her. I tell her once more with a smile on my face.

"I love you Alex Danvers."

"I love you Maggie Sawyer."

The End.

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